May 2017 Family Income Report & Budget Breakdown – Holy Tax Refund!

Woo, tax season is over! I forgot I had monthly household income reports to do until it crept up back onto the popular tab in the sidebar. I looked over the breakdown from January to April and I got a headache from looking at it. Mind you, I wrote it. That’s how bad it’s formatted. I took a page from Root of Good and his May financial update. I’m going to sling it that style.

May 2017 Family Income Report

We’re doing this as a monthly entry thing. Fewer headaches, less confusion and more money (s)talk!


We are a household of 3 grown adult (& 1 dog). Our budgeted balance is less than $2000 per month for everything from floss to fluorescent light bulbs. We run AirBnBs full-time that counteracts the mortgages.

Budget Breakdown Family Of 3

*This budget breakdown does not include the our mortgages, property taxes, water/sewage/trash fees or any homeowner’s insurance. Recurring payments such as mortgage and property tax are repetitive in nature so to simplify we automatically round-up and deduct -$6,000 from our monthly income to cover our main residence and rental property.

*Insurance & internet is covered by my husband’s employer.

*We directly deposit $5,000 into retirement savings no matter what. It’s automatically deducted and added to our tax friendly accounts every month.

*This budget is 95% accurate. We rarely deal with cash but we don’t go down to the penny anymore.

Fun fact: I have lost a cumulative of almost $200 on the bus throughout my life… 😞 


Paycheck: +$5,408 (net)

AirBnB: +$6,702 (gross Net)

Misc Income: +$7,642 (mostly tax refund + 1% Side hustle)

Retirement: +$5,000

May Total = $24,816



Groceries & Dine Outs – $439

Do you know what hurts me the most? This category. Before we got married we had a budget of $1000 for 2 people in downtown Seattle and we ate like emperors. Now we budget $500 for 3 people which means it’s just pork and chicken and nothing else. Blame my dad. He has more time to shop then I do and he only picks and eats these two proteins.

I sneak home tri-tip steak and tuna sashimi (to make Hawaiian poke). We do go out on the weekends sometimes but definitely not as much as I want to. Hopefully we can bump up the food budget soon. I have no problem eating $1000 myself, alone. The moment we reach FIRE, that’s the plan. No retirement but you’re gonna have to pay me in surf clams and crackling duck!!!

Poke: raw tuna, avocado, wakame, ginger, soy sauce, roasted sesame seed, dash of rice vinegar.
Poke: raw tuna, avocado, wakame, ginger, soy sauce, roasted sesame seed, dash of rice vinegar.

Transportation – $18

We had a difficult AirBnB guest at our rental who insisted we come cool down the house from 72 to 60s but they refused to open any of the windows… Transportation was for $18 via Car2Go.

Personal care – $29

Easy month with almost no expenses in personal care. Hosting for my ecommerce site was the only running tally.

Entertainment – $126

This one was a bit of a surprise…what the heck did I buy on Amazon? I purchased a $90 ring light because I wanted to make YouTube videos… I brought a face painting kit for $10.77 because my friend told me to…? Finally, I purchased a $20 theme for my WordPress that I don’t particularly recommend but for $20, it’s workable. There’s some other things in there I can’t recall, but overall, we’re over budget by $100.

Home Maintenance – $0

Oooh goose egg! I love goose eggs! Smooth month for les Prudhomme homestead. We have received $350 in Home Depot gift cards from churning the Amex Gold card. Yay! Let’s keep it going, woot woot woot!

If you are applying for the Amex Gold card, know that the delivery man has to RING your doorbell and hand deliver it to you. It’s really awkward because it’s just a credit card but Amex wants to make it a big deal so they have these frills that makes me question their business. My two cents…

Misc. Expenses – $34

Batteries, toilet brush and the all-necessary…glittery bath bombs…(curses, Amazon, you tempestuous devil.)

Yes this was on sale. I’m tempted, not crazy.

Pets – $52

Gracie doesn’t have any allergies so I can buy her any type of dog food but I do keep away from Alpo and Caesars etc. They’re not the most reputable. We spend around $1/lb for gourmet dog food that usually retails around $2-3 a pound. I brought 3 giant bags of dog food for her this month so she’ll be covered for a while. We also got her 12 cans of wet food (sale) and a squeeze tube of salmon oil (sale). I have no trouble spending money on my dog, but I do need it to be on a good sale.

