The 2018 Family – Financial – Blog Goals List

The little monkey I dog sit says *cheeeeeeese!*

I didn’t procure any solid goals for us in 2017. I am not the type to write out any clear goals but there are definitely more things going on in my life today than 1 year ago.

I’m glad I wrote out this goals post for 2018 because I feel much less cluttered now. Blogging has certainly made me a more organized person!

After glossing through so many blogger goals, I felt a pang of jealousy! So many of you achieved most of your goals. It’s not even about accomplishing goals, it’s about being able to say that you did them or tried to do them. I’m all for the *feel good bandwagon* if it encourages self-growth.

Let’s set the same encouraging tone for 2018!



My father lives under our roof. My mother is a special home care attendant in San Francisco. Her client is nearing 100 years old and cannot adapt to a new care person in her tender, last moments so my mom needs to stay with her.

It’s morbid to predict death but she estimates her client to not live past 2019/2022.

Then after that, both parents will officially retire. I’m not sure how old my parents are. It’s rude to ask because Old School Chinese people are insufferably sensitive. They’re both mid-60s most likely, but don’t quote me on that.

Old school immigrant parenting logic: you can’t ask for their age, full name, financial situation but they expect you to somehow come through for them like you know everything.

They can live with us but there would be too much tension. It’s like living in an asylum. I was able to get away with living by myself for most of my teen years; Jared looks at us sometimes expecting Jerry Springer to show up.

Excuse his perfect, 3 car garage, big lawn, suburban family. In my family’s defense, Jared’s family wouldn’t scream if they were set on fire. My theory? Anglo Saxons don’t scream. That is why this meme is so accurate:

My parents don’t have enough money saved for retirementThey’ve only worked in the United States for 2 decades and half of that was starting from nothing. 100% of that was minimum wage. They didn’t do badly! No bankruptcy or anything. Just the obligatory poverty. My father will get about $600 in Social Security every month and my mother will get less. They would have to make due on social security for the rest of their life.

My mother is trying to strike a deal with me to buy a house for them in South Carolina. The house will go to me when they die (naturally) but she’s selling it like she’s going to give me a house. Which leads me to…

Our Rental

I’m not heartbroken about selling. It’s more than perfect as an Airbnb but a long-term rental would be less appealing because the “frills” and “location” adds much less $$ for a long-term residence. It’s under life because it’s not purely a financial decision. Although I’m not keen on the chance of carrying 3 mortgages!! It’s a break even if we managed it ourselves but there’s more fun, cash flowy stuff to experiment with that ties up less monies. Even in the good times like all of this year – I feel meh. So imagine being in the bad times! No, thank you! Best realization of 2017.

The timing will depend on my mom and her 100-year-old client. She’s a very, very wealthy old woman living in a high-rise in San Francisco. Whenever I dropped by the condo to see my mom after school, she would hand me $100 in cash for absolutely nothing. Then my mom makes me sneak the money back to her client haha. They’re great friends. Maybe my mother wiggled into her will, who knows!

Jared doesn’t mind if we end up having to support my parents because he’s a lovely human being but I feel bad. It was my parents’ responsibility to save and learn finances for their golden years. I was born under China’s One Child policy so I am their only lifeline. It’s my job to take care of them; not his.


This weekend we’re reorganizing our closets. We use to have his and her closets but now that I’ve downsized selling off my clothes on eBay – we can fit all of our clothes in just one closet and open the other one for filing cabinets and business related storage.

Jared’s cleaning out my clothes and he’s making me laugh nonstop!!! Every one of my item he pulls out, he screams:


Bawahahaha. That’s exactly how you compliment a girl!

He likes going through my clothes. He wishes he could wear them but he’s big and hairy. Women’s clothes are small and cute but men’s clothes are ugly and very boring!

“Dress?…What are these straps?”

-Holds up “dress”-

It’s a swimsuit.


I thank the Grandest of all Heavens for setting me up with my husband. It’s like he rescued me from a dog pound and gave me a real home. Which is funny because he thinks I did the same for him.

Speaking of dog…random adorable gif of Grace’s hi-jumps and me holding up treats in our backyard.


Our marriage is pretty solid; not gloating! We’ve only been together for a few years, there’s nothing for me to gloat about. I bet couples who have been married for decades chuckle when age 20-somethings start giving marriage advice.

