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Money Basics

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Everything ‘Married…With Children’ Did That Kept Them Poor



How Much Money Does Our Brand of Frugality Save? (Spoiler: $56,000+/Year)

3 Signs When Being Frugal Doesn’t Work & What To Do About It


– Little Tricks

Frugality Is a Lifestyle That You Might Be Doing Wrong

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– Clothing

1st Goody Box ThredUP Review

2nd Goody Box ThredUP Review 🛍

Our Bi-Annual Clothing Expense Check-In 2018

What Is Thrifting? It’s An Addiction!

I Hate My Clothes (& What I’m Going To Do About It)


– Food

I Took The 30 Day No Spend Challenge & This Is What I Learned

21 Cheap Pantry Staples List on a Limited Budget

RECIPE: Cheap & Free, Try This Asian Pho Side Dish!

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– Housing

The Confessions of a Houseporn Addict

How Soapy is Geoarbitraging in China

The Financials Behind Owning a McMansion

Re-Keying Locks? Caulking & Refinishing Tubs? – DIY or Pro? – Part 2

Bad Plumbing? Slow Drainage? Ant Invasion? Should You DIY?

9 Secondhand Things We Use Every Day At Home


– Living Car Free

5 Big Reasons Why We Choose to Live Without a Car

Pros & More Pros of Self-Driving Cars

The 4 Main Benefits of Car-Free Living

14 Public Bus Safety Tips From a Lifetime Expert


Extra Income

16 Part-Time Jobs with Good Health Insurance and Benefits

Make Money on Rover With These 15 Pet Sitting Tips

Why We Sold Our Airbnb Rental Property

6 Biggest Reasons Why Airbnb Is So Popular

Answer These 25 Questions Before Hosting on Airbnb

10 Amazing Benefits of Being a Host on Airbnb (Besides Money)

12 Surprising Things Airbnb Guests Love And Hate

How To Host Airbnb – Introductory Q&A – Part 1

How To Host Airbnb – Q&A: Hosting on Airbnb – Part 2


Adventures of a Lily

Yo! Index of Our Monthly Financial Budget & Expense Reports 🙂

The Influential People of My Life (Past & Present)

Seattle CityPASS Review – Is It Worth It?

Seattle Woodland Park Zoo Review + Recap (Vacation Slides)

Our Rental Car Weekend & More Foodporn

My Dream Life Continues

Our Sundays of Being a Weekend Warriors

5 Amusing Stories As Stealth Wealth Aficionados

A “Splurge” California Christmas Vacation Report With Our Family

How “The Millionaires Next Door” Do Christmas With Gift Exchange Games!


Life & Retiring Early

What The Hell Are Deep Life Goals?

I Got 20,000 Days Until I’m Dead

What Fatty Fatty Fat FatFIRE Looks Like To Me

13 Sensible Upper Middle-Class Characteristics

4 Basic Investor Personality Types – Which One Are You?

Would You Survive a Financial Depression?

Making Our Epileptic Rainbow Unicorn Themed Financial Map

What Financial Health Means to Me

Learn How To Comparison Shop for Happiness

Why You Should Find Meaning Before You Find Wealth


Controversial & Epic Rants

Poking Fun of Deathbed Regrets While Having No Plan to Repeat Any

Why I Don’t Think Cheating on Homework Is Wrong

How It Feels To Resent Someone For Being Spoiled

Being Frugal is Easier When You’re Young & Healthy

The Quickest, Surefire Way to Be an Effective Personal Finance Blogger

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Why Discussions On Race, Class, Income, Privilege & Stuff Can Be Dumb

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Why ‘The Millionaire Next Door’ is a Myth to Most Millennials

The Dying Middle Class: “Two American Families” (PBS Frontline Documentary)

Facebook Bragging Can Be Annoying & It Could Ruin Your Finances Too


Marriage & Relationships

Should You Accept Money From In-Laws?

Dealing With Rain Drop Guilt

14 Inexpensive Alternatives to Wedding Rings For Rebels

My Husband “Bakes The Cakes” and I “Make The Steaks”

7 Long-Term Bonding Things We Do As Newlyweds (To Ward Off Divorce)

The Gray Area of Making Financial Decisions In a Marriage

How We Spent Our Valentine’s Date – As Anti Valentine’s Day People

100 Free & Frugal Things to Do on Valentine’s Day

Our Marriage Audit – Do We Fight Too Much?

The Marriage Fight That Made Me a Better Wife

Ahem, Costs of Sperm Banking, Yes We’re Going There…

You Need A Money Friend & Here’s Why


Young Adult

8 Money Tips For College Seniors That I Wish Someone Told Me

15 Money Things Young Adults Overlook That Matter

How I Paid Off $20,000 In Student Loans Working Part-Time

Effective But Semi Illegal Ways To Pay Off Student Loans

4 Profound Things I Wish I Knew Before Growing Up

“What Am I Doing With My Life? I Need Help With My Life.”

Top 5 Financial Mistakes I’ve Made In My Early 20s


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