Vacation – $0

We get one vacation a year and it’s not really vacation. We fly home for a week during Christmas and we load up on family and food love. The good thing is we are hoarding close to 400,000 in airline miles/points and the Virgin ones are expiring so we might have to go somewhere soon…

I’m not saying I don’t like vacations but I dislike flying. TSA? Yeah? No thank you. I wish the rewards applied to cruises or buses because we’re in Seattle, WA. There are lots of cruises and there’s an express bus to Vancouver less than 20 minutes away from our residence. Why fly?!

How I feel about outings that do not conclude to food.

Phone (AT&T) – $90

We seriously need to make the switch over to something else! We’re both so busy that we have been saying we’ll change carriers for 12 months!

Gas (Stove) – $79

Is gas suppose to be this steep? The only thing we use gas for is our standard gas stove…eeeesh.

Electricity – $101

This electricity bill covers two properties and is billed once every 2 months. Did you know Seattle, Washington has one of the lowest electricity prices in America? We still changed out all the light bulbs in our home to energy-efficient ones. You can read great hacks on how to reduce usage with my nerdy buddy.

Water/sewage/trash is almost $200 a month in Seattle. We do run AirBnBs so we opt for the larger trash cans that cost more and water…well, water is just expensive.

Free Stuff –

We are a cockroach family (well me and dad, Jared’s a seigneur who has been banished to live with us). The cockroach fam-bam scores free stuff sometimes.

We found a coffee table, an end table, a blood glucose meter, a paper display, a dresser and parts of a wired fence. I had no idea about the fence, my dad just had it one day and was installing it…last month we found a rolling office chair in great condition.

Random stuff

I also won 2 online contests from Aliexpress. My husband won a garnet gemstone ring and I won a freshwater pearl ring that are both in transit from Hong Kong. We didn’t buy rings when we got married and I was thinking maybe we should…then out of nowhere we won two separate contests that both happened to have rings as prizes. There were 13,000 applicants for the contests. That’s the universe telling me to keep holding off right? Crazyyy!

Mine 🙂
Hubby 🙂

May Net Savings – $18,097 (including retirement)

Hey! That’s a 94% savings rate. Haha no no, I wish, we technically lost some money because we basically gave Uncle Sam a huge interest free loan for that huge tax refund! Our family expenses for the month of May was just a $1000 since AirBnB has been covering both properties completely. I love summer time busyness on AirBnB! It’s always a blessing to look at the end of the month numbers and know that our nest egg will grow bigger yet. Remember, a millionaire is less about the money but more about learning how to get there!

So with that said, our net worth is still down because of tech stock so we’re back to hovering around the $790K $750K again but that’s OK.


Please tell me that didn’t put anyone to sleep. I almost fell asleep writing it. Is this entertaining or helpful at all? 🤥 Thanks for reading! 🙂








45 Replies to “May 2017 Family Income Report & Budget Breakdown – Holy Tax Refund!

    1. Thank you for commenting Brad!! I would splurge for food so I don’t think $800 is bad at all. My dad befriended some of the guys behind the Asian supermarket meat counter (because he was a meat counter man himself). They point him to the cheaper day off stuff haha. Jared eats his breakfasts and lunches at work so it’s really 2.5 people.

  1. Great post! Always interesting to see how expenses look like in other cities in the U.S. 94% savings rate is truly insane. $5,000 auto-deducted every month for retirement savings — can you explain further on how you do this if the 401k limit is $18,000 and IRA limits are $5,500? Thanks!

    1. Hiya MS! Jared has an amazing great employer match ($27K) and I am self employed which means a solo 401K for me. We both have IRAs and so does my dad! It all adds up 🙂

    1. Hiiii Mrs AR! Lol it’s just the tax refund and AirBnB throwing things off. I tried out Rover and made less than $400.

      The rings…I don’t even know!!! It’s like the time my dog found $5 sniffing on the side of the road and weeks later my husband found $5 on his way home from work. Lucky lucky ✨

  2. Wow what a great month for income and winning gifts! I’m so impressed with your side hustle income and the savings rate. It’s amazing both you and Jared won the rings at the same time. It’s definitely a sign the universe is telling you guys to wear the rings together heheh. Your ring is absolutely gorgeous!

