Sample Airbnb Template – Welcome Letters & Security Deposit + Free Airbnb Printables

Free sample airbnb welcome letters

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This post is for hosts looking for free pre-scripted Airbnb template messages and instructions. This post also includes a list of general check-in information & security deposit information that are common questions in a standard guest check-in. There are free blank templates (design only) of Airbnb available for download as well.

~ This is an installment of my Airbnb series. Check out part one or browse all my Airbnb content ~


Airbnb is a revolutionary online lodging & hospitality platform that boast a registry total of 150 million users. The phenomenal of Airbnb is a great representative of the modern man. It represents our acceptance to alternatives and our thirst for experiences! …, OK, it’s not so sentimental. About 99% of the time, I just get travelers who needs a comfy place to rest their weary head and not break the bank 🙂

My occupancy rate as a Superhost hovers over 98%. I have hosted over 400 different trips with over 1000+ people. I have done this full-time for 2 years now. A lot of hosting is repetitive so to streamline the check-in process I began reusing my Airbnb sample letters to cut down on time. Thanks to those sample letters I was able to cut guest confusion and save myself a lot of work too.

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  • On the Airbnb app (and I highly suggest all hosts get this app) you can save a whole bunch of sample letters to answer any common Q&A! Use this amazing Airbnb feature to save yourself some airbnb responses template free airbnb responses template
  • Remember to remove all brackets and put in the names of your guests. It’s the more sensible thing to do. You could garner better feedback which will propagate more Airbnb clientele.

Sample Airbnb Template

These are just 3 very common questions and templates that I submit on the daily basis. Use the instructions above to copy and paste it into your Airbnb internal template saver.

Welcome Greeting Template

Hi [Guest Name]!

Thank you for booking with us. I will send over the full check-in information for your stay on the date of your arrival around [time to [time] via the Airbnb inbox. Please feel free to shoot me any questions you may have in the meantime. Please gloss over the property listing and our house manual to make sure we are a good fit for your stay. Do you have an estimated time of arrival? Can’t wait to host you [both/all/name etc.]

Thank you for reading,

[Your Name]

Finding The Address Template

Quite often new users do not know how to use Airbnb at all. It is not always the guest’s fault. Airbnb has a tendency to hide private information as a security measure to protect the guest. Phone numbers, emails, and addresses are not recommended to be sent over the main inbox. Use the template below to direct all guests to the correct tab inside Airbnb’s interface for your address instead of giving yourself a security headache later on.

Hi [Guest Name]!

Great question! The address is actually already inside your Airbnb itinerary under Your Reservation / Your Trips section. Airbnb automatically censors addresses for security purposes so your only option is to look inside your Airbnb reservation tab. Airbnb provides the full information and a map snippet as well. If you have any more issue or need further direction shoot me a quick text or call us at #-###-#### [your number].

See you soon! 🙂


Airbnb Security Deposit Information

Hi [Guest Name],

Thank you for the inquiry. The Airbnb safety deposit is required and non-negotiable.

It is very common for hosts to set security deposits in an effort to protect their property. Thankfully, it is very uncommon that a problem would arise to need your security deposit. Your money will not be touched unless there is a need to file a claim. The deposit is held ONLY by Airbnb and NOT the host (me). Hosts do not oversee any exchange of security deposits or insurance matters. If a claim has been filed for your security deposit, Airbnb will also step in as the middle man to approve the judgement of possible damage.

Hope this was helpful, feel free to shoot me anything else!



Check-In Checklist

This is critical. I notice a lot of hosts simply do not spend the time to offer good check in directions. These are your guests; this is your business. You are representing your city, your neighborhood, Airbnb and yourself. Hosts will get more questions and concerns from guests if the listings themselves are not as detailed as it should be.

Remember to address the following in an effective manner, if the content is too long, some guest might not read at all. Guest will just shoot you a question asking about their main concern and skip over all the other things they should know (that they didn’t think they would need to know.)

Note to address details of the following:

  • Parking information.

  • Pets Information.

  • Wi-Fi information.

  • Heating instructions.

  • Ventilation fan (mitigate mold).

  • How to lock the door or entry way.

  • What is in the fridge that’s off limits?

  • Are snacks provided?

  • Instructions for garbage & recycling. When is trash pick up day?

