My 2nd Goody Box Delivery! – ThredUP Review 🛍

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ANYWAYS, I got my second ThredUP Goody Box!

OK, so I really liked my first box because…it was my first box! It was extra exciting. I don’t have to do anything or spend too long in a disorganized thrift store trying out clothes in their dressing rooms.

Have you seen thrift store dressing rooms? God bless them but my go-to thrift store put the one dressing room in the center of the store, right next to the cash registers so everyone waiting in line knows you’re changing naked in there…behind the half-length curtain door. It is so weird and drives me crazy. But for the price, I dealt with it.

The ThredUP Goody Box program is basically when a used online clothing company that (for $10) ships you a box full 10-15 pieces of second-hand clothes and you shop from that box. You can try things on, decide if you want to keep them and return the rest. Whatever you keep is deducted from the $10 you already paid. The $10 fee to ship and return the box is not refundable so if you keep nothing, it’s still $10 spent.

🚨 It is NOT a subscription box!

ThredUP is a one-time per order box. If you want to try a ThredUP Goody box – sign up with my invite link and you can get a $10 free in ThredUP credit.


We Last Left Off…

*I ordered the Goody box to save time. Ever since I started doubling down and building on my side projects, I have been cutting back everywhere to conserve time. I am petite so it takes longer to find something for me in a thrift store that I could hold to a standard.

*The Goody box won’t beat thrift store prices. It’s not going to be as economical as jumping into Value Village on $1 days or going on BUT it gives you a chance to try new (to you) things without having to go hunting for hours. With that said, I will say that your local thrift store is probably underutilized by you, just like the library, so if you have some free time – go and dig for treasure! I still do it when I have the time 🙂

*Your miles will vary! Even if I like it or hate it, it may be the same for everyone because there are so many factors. What’s the most important is if you think it’s fun and helpful to your life after you try it.

I love my first box because it was so fun. I guess the newness was exciting and there were a few things that I got that I felt they definitely chose it with my purpose in mind. Now I didn’t keep a thing in the first box but I considered at least 3 different ones I would have loved to keep.

I toggled on the lowest price point so I wasn’t expecting much. I put down the wrong pants size and half my box was full of pants much too large, that was my boo-boo. A lot of the box was your stable of mall brands and a mish-mash of things. Even though I had my pants size wrong, I was happy with my box.

I didn’t keep a single item although I was extremely tempted by one black dress. Thinking back, I probably should have kept it because it was comfy & breezy. Oops!

ThredUp Goody

For the price point I chose, I gave the first box a 8/10 or solid B grade. You can my first ThredUP Goody box experience where I compare it to StitchFix as a cheaper alternative.

Le Second Box

What I did differently:

*I ordered my correct pant size (or so I thought). I chose the wrong pant size again. For the next box, I will select 00 to 0 since that’s the smallest. The pants I got this time are still too big.

*I toggled on the highest price point from $25 to $100+.

*I asked in the written form for neutral colors instead of loud colors/prints and I wanted natural fibers as oppose to synethic ones (a point I recalled from Luxe).

I was not too happy with my second box. This one was just…off. I know that’s just the game of letting someone else curate your clothes so I’m not minding it too much. The nature of these Goody boxes is just fun. Now that I’ve ordered my third Goody box I guess I should write how “meh” the second box was for me.

I got my 2nd Goody box almost 2 weeks ago and I was unhappy with it so I gave myself some reflection time on why I was sort of “mehhhh” with it.

It came down to 3 things:




I know it’s only 3 things but those are some big issues! Quality, fit, and price? That’s the entire gospel right there. This is most of the boxed content:

Inspection Quality

I swear this was just bad luck in a box. 2 out of the 4 items I genuinely liked had quality inspection issues.

I really liked the Everlane tank top. I like Everlane clothes in general, their stuff is so soft and comfortable. But this top looked WORN. There was pilling on the fabric and the black was fading. It looked like it’s been through the wash 50 times and was well worn.


The condition on the website was that I could mistake it as new.

I’m not even a clothes expert and I see it it’s been well loved. — Woah ho ho, if there’s detectable pilling and fading in any form, there’s no way it can be considered ‘excellent’.

The other quality issue was a Lucky brand gingham print shirt. I’m not really a Lucky brand fan. They have that California beach bum look that I’m ehh about so how unlucky was I to get 3 Lucky brand clothes in my Goody box.

thredup box
Lucky shirt and R13 jeans that were too loose for me in the waist.

