August 2017 – Family Income Report & Budget Breakdown

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I was initially going to smoosh the blog report into this family income report but I think we’ll just separate it. Somehow this post is already past 1,600 words and it’s just a simple family income update!



Welcome back to another family income report!

I’ll be honest. I really checked out this month and put myself on auto pilot.

I took a swing at the Zero Day Challenge in the first half of August which confirmed that I spend money on nothing but food if I could.

To avoid any confusion, here’s our income report for previous months:

Income Report & Budget Breakdown – June 2017 
Income Report & Budget Breakdown – July 2017 


We are a household of 3 grown adult & 1 dog. We run AirBnBs full-time that counteracts the mortgages.

*This budget does not include our mortgages, property taxes, water/sewage/trash fees, utilities like gas and electricity or any homeowner’s insurance. Recurring payments are stable and it’s so annoying trying to calculate it so to simplify we automatically round-up and deduct -$6,000 from our monthly AirBnB income to cover our main residence and rental property. When the mortgage and all fees are added up, it’s about $4,500 a month but AirBnB income is taxed so that’s why we round it up to $-6,000, rough. Complicated – I know…and that’s the simplified version!

*Insurance & internet is covered by my husband’s employer.

*We directly deposited $5,492 into retirement savings for August. All retirements are automatically reserved and added every month to tax friendly accounts.

*This income report is 95% correct. We rarely deal with cash but we don’t go down to the penny anymore.



PAYCHECK: +$5,656 *

AIRBNB: +$9,142 **

MISC INCOME: +$0 ***


*Hubby had 3 paychecks this month. The extra paycheck was his compensation for being on-call.

**AirBnB’s income is superficially inflated because we had one reservation that flooded over from July and was paid out in August instead. In reality, AirBnB should be -$1,000 less this month and should be applied to last month instead. We also refunded a guest who was caught in Hurricane Harvey despite that the reservation was past the refund date, I think they needed a break.

***It’s not zero. I’ve been doing side hustles and selling on eBay but they all pay directly to PayPal and I forgot to transfer over the funds to our credit union.



Our grocery and dine out was $355 for 3 1/2 adults (1/2 because Hubby eats half his meals at work.) My mom was visiting until August 20th but they may have paid cash for somethings when they were in Chinatown. Yes, Seattle has a Chinatown, it’s not as ghetto or hyper-crowded but also not as adventure-filled or authentic as San Francisco’s Chinatown.

My parents paid cash for groceries in Chinatown. I would play it safe and round it up to $400 to be honest – it’s still spectacular for me, parents and Hubby! My dad keeps food cost very low by making the same rotating dishes over and over again. I end up buying my own food and cooking something for myself 3 out of the 7 days. There’s only so much repetition I can take. It’s still great help around the house to have though.

I’m very much addicted to soda again. I order cases of them via Amazon’s Subscribe & Save since we live car-free. There’s 4-5 full cases of soda in our storage room. This always happens during the summer months; it’s hot and I start chugging soda like crazy. I’ve put on 6 lbs since July. My metabolism isn’t as good as it once was, it was awesome before. Now I’ve crossed the mid twenties mark – I’m reminded of an excellent piece of advice contributed on 15 Money Things Young Adults Overlook: it’s important to stress building the habits of health and fitness before your metabolism makes you realize it. I’ll try to shed some and add that onto September’s goals.


Both of my parents flew in on August 12th and my mom stayed until August 20th. I filled their Orca cards (it’s a debit card for bus fares; Clipper card in San Francisco) so they can go around town with ease. I’m not sure what they did but they paid for it with their own cash.


Let see, I brought about 150-200 rolls of toilet paper delivered from Amazon for less than what they have at Costco. I have a bulk stockpile of everything in the storage room. A side benefit about being an AirBnB hosts is simply having the perfect excuse to buy staples in bulk without sweating it. I ordered some clearances on Payless shoes for the foot pain that I discussed in the previous income report. I ordered a grooming kit for Hubby that has gone untouched. The kit is now a paper weight.


I bought a pack of headphones. I also renewed my Board Boosters subscription for $5 to keep my Pinterest active.