For me, I want things to continue being good so I keep my eyes open for any issues that may arise or common causes for fighting that is recurring and nip it in the bud.

We fight maybe once a month – just one random thump a month if that. That’s good, right? (Paging people who have been married long…)

Visit Jared’s Family More

Jared’s parents are amazing and independent. For the past three years, we have been going back to California only once a year to see his family, during the mandatory Christmas times.

I want to increase those visits to at least twice a year. Mostly because Jared has a huge family and everyone’s getting older. We (anyone under age 30 is technically a baby) might not have as much time with them on this Earth anymore. I understand it sounds morbid, just like mom’s 100-year-old client, but they’re here now so we should go back more often vs when they’re not here anymore…


$ Net Worth Gains $

I was daydreaming about half a million of gains in a year. That’s probably not going to happen. Another year of 20% gains all around in property and stocks? Doubt it. Our net worth grew so much this year, I’m still in shock. The wealth snowball is ridiculous. We’re hoping for the same luck next year. I’m not going to be disappointed at all if we don’t clear half a million in gains. Anything like a repeat of this year at $350K in gains, I’ll take it with a fat Cheshire cat smile!!

Let’s see how we manage to pull off if we pull it off. Are you surprised how quickly money snowballs?

2 More Income Streams

We currently have 5 streams of income if you lump any and all investment types as one. Having 2 more would round things out better, that’s what all the millionaires are doing. That’s what I’m trying to do! Those streams of income include employment income, investments, Airbnbs, eBay and pet sitting.

Hubby brings home the fat bacon until we’re rich, then he can be a stay at home dad. I want to keep side hustling since I love it (why else would I do them?!)

My goal for 2018 would be producing 2 more income streams until I’m at 6 total (preferably passive). One of them is growing readership and taking the monetization of blogging more seriously. That’s going to be the toughest thing for me personally. I’m hoping to skirt around it, dip my toes in and wait for Frugal Asian. I’m currently using Amazon affiliates and regular Airbnb referral links right now.

That’s like nothing – that’s as loud as a kitten’s meow.

I get requests every day like “do you want to write about our company” or “let me market on your blog” and I have no experience with these people so I ignore them because I’m really shy. What do you want from me? I’m confused! I’m new! Explain!

Monetization is probably the most difficult thing for me right now. I’m a pretty simple of a person. If I don’t use it, I’m not going to recommend it and to be honest…I don’t use many things! It’s more fitting to produce my own content than becoming an affiliate hoarder because like I mentioned…you better have something GOOD to sell me if you want me to hustle it.

The only thing that I recommend for bloggers that is just too good to be true is Canva. That is hands down the BEST design application ever. They don’t even have an affiliate program so it’s all me saying: if you’re not using it, you’re a chump.

More I-Bonds

We’re just going to move $5,000-$10,000 more of our emergency fund into I-bonds. The rate of return is currently better than short-term treasury bonds from Vanguard. The only downside is for the first year, it’s locked in, so it isn’t very liquid or even real emergency fund. BUT after we leave it there for a year or so, it acts like an emergency fund that will keep pace with inflation. Hey, we might put some extras in there as padding!

Credit Are Friends

We forgot to churn this year! A lot of the credit cards have minimum spends to get the bonus reward points. We took advantage of those when we lived in Downtown Seattle. Our expenses were higher back then because of this and that. Then we had to buy Airbnb furniture for both houses.

Related: What’s in our credit card wallet?

Our expenses were lean this year. Food spending slowed down a lot in 2017 so we have been refraining from more credit cards. I think I’m the only girl here without the Chase Sapphire! We only opened 2 cards this year and our 3rd application was rejected by Capital One. They said we opened too many cards in a short period of time. They’re really cutting back on churners, huh?

I want back in the game! Let’s not forget: churning pairs really well with thrifting. Plus, I’m not against manufactured spending (buying gift cards). My Airbnb stuff mostly comes from Amazon haha.


Work Performance

Hubby is an average performer right now. He still likes it better than working with Amazon. Now, he’s running with the big boys and it’s harder to catch on. Just consider the massive talent that surrounds him every day in the most selective and desirable company in the world. It’s making him feel very average! That was the exact problem Mr. Executive had when he worked there too! Small fish, big pond.