I’m really girly…lace, pearls, chiffons…stuff like that. But my husband liked the shirt on me. He said I should keep it since I don’t have anything like it. It looked brand new and the stitching was good and dense.

But…during my last inspection…I saw that the Lucky shirt had THIS under the armpit:


OK, it was pretty hidden under one of the armpits and gingham print is tricky on the eyes. But still! HOLY CRAP,  that’s the size of 2 finger holes haphazardly resewn together. What luck. Inspect everything closely! It was really easy to miss. My husband even looked it over and he’s good with details and missed it.

Then there were some 1-2 other items here and there that had minor pilling, fraying, and fabric like straw and I’m like…I think I was better off with the selection of my first $10-$25 price range box than this $25 to $100+ price range box.

Meaningless Pricing

OK, when I complain about quality, they’re bound to be a price rant following and here it is.

I selected the highest price range in hopes of dodging the ill quality mall brands. Unfortunately, the overall price total of this box was not much higher than the first box and I got a bunch of low-end mall brands just the same. That’s rather dumb if you are trying to cater to different audiences with different pockets.

There was not much difference between the $10 to $25 box in comparison to the $25 to $100+ box. One would think there’s some diversity or improvement but this second box was somehow worst.

And then I kicked myself.

When I went back to order my third Goody box last week I noticed ThredUP redid the price set!

The NEW pricing makes SO much more sense! Crap! I could have just waited 1 week more for the new pricing.


New “budget per item” as of 2018.

So I can’t even hold this review as “current” anymore until I get my third box because my main complaint was how close and meaningless the price ranges were. My crap luck continues…

Curator & Fit

This second box and whoever curated my box was a little all over the place. I wrote no to cheap-y, orange-y, or wild-y printed things.

The first piece on the list: a cheap, orange, jungle print jumper.


Errr…wow, what are the chances…

I put it on and my husband said I looked like a cavewoman. Thanks, honey. 😂

But I did look like a cavewoman…and it was way too revealing. (So no photos.)

And it just set the tone with the rest of the box.

This was the most expensive piece in the box at $79. It was too revealing and…I can’t wear these colors. I asked for nothing orange or anything bright and this is both.

What I Did Like

All bad? Hehe, no, I like being dramatic with my critiques. Unlike the first Goody box, I did keep one thing. It ticked off all of my checkboxes in terms of fabric and quality. It’s pure silk with that really nice waxy soft feel. It’s loose enough for summer. Not dry clean only. I don’t have to wear a bra with it (yay lol!) and it has a cinched waist with ruffles 🙂 I like ruffles…’cause girly…

thredup box

Winner winner chicken dinner!

For a J. Crew dress, this was expensive. I didn’t know they were so pricey. It retails for $295. ThredUP came in at a 90% off retail then. Similar dresses new are like $100+ from J. Crew online. When did J. Crew get so expensive?

thredup box

You have to be insane to pay that $295 even if it’s a nice silk dress with the french seams.

I went online to find a (similar) dupe on eBay and nothing seemed good at all. I typed in something like ‘J. Crew silk dress size 2’ and they were cheaper looking silk blends used dresses for the same price on eBay ($28) as ThredUP.

Since I already “prepaid” $10, keeping it was the natural thing to do. This dress was $28. I paid $18 after the nonrefundable $10 for the box.

The other close one I almost kept was a Nanette Lepore dress.

I saw this Nanette Lepore cold shoulder dress and my heart skipped a beat. I loveeeeee it. I love everything about it. It’s like a spin-off of gothic Lolita dresses and it’s gorgeous!

But I put it on and it was a size too big. 🙁 I didn’t even have to undo the zipper to put it on. When I bend down, the dress almost slid off my shoulders.

thredup box

I freakin’ considered gaining some weight to fit it because I like the dress so much. It was heartbreaking. I even went on eBay to find one just like it in a size 2.

I combed eBay 3 times over for ‘Nanette Lepore black dress size 2’ dress. Nothing.

Then I went to Poshmark. Nothing.

Then I started to weep a bit because I never wanted anything more and it’s not online WAH.

*Silver lining!* I know what my general dress size is for Nanette Lepore so I can go to town if I see something I like next time. Yay! 😀

thredup box
Excuse the bare face


I wish I had better luck with my second Goody box but that’s the game.  If the Nanette Lepore dress came in a size 2, I would be over the moon happy. But the J. Crew dress is a pretty nice consultation pick too, especially for summer.

