Second Month of Blogging Stats & Summary

Interesting day so far. My dog decided to go #2 inside our AirBnB guest room – in front of our guests. I spent a good 40 minutes washing the carpet and apologizing like a madwoman. This just might be the most embarrassing AirBnB thing to date.

The Other #2

On a more (much more) positive note, today 2 days ago marks the end of our 2nd official month here at TFG! You can see the first month here.

I came into this blog thingy fresher than Febreeze. I should have queued up some posts before I launched TFG. Based on what Ms. FAF’s (Frugal Asian Finance) wrote – I’m #3 pure and true. I just jumped right in. I think I brought & install WordPress when I was half asleep.

But that’s good! Because I have spooky good instincts. I’m totally ESPN.

Whenever I “blackout” about doing something, it tends to turn out better than if I did it using my brain knowingly. How did you think I met my husband? I just need to trust myself on auto-pilot (which is harder than it sounds.)

Goals For June: Expectation vs Reality

  • 2,500 views  (6603 views) – literally more than half of that from Rockstar Finance! 🤘 Totally saved my rump – what a rockin’ miracle!!! 🙏

month-2 blogging-min

  • Re-compress images – Done!
  • My Twitter: 1000!!! (Spicy!) (775 followers) – that’s not bad +500 in a month. I followed the advice of The Grounded Engineer but I only started two weeks ago (but it does work!)
  • My Pinterest: 100 (Um…..^) (76 followers) – I started being kind of active on Pinterest 2 weeks ago. It’s a hard egg to crack but Ms. FAF and I are teaming up. I started Board Boosters but Tailwind is still a mystery. Ms. FAF won’t but I don’t mind panhandling for group board adds 😂!

  • Guest Post – I wrote 4! One about FICO score, another about PAYE, and of course my RedFin review over at Mr.MSM.
  • Write 15 Entries – FAIL. In fact, I failed so hard I even miscounted last month’s entries! I wrote 14 last month and 14 again this month.
  • Create downloadable content – FAIL. I don’t have any excuses. If I don’t get it set up next month, I’m just going to do a giveaway!
  • YouTube! My husband thinks I’m “TV cute” so… – FAIL. I recorded a few clips. Ms. FAF can attest! I just can’t post them. They’re so bad. I had a pimple the size of a softball on my chin. IT’S PROM ALL OVER AGAIN.

Goals For July:

  • Twitter – 1000 followers (try, try again!)
  • Pinterest – 200 followers? (Not optimistic!)
  • Write 10+ Entries – (I want to focus on length and detail)
  • Create downloadable content
  • Thanks to Ms. FAF now I might be in a podcast now! Funsies! 😋
  • Instagram – 50 followers? (I have a foodie Instagram account with 400+ followers but it has 5 or so casual high school and college friends. I blog anonymously and would prefer to keep being private.)

Some Hiccups:

  • Um, this one is kind of big. I was not uploading anything onto the Rockstar Finance feed for a good 2-3 weeks until Ms. FAF came along and asked me if I was showing up on the feed. I was like, “wait, what feed?” 😓 Oooups. Install WP Super Cache if you’re having this problem!
  • Being in the PF community…it’s is like being submerged into a warm, clear pool of information and it’s sooooooooooooo good. Mid month in, after being in Passive Income MD and Zero Day Finance’s reading club, I thought “hey I should do that!” Then I forgot… So that’s coming up in July!
  • Some new post alerts (like from the Groovies among many others) goes into my e-mail’s “promotions” tab (which I never check because it’s spam) and some post alerts goes into my Bluehost e-mail but doesn’t get forwarded into my main g-mail account. I have no idea how to correct it. Mr. MSM, BoaS, OF etc. comes into my main g-mail account no problem. This then brings up Twitter which is basically how I track new posts from bloggers now. I made a list a few days ago called “Smarter Than Me” and populated it with sexy people fellow PF bloggers.**[Update] PoF brought up a possible solution!


This month has been all luck with the Rockstart feature. So I’ll be reasonable with next month. I’m still getting the hang of things but it’s loads of fun 🙂 Nothing even feels monotonous yet!

I really want to make another blog too but I have to get a hang of this one first! I think the key here is to use the weekends to schedule out posts in advance. Unfortunately, AirBnB hosts don’t get weekends off. I practice dance 2 hours everyday too. Hubby and I like to zombie out in front of RuPaul’s Drag Race (it’s his favorite show) for 3 hours but that needs to give now.

✨ Love and respect you all ✨, the rockstar PF community is amazing and I’m not just saying that because I have no real life friends (kinda).

40 thoughts on “Second Month of Blogging Stats & Summary”

  • Your monthly views are amazing! Pinterest is a hard egg to crack- but keep at it! And this post definitely inspired me to start talking the Rockstar Finance page- I don’t think adulting is quite as sexy as 100% personal finance so my page views aren’t nearly as high as yours. 😉

    PS. Holy bananas, I’ve been having tons of email issues too! But, I think my RSS to inbox should be working tomorrow! Xo, thanks for letting me know [otherwise I would have thought that everything was working]

    • Adulting is plenty sexy! ✊ I really do think your whole idea is amazing. It covers so much and I’m jealous of the span. PF bloggers have a very specific niche so there’s more community – thank the heavens for Rock Star Finance. It’s basically easier for me is what I’m thinking.

      Glad I could be of some assistance 🙂 I’m still trying to figure out what’s wrong with my end.