  • Location of the first aid kit & fire extinguisher.

  • What they should do with perishables and leftovers.

  • Do shoes come off when guest enter?

  • Instructions for TV / Cable / Netflix.

  • What is useable in the linen closet?

  • Tissues/paper towels?/kitchen ware?

  • Rules for kitchen cleanliness?

  • For example, my courtesy rule is for guests to clean up their personal mess in the kitchen (if you used any dishes/pots, utensils, etc.) so I can keep the cleaning fee low for everyone because not everybody uses the kitchen during their stay so I don’t feel right increasing the cleaning fee across the board.

  • Any particular house quirks?

  • For example: the freezer door needs a hard pull so use both hands or a particular outlet has no power etc.

  • Any specific instructions for the bathroom? Is there a set time in which you must occupy the bathroom if it is shared?

  • When is the start of courtesy quiet hour?

  • What should guests do with the sheets on check-out day?

  • When is check-in & check-out time?

  • Is an early/late check-in/check-out possible?

These things seem obvious but it took me a few tries to get a hang of hosting on Airbnb without any minor hiccups. You will get your share of easy-going guests and you will also get your share of finicky ones that demand way more than what is fair for the price they paid. It’s all part of being a host.

House Rules & House Manuals

Over 70% of Airbnb guests will probably not bother to read the house manual or house rules hosts set before them. It is a good idea to have a laminated print out of your house rules and house manual to greet them. I recommend to gently place them on their bed or pillow. Print outs greatly reduces the odds of them accidentally breaching your instructions. A lot of the time, I find that my guests are simply unaware (traveling is distracting!) and they never infringe out of malice. I designed 2 sets of printables for Airbnb’s house rules and manuals in both a colorized version and a B/W version.

That’s all for now. Remember, this is part of my Airbnb series, if you want more full in-depth information – check out my full Airbnb content or start at part one of my main Q&A.

You can also submit any questions in the comments or contact me directly in the top bar.

If you found this information helpful, click my referral link to BECOME A HOST and start your side hustle today!


8 thoughts on “Sample Airbnb Template – Welcome Letters & Security Deposit + Free Airbnb Printables”

    • Oh you never know MSM! My husband and I stayed at an AirBnB in a tiny, tiny mountain town (population 36…no joke) and the host had a 50% booking rate because travelers pass through occasionally (even though she’s 30 minutes driving from anything civilization related). She has ZERO competition so she gets everybody! Her house relatively inexpensive (300K) so I’m sure at only 50% booking she was still covering her mortgage for the month!

    • Hi hi hi! Thank you for stopping by by by!

      We have a rental and it’s making back most of what we put (before taxes). I think that’s pretty good considering our mortgage is fresh and new. I believe the average for first year RE investments is around 60%?

      I don’t out source it at all but you can. AirBnB has a co-host program in certain cities like Seattle and S.F. You pay the host 5% to 15% of the total booking fee and they will play reception and maid service if you are short on time.

      I rarely greet guests anymore (like 1 out of 10 times) because of my work schedule. I purchased a Schlage door code lock and give them detailed instructions on how to check in. They’re tourist so they arrive late and just need a nice bed. I have a 5/5 rating for ‘arrival’ so I don’t think anyone cares haha.

      The one negative is the legality of AirBnB. It is illegal in New York for one, maybe that would spread. I wouldn’t over-leverage and profess BnB as a goldmine. AirBnB can be huge wild card.

    • On our supervised property, nothing, nada. We’re right upstairs. Our 2nd rental had a couple of unfortunate run ins. One group threw a party and did a bad job cleaning up. The other group was just messy – they lived like bums. Rotting shrimp left out etc. Trash piled to the sky. It’s crazy how people can live in that level of mess.

      I just open up a dispute case, request for clean up and/or damages from their security deposit and AirBnB has always granted in my favor; you can’t beat photographic evidence! 🙂

  • I loved your advice! I’m a newbie to Airbnb but not hosting!! I’m thankful for your templates (I’m not a teenager and I’ll take all of the lessons already learned that I can!! LOL) You mentioned that you designed 2 sets of printables for Airbnb’s house rules and manuals in both a colorized version and a B/W version, I don’t see them on this site? Am I missing something? HELP!! Thank you, Audrey

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