December Family Income Report – Bye Bye 2017! (+$25,122 Net Worth)

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Hiya! We’re back among the beautiful evergreens of Washington state now. It’s chilly here compare to the comfortable California “winters” of 60 degrees in the daytime. We didn’t make the unusual net worth gains like we did in the last 3 months. In November, we crossed over to the millionaire club. This December, we spent more than our usual frugal allotment. December is the most expensive month for us usually so I’m not surprised about it.

Here is a year in review of our overall surpluses and gains for the 2017 year.

We take 1 or 2 vacations a year. We took just one week off in 2017. My husband switched employers which meant he needed to start hoarding vacation days from scratch again. When he left ‘Amazonia‘ he had 15 unused vacation days so they paid him half a month’s salary. Pretty sweet! Now we hoard vacation days and take them off when they hit the max. We came from frugal hoarders so…you know…hoarding vacation days is to be expected.

Since November, I started using the TablePress plugin on WordPress. It makes things easier to input and easier to read as well. To avoid any confusion, here’s the rest of our income report from previous months (in their old format):

Income Report & Budget Breakdown – September 2017

Income Report & Budget Breakdown – October 2017

Income Report & Budget Breakdown – Nov 2017

Now let’s take a look at our income and expenses for the month of Holiday Armageddon.

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Premise We are a household of 3 grown adult & 1 dog. We run Airbnbs full-time that counteracts the mortgages.
Paycheck$4,827Hubby's take home after it goes to the cleaners.
B&B$4,178We had to set a 10-day minimum for all of our Airbnbs. It worked out well. My dad was still around but I didn't want random people coming in and out. He doesn't speak two licks of English. I wanted to make sure all guests were fully independent and supplied before I left. Thankful everything went off without a hitch.
Side Hustle$559Dog sitting my second favorite pup in the world and eBaying have been really fun. I was only occupied for part of the month and I had to refund some orders on eBay because I was away. I didn't think they would sell - people must have post-Christmas money.
Retirement+/- $5,000We started supercharging retirement in late 2016. Retirements contributions are automatically reserved and then invested. It's usually around $5,000/per month.
Christmas+/- $2,000Small gift off the top.

In order to find GOOD Airbnbers looking to stay in town for 10+ days, I drastically lowered the price of all properties to make it more alluring. Although I had a 98% booking rate for December, I did take a few hundred dollars hit for longer term rentals.


CategoryBudgeted ForActual SpentNotesRollover (YTD)
Groceries$350$210Although we were away for the last weeks of December, my mom came to visit dad. I suspect they brought things with their own cash.$2256
Dining Out$150$10A feast at Sam's Club consisting of 2 hot dogs, a salad and berry yogurt wraps up our non-vacation dine out for December.Combined with above.
Transportation$100$0Goose egg. We did use transportation to and fro the airport but it was counted under vacation.$165
Personal Care$100$30Surcharge for high index glasses. This brings my order from Bonlook to $69 total.$984
Entertainment$25$0Goose egg x2.$400
Home Maintenance$300$0Goose egg x3.$4,152
Misc. Expenses$100$606Annual charity donation, packing material, masking tape and a bunch of napkins for a great price because we were running low.-
Pets$50$22Dog poopy bags + bunny supplies. We have a pet bunny for those that don't know hehe.$389
Mobile (AT&T)-$34This is for just my phone. I get unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of data. Hubby's sponsored by work.$275
Vacation + Travel$50$353Below.$170
Internet$60$67It's employer sponsored but we still pay it before they reimburse us.$0
Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewage, Trash.$350$611Ugh, utilities in winter are so bad. But it's only charged every 2 months for both properties. That's why we budget around $350/month for it. The Airbnbs covers this usually.$1,071
Mortgage, taxes, etc.$4,500$4,227Ew...-
Spending Total$1,943Out of pocket living expenses not including mortgage.
Grand Total$6,170Ouch? Oh well...December is usually more expensive. Ho. ho, ho!