    1. I know right, I couldn’t believe it! I stopped by Tiffany’s and the sales people ignored me (which makes sense, I don’t look like someone who could afford Tiffany’s).

  3. OK, I’ll tell you since you aske – it didn’t put me to sleep. 🙂 I really, really love your writing style.

    Looks like you had a great month with the tax refund and free rings! I’ve used AirBnB, but I’ve always wondered what it’s like to be a host. Maybe I’ll read some of your other AirBnB posts.
    Mr. Freaky Frugal recently posted…Freaky Frugal or Stupid Frugal?My Profile

    1. You are too sweet Mr. FF! I really did almost put myself to sleep writing this breakdown.

      I’m writing a glossary index of sorts about AirBnB, so it’s coming up. It’s going to be boring though, I’ve been doing BnB for so long I can’t judge what’s good content anymore 😬

  4. Awesome sauce! I love reading expense reports and budgets, it’s weirdly fascinating to me 😛 Super impressed by your food budget, and huzzah for all the free stuff! Thanks for sharing : )

  5. Congrats on the 94% rate, that’s awesome! Lol at the having to go somewhere soon because of the airline miles expiring. I suppose they can’t be converted to credit or a gift card. I usually opt for statement credit because it’s kind of a like a bonus for spending 🙂
    SMM recently posted…How Do I Protect My Investments?My Profile

    1. Haha we ran out of the cash reward cards to apply for so we ended up churning flight miles 😅
      I think churning is addictive in it of itself.

  6. I started to rent out my spare apartment on Airbnb, and the income stream has been pretty good so far. I get around $200 a night, so per month that’s like $6k (it’s a busy neighborhood, so there are always people on Airbnb who book).

    1. Oh wow! $200 a night for an apartment is amazing! Yes I agree, AirBnB has great traffic and it’s not hard to pull a 99% occupancy.

  7. I wonder if my food budget will go down once I get married and buy a house. Right now we’re spending a bit more on food than anything else(besides rent) especially when we go on vacation and indulge.

    Spending less than $500 on 3 people is pretty impressive. I think the two of us go well above that most months although we eat out at some fancier places about once a week so that’ll do it!
    timeinthemarket recently posted…Relationships, personal growth and marriageMy Profile

    1. I think it might – the mortgage will definitely pull in some force haha! But there’s nothing wrong with eating out. I don’t think I can stick to a $500 much longer to be honest, knowing, we don’t have to. We’ll bump it up soon enough.

    1. Lol wait what action items?! I didn’t know I had action items! His match is 50% of his contributions (18K+9K) which I think is pretty standard in tech? The rest is just our IRAs and solo accounts 🙂

  8. That’s an impressive food budget for 3 people. I think I need to cut back on something, since mine is nearing that for one person!

    I really need to look up a Poke recipe. I ate that nearly every meal when I was in Hawaii.

    1. Hi Mr.FFF! Thank you so much :)! The secret is cheap cuts of pork and chicken at an Asian supermarket. If you’re not on a budget I wouldn’t give up the good stuff. Even I need a good steak once in a while.

      The popular poke recipes online are not that good. Never put raw onion in there (someone started that silly theory, no it will over power the fish!) My recipe goes:
      1 lb of tuna
      1/3 cup soy sauce
      1 tablespoon of chopper ginger
      2 tablespoon of sesame oil
      a splash of rice vinegar
      a dash of salt
      lots of avocado (optional)
      toasted sesame seeds and 1 scallion (optional).

  9. “Phone (AT&T) – $90”
    I used to pay this much for Verizon. Now I’m on Google Fi and this month’s phone bill was only $30! That’s the lowest in my LIFE. PS: Thanks for the link back!

  10. Food is cheaper here in Iowa. I spent $70.00 this week. Our millennial son lives with us and he eats with us part of the time. We went out to eat a few times. You wouldn’t want our water bill, though. It averages $150.00 for 3 adults and we were informed it will increase another 43%. (They put off updating pipes for decades and the sewer system had to be completely replaced.) You nailed the secret when you wrote, “It’s not what you make – it’s what you save.” Debt-free, including mortgage, is the way to live! Thanks for following my blog.

    1. Hi Pam! Thank you for dropping by and oh I love your comment! That does sound like a super high water bill. We try to reduce ours with shorter showers. My husband bathes at work now ha!

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