We Lost $100,000! 💸 Sep & Oct Full Financial Report – SO MUCH FOOD TOO!!!

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Vrooooooooooooooooosh and gone. I invested all of our monies into shares of ZYGA because I thought that was going to get me more Farmville tokens. 🤷 How was I suppose to know that wasn’t real money!

Furbaby chewing on a piece of wood she found.

Sep & Oct 2018 Income

Not much to say here, it’s been pretty normal. The only expense rule is to keep it under the budgeted amount per month simply because it’s good practice to live off my income.

SourceSep 2018Oct 2018Note
Hubby Hippo$6,487$4,320*Retirement taken out (5k)
*Stock taken out.
*Not sure about taxes, I think it's post.
Me$4,335$4,641*Closed a week of Airbnb and Rover for September due to FinCon so income was lower.
*Not including business / project expenses (just a few hundred a month.)

Mr. Hippo got a McDonald’s quarter pounder (when McDonald’s was doing their $1 sandwich promotion)…except they made a mistake and gave him a double patty quarter pounder instead.


Then on the way home, he found 3 dollars on the street.

I have said SEVERAL times my husband is a lucky man but that’s just silly. I didn’t believe him when he whipped it out to show me. I was gone from him for 20 mins!!

Where’s my $3, Batman?! 😤😤

He found $5 once on his way home from work. A week later, Grace, our DOG sniffed out $5 in the grass on her walk.

What do I get???


Not a once have I found money on the street (except that time I dropped $25 and found $10 or so back -_-)

/end rant.

Sep & Oct 2018 Expenses

I didn’t write a money diary report for September because on paper, my expenses were very high due to FinCon and my scholarship grant wasn’t processed yet. I was waiting for that to finish up to avoid confusing everyone.

Now that we’re in the clear, I look back at the confirmed monthly cost and I’m actually quite happy with both those numbers. They’re both well below $3,000! Yayyy. The physical categories don’t really matter because every single month I go over eating out but I end up saving that overage elsewhere on the budget.

Budgeted CategoryBudgeted ($3,000/m)SeptemberOctober 
Groceries$350$307.12$407.40I have no regrets, food is my only "thing."
Dining Out$250$367.41$233.12
Transportation$65$46.54$87.48We took a Lyft home. We ran out of credits for Car2Go.
Personal Care$100$59.57$1.32Actually, I placed 2 more orders from ThredUp because I love them 🙂 it was covered with credits...almost haha.
Home Maintenance$150$0.00$0.00
Misc. Expenses$100$9.33 (Medical) + $101 (School related)$16.41Oh, I got my full medical bill on Nov 1st so that didn't make it in but yes, I have a few more appointments. I have a minor (yet annoying) allergy to something. We have a HSA so this is all out of pocket but I'm very thankful to even have health insurance!! 🙂
Pets$50$342.75$0.00Grace's pet insurance for the year among other things. $25 dollars a month was the better deal around. This included the work subsidized pet insurance!
Vacation + Travel$50$0.00$0.00
Mobile (RedPocket)$35$12.25$10.23Loving RP! It gave some shaky trouble but after a few months, we have encountered no issues now. Highly recommend it.
Utilities$350$31.59$379.21Comes every 2 months in a big chunk.
Mortgage, Insurance, Taxes$1,365$1,400.26$1,400.26
Spending Total$1337.87$1,216.73Not bad!
Grand Total + Mortgage$2,738$2,617Under $3k!

In September, even though I was only at home for 3 weeks (having almost a week of FinCon and another half of a week of vacation) I still managed to overspend my food budget.

October has been pretty good. I overspent quite a lot on my grocery budget because I went to H-mart twice…and this Korean market is anything but cheap. But the quality is quite good, especially produce.

I’ve been trying to eat less meat at home this entire month. More veggies and seafood! I promised myself once a week, I will go without meat and incorporate more high-quality vegetables into my diet.

I watched 3 documentaries on the production of meat…the damaging effects, the waste, the $$$ that goes into it. It’s hard to change because I’m a HUGE meat lover. And that’s not going to change.

It’s like asking a person with a spending addiction to start saving 90% of their income. But a little move like this will make me feel better for little change to my life. I’m totally willing to swap out meat one day of the week for beets and cauliflower.

Baby steps…

Ethiopian Food

Have you guys heard of Groupon Plus+?

It’s a clever idea! It works like Dosh (a popular cashback app) but you claim the restaurant deal in advance and tell them which credit card you will pay with. Then when you go to the restaurant you can just swipe that card and the amount will be credited back to you within a few minutes.