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In terms of groceries, the total isn’t perfectly accurate. For 3 weeks out of the month, we were clearing out things in the fridge. I ate honey baked ham every single meal for 2 weeks straight. Apparently, honey baked ham is just one of those perfect things in nature that has no flaws and you can’t get tired of eating it. I got it for less than $2 per pound and all 3 of us feasted on it for weeks. Nommy!

Right after Jared and I left for our Californian Christmas, my mom’s flight landed in Seattle. Our family doesn’t coordinate (we’re not close to each other) so her visit perfectly eclipsed ours. They likely used cash at mom’s insistence.

Transportation, Entertainment & Home Maintenance

So many goose eggs! This reminds me of a Mr. Money Mustache post – ‘Seek Not to be Entertained‘ 🙂

Disclaimer: but we’ve been sharing a friend’s Netflix account. Teehee!


Latin eggnog ice cream called Rompope.

Our flight was paid for so that took some tension away from our budget. Our budget was a lightweight $473 for our Christmas trip and we only spent $353. The trip was tamed. I didn’t even go shopping, I just wanted sushi. I spent $250 on sushi alone. We ate at 4 different Japanese eateries around town. The in-laws wanted to pay for us and we tried to stop them but fast food and ice cream still ended up being on them.

(what is it with parents…)

They also paid for gas and transportation to the airport. We had a surplus because we didn’t do a lot of things while there. Everyone was sick (fever, cold, stomach flu etc.) so we chilled out with the in-laws all week.

A holly, jolly Christmas gift of the Norovirus?

(How about NO.)

Both the in-laws are retired so…it must be what early retirement is like. It was a return to the womb, 10/10 will definitely do again.

Year in Review

Speaking of early retirement, the hubby has reaffirmed with me that he’s definitely quitting his job after we reach a certain magic number. After over a week of the in-law’s retirement test run, oh please sign me up!


In 2017, we had a budgeted surplus of $9,862. What that means is that’s how much we saved additionally from our original budget goals. That’s also how much extra we’ve invested then. Not bad! Now, $4,000 of it is home maintenance so I’m not sure how much it counts. We have that surplus because our home will eventually need a new roof so it’s not a solid $9,862 saved. Just $9,862 extra invested.

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Net Worth

My holiday sausage arms ripping into presents.

Disclaimer: Jared’s parents give out Christmas checks every year to all four kids and grandkids.

“Just a little off the top to make things little better.” -Mom

The gift was less than 10% of our gains this month so it’s not like we made out like Russian jewel bandits. The thought is very sweet though. His parents absolutely don’t have to give anything but they still do it like clockwork every year.

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We saw some family drama too and now I know more about “elder people things” like revocable trusts and estates than most nonchalant millennials out there.

Total$1,090,178💛 💚 💙 💜 An overall increase of 2.36% by month.
Savings$20,727Banks, PayPal, I-bonds.
Brokerage Accounts$415,979Need. more. more!
Retirement Accounts$225,111401Ks, IRAs and a HSA.
Real Estate$427,533Current asset minus mortgage liabilities. We are using property tax estimates from 2016 instead of commercial home estimates like RedFin and Zillow.
Last Month$1,065,056

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We only started tracking our net worth mid/early 2017 so the only option is to move backwards. At the end of 2016, we probably had $700K-$750K-ish in net worth. Then Jared moved into a higher paying gig. We’ve also been lucky with investments and fetched net worth gains of around $350K in a year. Which is crazy to small chirps like us. You see why I’m suspicious don’t ya. The biggest drivers of those numbers are company stock grants, real estate and saving everything like crazy.

Readers, was 2017 a solid financial year for you? Does anyone get Christmas “bonuses” from family like hubby’s? I felt a bit embarrassed about it when I chose to disclose it. Money self-made gets a better response from my ego compare to money being gifted. 

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