His 2018 goal is to increase performance at work from average to above average.

I don’t want to put extra pressure on him. This is his arena; not mine. I learned that the hard way. It originally caused a lot of fights between the both of us because I wanted him to do better for the sake of just being better.

Projecting your own insecurities onto another human being is an awful thing to do to another human being. Sorry hubby! I’ve grown up since then.

The fact that he is still highly compensated for his level, I don’t think I should mess with the magic that is my husband. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy.

Crazy Ideas McGee

Annnnd this one is me. Can’t say too much but there are a lot more tricks up my sleeve from the original bucket list. Blogging was on that same bucket list!

Except I didn’t think I would blog for more than 6 months before quitting in hell bend anger and frustration. HA!

You have my husband who is stable and wonderful and then there’s me! I pull new things out of my bonnet every YEAR. I bounce around and do whatever I want to do. I just wish my résumé had more successes but it’s in my nature to keep things going and keep things interesting. There’s always something cooking in my head. Again, sorry hubby…

I say he’s dry and I’m too…Lucy Ricardo. That’s why he likes me. He has a realllllyyyyyy bad track record of saying no to me. We are a bueno combination… 🙂


Post 2-3x/Week

I’ve been posting around 2 to 3 post every week for almost 8 months now. I’m good with that! Let’s keep going (unless the aforementioned crazy ideas take over then it’s definitely going to be 2x a week instead.)

FinCon 2018?

I want to see what all the fuss is about. Seriously do not even care if I missed the early pricing on tickets or whatever. Maybe I can get to go to Disneyland too!

A Thousand Little Things

I want to continue dealing with the little blog/tech things that come up until I’m pro at this. It’s the immediate thousand little things that trip bloggers up. You’re the one trick pony who is responsible for it all. I kind of want to give the virtual assistant a try to take orders for making Pinterest graphics.

Open a Web Store

I want to run this blog more like a business… *whispers* eventually… I want to open a store like Mrs. Picky Pincher’s cookbooks. I can be talented at a smorgasbord of creative stuff, you would be surprised at my silliness (or I don’t know maybe not 😄!)

OMG need sleep, time to sleep. Good night!!!! What are your goals for 2018?

29 thoughts on “The 2018 Family – Financial – Blog Goals List”

  • The “how do I support my parents?” question is such a tough one. Luckily we’re probably a good decade away from having to deal with my parent (fiancé’s folks are more than covered for their retirement).

    I’m not really sure what my goals are for 2018, other than getting married. I feel like I have to make this year count, because this might be the last full one before we start trying for kids. o_o”

  • Woo I love this one. I like reading about your goals since it provides a good vision for both your finances and your blog. I wrote a post about my 2018 resolution too. But I feel nervous publishing it since I don’t really set specific goals for myself anymore (due to stress & pressure).

    The picture of you and Grace is absolutely adorable! I want to start different streams of income in 2018 too. Let’s see how this blogging business is going to turn out. ^.^

  • Sounds like some solid goals for the year. I was telling my wife the other night I’m glad we don’t have to take care of either of our parents (at least that we know of)

    I’m still trying to figure out my goals for the next year. Got the long term ones added but nothing big…

    Lol and again Disney World is in Florida and Disney Land is California 😜😜
    Budget on a Stick recently posted…Infinite Worlds In One Place

  • Love that you’re writing out and thinking about the year’s goal!

    I hope that you’re able to accomplish them all. I’m in the same boat with monetizing the blog and learning lots about marketing. We get many of the same emails and we’ve yet to take any on, mostly kindly telling them we are not currently interested.

    Your dog has hops!!
    Chris @ Duke of Dollars recently posted…Comment on Now matching donations to @EFF to fight @FCC on net neutrality #PFvsFCC by Master Duke

    • They’re spam mail so no guilt right? I feel bad sometimes…

      She was born with the hops! She hopped our backyard fence once (just because) and started freaking out when she realized she didn’t know how to hop back haha.

  • Those are good goals! The “blog as a business” one is on I’m going for this coming year as well.

    Do you know have hat you’d any to see at a web store? I’ve batted around a few ideas but logistics always seem tough.

  • You got it in the bag, way to round out the year!

    Interesting point about rentals, I’m not sure how I feel about them. A fair amount of micro management, and you can’t even fully rely on full time property managers.