There’s a local Ethiopian restaurant (Ahadu Restaurant) that I like on Groupon Plus+ so I’ve been going a little crazy. Dosh gives between 2% to 10% back instantly but Groupon Plus+ gives like 20% to 30% the first time you use the deal.

I spent…$200 in 2 months on Ethiopian food alone – after discounts – so I actually spent more. Scary huh? Haha. 😐

Worth it.

Tibs (Cooked steak)
Beets (omg so good), cabbage, collard greens, green beans. All so good.
Delicious raw beef – they’re also a butcher shop so I feel safe getting raw beef with them. Fudge, Seattle is nothing without this food xD
Very dry Ethiopian beef dry jerky called ‘quanta.’ We got it at the corner store called Enat Souk.

West African Food

A city a little north of Seattle called Lynnwood has one of the only West African restaurants (Bantaba) on the west coast.

We had to try. I didn’t know anything about West African food but as long as the flavors and spices are loud, I’m in.

We ordered 4 dishes, 1 appetizer, and 3 entrees. I love plantains – it’s not traditionally served with this spicy onion sauce. Now that you’ve tasted fried plantains with spicy onion sauce, all plantains will be incomplete without it.

It’s this weird chemistry that happens in your mouth, who knew these two needed each other?!?? Like what!

West African plantains :9

Looks like vomit, tastes amazing! Look at all that oil 😀 I don’t know what I ate but it’s based around mashed spinach and fat. Super delish! (Just doesn’t look it :D)

Grilled lamb marinated with maggi sauce and more spicy red sauce. It’s pretty much the definition of umami. Maggi (not the healthiest seasoning) has 3 times the punch as soy sauce in terms of depth. Then it’s smoked/grilled ONTO the lamb. So so so good.

Korean Market

We went to this huge H-mart a few streets away from Bantaba and loaded up a bunch of side dishes. A lot of my diet lately has just been Korean sides + purple rice. It’s healthy, vegetarian(ish), easy, takes no time to prep. Pretty much a no-brainer.

There was also a sashimi platter…I couldn’t resist. We didn’t have a car and the bus was going to take 1-hour so…we took a Lyft home =) just this once…to preserve my yummy fish. Ughhh that wasabi and spicy red sauce are AMAZINGGG.

Korean market’s fresh wasabi is 20 times better tasting than the wasabi in a tube crap in stores.
Selling sides by the pound and I tried all the samples.
Loads of fishcake, all different in flavor 🙂 very yumssss!

Japanese Food

Cucumber wrapped sushi.

Tempura, spicy tuna, crab, avocado, tempura flakes.


Spicy tuna, salmon, avocado, spring onions.

Then DIY sushi at home on Saturday…because why not.

My first attempt at topped sushi roll. It was basically a kani/california roll with spicy tuna on top. Basic, but good. I’m trying to grow my skills 🙂


Mr. Hippo is getting quite good at doing his handrolls!

Mexican Food

You can’t beat Cali-Mex food. Look at this massive, smothered burrito from Mi Pueblo 😀


Taco Tuesday!!! $1.30 per taco special deal. Yum!


New American Food

This was free courtesy of Hubby’s grandparents who we visited.

The soup was clam chowder
Citrus salad with baby mandarins
Spaghetti and meatballs, it’s my favorite “American” dish 🙂
My 2nd entree…because I’m a pig. Classic beef stew! My second favorite American dish.
Chunky fries 🙂
Expresso ice cream!
Hubby’s dessert…my first time trying a poached pear…it was terrible. Who eats this? Mushed up, boiled pear? Ewwwwwwwwwwwwww!

OK, I should probably tell you guys now that…this is actually senior retirement home food. It was really good! This was a posh place.

They charge $10,000 a month for the luxury penthouse and free, all you care to eat meals a day for hubby’s grandparents.

Oh my god, can I FIRE into a good senior living facility?! They do everything for you xD


Look it’s Jared’s grandpa!! :)) You can see a little resemblance, no?

His WWII photo was in the retirement lobby haha.

He made 2nd lieutenant right away but was injured (I think the bridge he was on blew up?) Was hospitalized in Italy for 2 months and came home to start a huge family and founded a company. God bless this man.


Sorry if I screamed that…just trying to strike the fear of God elderly poverty into you. That’s all.

Chinese Food

Trying out a place called Master Chef in Seattle. It was pretty good. They charge $1.50 for each mini bowl of rice when the food was so heavily spiced. I ate like $6 of white rice not knowing it was charged PER bowl.

Cumin chicken gizzard, oh my goodness. Cumin + flame grilled = magic happens.

This was good but not as good as an elderly Chinese auntie would make for me but that’s wishful thinking in Seattle vs San Francisco. San Fran Chinese food kicks Seattle’s ass in every single way imaginable. (I love Seattle but it’s true.)