Expensive fridge water filter that we replace every few months. There is no cheaper alternatives because we purchased a fancy counter-depth french door fridge that requires a special filter size that’s more expensive. I love our fancy s’mancy fridge though 🙂


I brought fancy pens (that I no longer like and will be reselling), spent $20 at Dollar Tree on spices (cheapest place to get spices by the way) and bottles of ibuprofen (Hubby downed all of them when he had the Epstein Barr virus). There’s also a portion for my eBay and shipping fees for the eBay cleanse I’ve been doing.

I smooshed my thrift store tally in here too. I spent around $100 but I was able to hunt down some designer items that are worth a lot more than $100. Some of my finds are for me and some I intend to put on eBay eventually but I promised myself I would clear the rest of my closet first.

PETS – $0

There is a toy octopus on my head, woof.

Goose egg! Her doggy insurance is taken out automatically from Hubby’s paycheck. Google provides discounts on pet insurance so we went with them.

I’ll gasp when Grace finds money on the side of the road for me again.

Fun fact: Grace found 5 bucks on the sidewalk once. I had to snatch it from her before she ripped it with her teeth.


There’s nowhere else I want to be than in my room (or a sushi buffet.) There is nowhere I would like to be because no matter where I am, I still have to share the space with myself. The kids that use to tease me about being a weird loner were right. I had to explain myself to Hubby and my mom about this (they largely enjoy the company of others and think it’s weird I like to be alone). It’s just the way I am. Social media I can totally do; they’re short spurts of conversation which is fun for someone like me who overload after 3 minutes.


Boxes to the right are full of Grace’s unplayed with toys.

We found a decorative planter, it’s very pretty! It is now housing a beautiful and healthy spider plant. My dad found a hatchet…I have no idea where my dad found a random hatchet but we have it. It’ll be useful just like that book “Hatchet” they made us all read in 5th grade. The biggest find this month was a set of 8 new LED light bulbs. Hubby found those on the side of the road. Who in their right mind would dump an entire box of perfectly good light bulbs away?!


Prada Classic Pumps ($15)



There was a pair of black Prada pumps, in worst pre-owned condition, but had the worn box packaging. I decided against it because I had plenty of black heels already. I did try on the beige one – loved them – never owned a pair of heels so well made. The leather feels like a baby’s bottom but sturdy like an industrial sheet. They are so comfortable I could do pirouettes in them. Seeing their comfort and fit, I went to peep at the black ones again after but they were already gone! In 5 minutes! Oh well. The Prada pumps were $40 dollars originally which is considered high even though they retail new for $650. It’s considered expensive because everything away from that glass shelf in the thrift store was no more than $10. I caught it on a store wide sale for 50% off all items and the cashier lowered an extra $5 when I used my reward card. I give them a lot of business, haha.


AUGUST SAVINGS = $13,531 (incl. retirement)

Savings this month was $13K. The stock market stalled so we’re not getting anywhere with that. In fact, I’m down about $500 within a few days in my Robinhood account. They say real estate is diversification for times like this…

New property value estimates came in:

The City of Seattle (King County) doughed out new property valuations based on January 2017’s home estimates for the 2018 tax year. It’s based on the current housing market status in Seattle…which can be described as ballistic. In one year, our property tax (not the market value that’s much higher) went up $79K alone for the 2016-2017 year. We take the county tax value because it’s more conservative than Zillow or Redfin estimates. It’s very expensive to sell a house so unless you’re adjusting for the staging and closing beforehand, don’t use market price for valuations.

Net Worth

July – $797K

August – $879K

In addition to the $13K we saved this month combined with the $79K jump in property tax valuations, our net worth sheet jumped $92K on paper, yays. There’s nothing else exciting going on here. In December of last year, we had $$ repairs done to our house (our rough net worth dropped heavily before I started this blog so not everything was always as honky-dory). Our Robinhood (Brokerage #1) account has not been a friend to the markets lately. If housing crashes, please have it happen before January! That’s when Seattle (King County) collect new tax info haha.

When August is over, AirBnB winds down a lot. “A lot” as in half of what I usually bring in during summer and a lot more vacancies. So far this summer, I have had 0% vacancies and we were at peak individual occupancy almost always. But now, September, I’m staring at 15 un-booked days (Monday to Wednesdays) that I can’t seem to fill at all.

Guess what’s coming?! 🙂

This was fun to write…the first time. I hit something and lost half of what I wrote. AHHHHH. You better have liked this! I wrote it out twice! Hahaha kidding! 😀

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