    I used to think it would be good to have 5 properties, but the more time goes on I would rather have more flexibility and better cash flow. (Adding more to Dividends/REITs?)

    To the next adventure of getting back in touch with your side hustle. 😉

    • Love your insights as always Will! Flexibility is underrated! I miss liquidity after looking at the chores and micromanaging. Not worth it! Maybe that’s the millennial in me talking 🙂 I got your message (hope it was you!!?) – what do you mean by arbitrage Amazon?

  • My goals is to just keep blogging and building a readership base. Monetizing may come later. But I’m in a very niche space; physician, accredited investor, commercial real estate. That’s a pretty small audience. Good luck in 2018!

    • Oh those are great niches! Get on passive income MD and PoF, they’re my favorite doctor blogs! There’s lots of you guys actually!!! I’m going to build the lazy housewife niche myself hahaha.

  • Awe your mom gets to take care of a 100 year old sweet lady. What an Honour- to be able to learn from her experiences and Wisdom and to be requested to stay because they have known each other for years! How come your parents want to live in South Carolina (I hope I got that state right because as an ignorant Canadian I only know California, Oregon, Washington and New York lol jk)

    Those are some good goals! Monetization seems different 8 years later (haven’t made much with this one but was making 4 figures a month before).
    GYM recently posted…PF Blog Round Up: Weekend of Spending Hawaii Edition

    • My dad’s side are Southern Chinese people and they live in both Carolinas. They own ALL of the bad, rude, Chinese buffets in the poor areas of town. That’s why I say I have cockroach DNA.

  • A $350K increase in net worth? I thought our $180K increase was the bomb, but you put us to shame. Congratulations, Lily. Couldn’t happen to two nicer people. And I’m right there with you about monetizing the blog. I would love another income stream, but I don’t want to hawk anything I don’t believe in. Perhaps we can learn some honorable ways to monetize a blog at FinCon 2018. Hope all is well in the Emerald City. Cheers.
    Mr. Groovy recently posted…Egotrage: Taking a Step Back Socially to Advance Two Steps Financially

  • I like this! I love how Jared’s focusing on work – I think a lot of times in the PF community we focus on side hustles and stuff, but regular work can be a great opportunity for many people.

    I haven’t nailed down exactly what I want because to be honest, January 1st is going to be basically the same as any other day in 2017. I don’t like setting annual goals unless something is specifically time-bound. Instead, I work on setting up good systems and work toward goals – but if I don’t finish something in 2018 I am not upset. Some things take more than a year to fully pan out…that’s the great thing about big goals.

    Also if you go to FinCon let me know, I bought my ticket a couple weeks ago. Super excited!
    Dave @ Married with Money recently posted…Our Holiday Gift Exchange

    • A lot of the ESI Millionaire interviews I read, they made their wealth with a good old 9 to 5 (usually in tech) and hey, that’s the proven to work route! Hope to see you at FC very very much Dave!

  • That’s a lot of stuff on your list. Good luck!
    Yeah, family is tough. My mom lives with us and she’s starting to get senile. It’s hard for the whole family to deal with mental decline. My dad lives in Thailand, but he’s getting older too. He’s a trouble maker so I’m really glad he doesn’t live with us. I’d rather send him money once in a while.
    Very impressive net worth gain this year. Nice job.
    Joe @ Retire by 40 recently posted…Can My Wife Early Retire Yet?

    • Wow I didn’t know much of that Joe! My dad’s can be major trouble too. I think buying them a house so they don’t destroy me and Jared’s marriage is a worthy investment…;(

  • 5 streams of income is awesome! My husband and I have 3 at the moment, but I’ll be losing one of mine in May 2018 (housing allowance that I get from attending school because I’ll be graduating!) My goal for 2018 is to build up a following on my blog and start monetizing as well. I’ve been blogging for years, but never thought about using it as a way to gain income. I’m nervous and excited about it at the same time. Good luck to you on reaching your 2018 goals!
    K. Wright recently posted…My Master Plan for 2018

  • Personally, I think you are ready to monetize the blog some more. I have been following you from the get go and you have the energy and traffic to upgrade to a blog that works for you. I would not say this of everybody, monetizing too early is annoying.
    OthalaFehu recently posted…An Interesting Number

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