Not too spicy, very numbing and full of chili oil.

When other Asians can relate: my dad said to never buy it because it’s a cheap fish and we can make it at home. >_> I can make sushi at home too but we still go out…it’s different!! Duh!

The American version doesn’t put poisonous lye into the fish to brine it huh?

Random Food

More chicken khao soi. Thai food is amazing, no wonder Thai people are so happy haha.
Thai ice tea…I forgot to take a pic of my pate sandwich. Next time.
Swedish Princess cake for sister in laws bday!! Yummmmmmy! You can’t beat a good marzipan.
Regular sized cream puff, I just have small hands haha. 🙂

Sep & Oct 2018 Net Worth

Not a positive money milestone but I thought it’s just as important to show the losses. It’s more interesting too.

It’s still a money milestone, -$100k is a lot of money to kiss away 🙂

 SepOctOct 31st /Nov 1stNotes
Total$1,532,780$1,447,345$1,476,484OK, it's not a pure -$100k drop anymore but at one point I guess. Considering we are still saving money like business as usual, this should hurt I suppose.
Real Estate$404,775$404,775$404,775*Asset subtract debt.
*We're understating using county tax reports from last year instead of market value.
Savings (Emergency Fund)$34,299$38,400$38,207*Emergency fund accumulating. The plan is getting more short term treasury bonds little by little.
Taxable$758,607$692,236$715,495*60k in cash (been sitting in a money market)
*10k short-term treasury bonds.
Tax Adv.$337,180$313,116$318,877No touchy!!

Oct 28th:

Well shoot, that was fun.

So much for the last $1.5 million milestone but didn’t we totally see that coming. Yay pessimism!

No, but in all seriousness, I got a bit busy and missed the market volatility. Plus, it’s not like we look or follow it every day. I sort of mentioned about not doing that and why.

I didn’t know what was going on until my husband told me he threw in $5,000 when things tumbled down 5%. Good move! He noticed the momentum of some graph slowing a bit and we had cash sitting so why not.

But we have not been on the same page investment wise. I thought we were gearing to put more into savings by pausing auto-transfer temporarily to post-tax and turning them into treasury bonds instead.

He thought we agreed on selling shares of stocks and just keeping that in a money market. We ended not knowing/understanding each other for the last three months. I guess we do talk but we need to use better descriptors on what the heck we mean exactly.

Our little nephew wanted us to stick craft sparkles all over his hair and face. Then he runs to his mom and screams “AM I PRETTY MOMMA?” every time. Hahahaha toddlers. (He looks like a little angel but I forgot to get mom’s permission on face photos.)

Updated version: (Nov 1st)

Why are there two October net worth snapshots?

Because I wanted to get this post out on Oct 28th but that didn’t happen so we were like “oh well, it’s Nov 1st now so let’s do our net worth again.”

Wow, talk about turbulent markets.

It’s only been 2 days and there’s been a +$30,000 change. Imagine if you had a big portfolio with many millions!

I did make a boo-boo putting $60k into emerging markets 1-2 years ago. It’s getting bad right now and for good reason, emerging countries borrowed cheap loans and now they have to start paying it back. I don’t see good times to come, oh well. That was inexperience on my part.

Short term treasury bonds has a new interest rate of 2.83% which is really good so we just tossed in another $7,250 tonight.

The plan is to stagger them and we can build a safe reserve that way, little by little, wait for maturity and see where we are.

All new money earned / auto-contributions are still going into the overall market like normal. All we did was rebalance and upped our defensives.

The money we have sitting is from when we sold over $60k worth of tech sector stock – I can’t remember exactly when – but back when Amazon was near $2,000 end of August. It wasn’t all AMZN though, we had a number of other tech stocks too. It was fairly good timing too (looking back at this current moment.)

Money Saving Tools I Used Recently –

Dosh: Dosh is a unique cashback app similar to high reward credit cards except you don’t have to bother getting one. Simply link your current cards to the app and get cash back! No need to scan receipts, no turnaround wait time for cashback – Dosh is nothing but instant cash back! Get a free $5 bonus upon signup and linking your credit card.

BeFrugal: BeFrugal offer kickback money and referral savings to the user. Purchased a $50 sweater at a retailer that offers 10% back through their portal means you will receive $5 in savings payable from BeFrugal. They have over 5,000 retailers for shoppers including Amazon and eBay for relevant categories. Sign up and get $10 free when you join.

Ibotta: Always get cashback on your groceries?! Yes! Gimme all those coins! Ibotta also hosts promos and contests for you to save more by shopping on a wide variety of brands and groceries. Get $10 if you sign up with my link.

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