I noticed a lot of the boxed content were summer clothes. That’s a business thing definitely since it is summer. I don’t have a preference of which season so it doesn’t bother me but if you have a specific season in mind for your wardrobe then I would definitely pay attention to when you should order a Goody box. ThredUP does take seasons seriously as an inventory issue – it’s just easier to clear things in season 🙂

There were some quality control issues but out of 15 items, I still found some I liked so no real love loss there. The pricing preference of the Goody boxes seemed to have been restructured so my pricing complaint might not hold water. We’ll see when I get my 3rd Goody box in a week!

Total Scores 🌟

Cost: A

Price/Value: D

Ease of Return: C

Item Quality: C

Selection: C

Overall Grade: C


This shot hubby took looked cool! *sings Tove Lo* I’m a, I’m a, I’m a cool girl, I’m a, I’m a cool girl, ice cold, I roll my eyes over you boy. 😂

OK I’m done, byeeeee!! See you on box 3.

Get Free $10 at ThredUP

If you want to try ThredUP for yourself, sign up with my invite link and you can get $10 credit towards your account.

27 thoughts on “My 2nd Goody Box Delivery! – ThredUP Review 🛍”

  • Ohhhh lala! Nothing sets the day better than pretty dresses! Yup – love your 2 picks (maybe the black one would have fit me…that’s my style!!!) and I think I would have felt like a princess in the J.Crew tooo! Holla to no bras!

    Yeah, the clothing selection was quite off…maybe that’s how they hook you in! First with a really good box, and a second with, “we really have to move this inventory…” lol. I wish I could unsee the orange/pink plunging neckline dress…maybe good with a bikini undearneath it at the beach? But not for the price!

    Looking forward to your next one!

  • Based on the photos, I liked the J Crew dress and the black top too. I don’t know why, but I really like these reviews. it’s like I’m trying on the dresses and ThredUp vicariously through you hehe.

    It’s great you really liked the white dress this time. It looks really pretty on you! 😉

  • nanette lepore – depends on the materials (silk does well and beachy wear type style) and when is the return deadline u may actually want to flip it on ebay- auction perhaps.

    other than that, they are OK quality clothes but I hear you, it’s so hard to buy as a petite woman. I do everlane xxs or xs (and two other brands) mostly for the basics, even though they r expensive. but as you add in the time factor you realize it may actually cost you more to sort thru clothes. do you know they lump sizes 00 to 6 all the way as “small” these days depending on where you go. ahhh…

    • The return in only a week, if you keep it, it means you bought it. I heard Nanette dresses were really nice but I’ve only seen her silk (silk blend) dresses 🙂

      Ugh I hate shopping as a short person sometimes. Feels like Im a toddler when I’m trying on pants.

  • This is a very fun review. I’m tempted to try it, but as my hubby pointed out, I don’t need any more clothes. I’ll just have to live vicariously through the internet 😉

  • These reviews are always amusing, a fun post. The stuff looked good on you.

    I’d say you could pull off that type of gingham shirt fit. It’s a popular look for the French and Italian women I know; slight oversized shirt, fully tucked/front tucked worn with jeans/culottes. The fancy pants class Asians seem to be following this look too.

    I got handed a Barbour from the Cpt. this week. I helped out giving £50 for Help the Heroes a little back; he was decluttering and thought I’d might like it.

    £50 for a good knock about coat is a pretty good deal. 😛

    • I think you’re the only comment guy hahahah.
      “The fancy pants class Asians seem to be following this look too.”
      Lol we do end up following the European trends. I didn’t like the print on me but the fit and design was on point.

  • I love how you’re testing this service out & letting us see all the cool stuff they send you! I may just have to try it — I’m a frequent online shopper, but not sure about buying clothes online. But some of these dresses are just so flippin’ adorable! I used to love scavenging for deals at the local goodwill and salvation army. You never knew what name brands and bargains you’d run across. Thanks for sharing, and you’re super funny! 🙂

    • Awww thanks Diana <333 I go to Goodwill and thrift too. ThredUP is just a quicker way I can try on very high-end brands (although not this box. I got my third box already and it's night and day!! I love it!)

  • Hi! You said your ease of return was a C–can I ask why? I just got my first box and I can’t find the supposedly included return label at all! Did you have a similar issue?

    • Hi Maddy! No I didn’t have that issue. My return label came with the rest of the papers like the letter from CEO and the teal brochure. If you don’t have a shipping label, I think you should contact them ASAP so they can email you a new print out return label before the 7 days is up. Email: [email protected]

      I gave it a C because my first box took them 3-4 weeks to process and I think that was a bit slow.

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