  • Haha I laughed so hard on the train reading your post! You’re so FUNNY!!! I hope people didn’t think I was a weirdo laughing by myself. But even if they did, I don’t think I’d mind 😀

    Thank you so, so much for the shout-out! Did I mention that you’re awesome? These stats are amazing! You’re indeed my Pinterest partner haha. Btw, I’ve been trying to panhandle on Pinterest as well, but no one is paying attention to me @[email protected] (oopsie!)

    Looking toward to our future Pinterest endeavors! xoxoxo
    Ms. Frugal Asian Finance recently posted…Our Pledge For The Million Dollar Club

    • We’ll crack Pinterest together! I promise – somehow – not sure how or when –#sisterhood 👯 Lol OK that makes no sense but the core idea is good!

  • Well snap. Those are some impressive numbers. I guess I need to head over to Rockstar Finance and get signed up.

    It is amazing how many hours you can put into blogging. When I first started it seemed so easy just writing about stuff you are passionate about. Turns out that is pretty easy but it is all the self marketing that takes so much time.
    Grant @ Life Prep Couple recently posted…Never Finance: Always Pay Cash For Cars

    • I knowwwwwwwww. I have to make 2-3 different sets of graphics each time from scratch, good lord. No sane person would do this if you don’t love the topic and can stand sitting around for 8 hours. Yes! There’s so much self promotion, you can’t be even remotely shy. Oh geez…why am I doing this! 😜

  • Lily, you win funniest blogger ever! Your posts never fail to crack me up.

    Congrats on the Rockstar feature! I also just started pinning on Pinterest, and I’m having a hard time understanding how folks have made it work successfully for them. To me, it seems like more of an organic tool (like Instagram), so I’m just mostly posting clothes and stuff for now.

    I think a Youtube channel would be GOLD for you, because you’re super cute and funny 🙂 DO IT.
    The Luxe Strategist recently posted…How I’m Saving Over $16,000 on My Wedding by Rethinking This One Thing

    • Awwww shucks I’m blushing!!!

      I think you would have AMAZING success of Pinterest. It’s very female and fashion orientated! They’re super popular topics. Use PinGroupie to find a related board. I’m having a hard time because all I have is personal finance (not cool I guess!) Definitely try to crack Pinterest. Do it with Ms. FAF, Ying and me :p

      We’ll form some Asian girl coalition, yo.

  • Wow, you are on to an incredible start. I still haven’t cracked 5,000 page views in 6 months of running Zero Day Finance. Also I have no idea how you can put out 14+ posts a month. I aim for 8-10 original content posts with 4-5 “what I’m reading” and I still barely get them out in time.

    Keep up the good work, looking forward to more as always!

    • I stay up really late and bother my poor sleeping husband with my keyboard typing 😁! Everyone says content and stable schedule matters in the first year plus I don’t have a 9 to 5. I get time to think when I’m pruning the sidewalk for guests 🙂

    • Yes very very true! You market a good piece and see it grow on it’s own but you can’t do that with a bad piece. I’m focusing on quality. The freebies I have now are all “eh” so I need to work on that too.

  • You’re doing great, keep at it! I joined the Twitter game too recently. And now my wife drives more whenever we go out so I can post in the passenger seat 🙂 Don’t text and drive folks. There are so many financial bloggers out there; I never realized it was such a large community. It’s great to see so many people with a similar mindset.
    SMM recently posted…Rich & Famous People with Smart & Dumb Money Habits

    • It really is! I felt so alone before and I just exploded my ramblings on others who couldn’t care less. I’m just making up for lost times. Is your wife understanding? My hub is getting annoyed that my face is now glued to my phone 🙄

  • You’re doing well, congrats!! You should totally do YouTube videos too. People are forgiving of pimples; I get a ton too and it’s like whatever :/ Let me know when you do start a YouTube channel, so that I can subscribe!

  • Lily you are killing it!

    I guess my new goal needs to be try to catch up with your awesome blog! You are doing fantastic and I love that your personality really comes through in your writing!

    Also, I would agree you could do great on youtube and it would be a great way to differentiate yourself! You seem to not be afraid of the hard work so that seems like a big win for you! Unfortunately I was blessed with a face for radio and a voice for print, so I will stick to writing articles, HA!

    Save Splurge Deny Debt – Cameron recently posted…5 Ways a Financial Advisor can be Worth the Money

    • Thanks Cameron. You are just the sweetest! My voice…I cringed when I heard myself so I deleted 80% of what I recorded. I think YouTube is a good idea…I just have to…who here does voice over work? Ha! Did you get that comment thing sorted out?

    • Hi Ms. RR! Yes – try it. I have no idea how it works but it works! The RSF refreshes every hour so I would submit a post at X:50 or something so you don’t have to wait to know in an hour 🙂

    • Thanks Mr. MSM!! There was 2400 – 3000 referrers from it. That was huge! I was surprised it was featured – I just spat out what I wish other people told me when I was 21 haha.

  • Yo, Lady! Nice figure(s)! Thanks for sharing! I’m a solid jump in #3 blogger type too! But I don’t have ESPN. (Sad face) I’m about to run my end of months stats soon.

    • That’s amazing Troy! No one knows about my blog and I can pimp it out on Facebook (it would generate a lot of interest) but I’m too chicken to share my personal life. Someday! What you said is so tempting though! Maybe I’ll consider it 🙂

  • This is awesome! You’re putting some serious effort into your blog and the results are showing. Despite how active I am with my blog, I feel like I never have enough time to do everything I want. I try to focus on my corporate clients, but that means I neglect the personal connections with other bloggers =(.

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