First Month Blogiversary Stats {Shout Outs, Mistakes…& Why I Blog}

The boy I had a crush on in 8th grade called me average. Go eat a booger Edwin. This is a mediocre post charting my first month as a blogger. I got this idea from a bunch of bloggers (thank you othala fehu and many others I tweet to on my Twitter!) who posted similar updates and I really appreciate their stats. It gives me a rudimentary foundation to aspire to even if it seems impossible right now. This is obviously kind of embarrassing…is that why some people won’t discuss money? I don’t think it was a horrible first month for someone as introverted and fresh as me. It’s not like I’m at 10 views. These 30 days have been proudly fun, thank you ALL very much! Here is my first month blogiversary and my stats. Enjoy the mediocrity?

Goal For May: Expectation vs Reality

  • 1000 views (1110 views)

    Before…womp womp woooomp —> After rock star finance forums & twitter = party!
  • Twitter Followers: 10 (335, yay!)
  • Facebook “Likes”: N/A (…need to work on that.)
  • Pinterest Followers: 100 (38…need to work on that too.)
  • Host a Guest Post (Thank you SB @ onecentatatime!)
  • Be a Guest (I’m shy OK!)
  • Buy a professional WP theme
  • Write 15 Entries (…if you count this one!)

Goal For June:

  • Re-compress images
  • Twitter Followers: 1000!!! (Spicy!)
  • Facebook “Likes”: Umm…
  • Pinterest Followers: 100 (Um…..^)
  • Guest Post
  • Write 15 Entries
  • Create Downloadable Content
  • Post everyday on Rock Star Finance (friendliest guys and girlets on this side of PF!)
  • YouTube! My husband thinks I’m “TV cute” so…

    Snapshot @ Amazon’s holiday party! We were on TV for a split second!

Some Hiccups:

  1. I didn’t take note of anything like bounce rate or incoming traffic. I do not have Google Analytics installed – should probably do that ;). I know that a good percentage of my traffic comes from Rock Star Finance (directory and forum) and other bloggers but that’s it.
  2. My emails subscribe thingy didn’t work for a good 2 weeks. I fixed it now but I really need to start collecting emails (by producing temptingly good content) – as of now, I have 0 subscribers. I wiped clean, updated, but I didn’t transfer…? *noob noob noob noob.*
  3. My theme is not working on mobile. My paid and nicely (I think) tuned layout comes as the WP default on mobile. It might be an WP plugin interference but I have no idea. It seems to be only me. Sigh!

Why I’m Blogging

Misguided Millennial asked me why I started blogging and I gave him my very truthful answer (because I asked myself the same question):

“I started blogging because I realized my privilege was being wasted and there’s nothing more ungrateful than wasting privilege on the self. I am an individual with a functioning wallet, mind, and body. I live in a country with free speech and good internet access. I have enough $$ resources and experience to get into something like finance without recourseandddd I really like making pretty pictures for each blog entry!” Why did you guys start blogging?! Money, fame, glory? TV not good enough anymore?



42 thoughts on “First Month Blogiversary Stats {Shout Outs, Mistakes…& Why I Blog}”

  • Congrats on making it through your first month, you’re doing great! You’ve got some pretty big goals for next month. Go big or go home! Do you still work at Amazon? I was seriously considering considering working there, but I couldn’t bring myself to move across the country, away from my family.

    If you’re interested, would you want to swap guest posts?

    • Omg yes to swapping guest posts! *Celebratory jig*

      My hubby worked for Amazon for 5 very stressful years. The New York Times piece about Amazon’s workplace has some good truth to it. A lotttt of hires leave within 2 years and even forgo the stock bonus. One guy on his team after a bad review just stopped showing up to work. Left all his desk stuff and never came back. My other friend quit and took a 30K pay cut just so she doesn’t have to be at Amazon.

      There’s no frills like lunches, paternity/maternity leave (at the time), or even cubicles. Amazon is a very frugal company and they invest for growth. I didn’t like hubby working there but I admire how Amazon operates.

      When hubby left, Amazon reminded him to return his old Amazon backpack that was given to him as an intern almost 6 years ago. Lol, too frugal?!

      The big pro is this: if you can stick it out on Amazon – well boy you can make it anywhere! It’s a total resume booster 🙂

  • Well done – I think you’re doing great. I would encourage you to install Google Analytics. I just started using it, and suddenly all my traffic from social media was showing up. For some reason, WP stats wasn’t picking up all the views that GA does. Overall it’s been a better experience – lot’s more info available. Thanks for sharing.
    Chris recently posted…Financial Knowledge is Only Power if You Actually Use It

    • Thank you SMM! Great to see you again! What you’re doing makes good sense, there’s certain aspects of investing (so full of lingo) that I had trouble keeping all the information in my noggin’. When I was reading One Up On Wall Street and Four Pillars I had to take notes here and Google that there constantly 🙂

  • It’s really interesting to see other stats than my own! No idea what mine we really telling me. Sort of like networth.

    I started because everyone has a unique story and that may trigger another to find FI or just start taking their finances seriously. So if I can get one person to get out of debt then it’s worth it.

    • Oh that’s a noble reason Budget! You should try joining Reddit’s /r/personal finance. I’m there! A lot of people come for advice and help and you can directly change someone’s life!

  • I just subscribed. Am I your first?

    It’s great to set goals yet over and over again you’ll hear the same thing — great content is key. That’s not to say “If you build it they will come” but if you don’t write good content they won’t stay. And that’s not to say that I don’t like your content because I do. I guess it’s a roundabout way of saying Mr. G and I still haven’t figure out bounce rates, we occasionally look at our stats and spend a session here and there on SEO. But our ace in the hole is his writing. If he keeps doing what he does best, when people come, they will stay. And if they go because they don’t like him, that’s fine too.
    Mrs. Groovy recently posted…Let the Trash Talking Begin

    • Oh yes I wanted to say Freedom Is Groovy’s content & writing style is the reason why I (and others too) stick around. Some people like a quick read, some like long analysis, there’s no pleasing everyone but I think it’s definitely, definitely working for you guys. I enjoy his witty rants about higher education because I can’t put my frustration into words as well as he can 🙂

      & yep you popped frugal’s mailchimp cherry haha!

  • I started blogging because I wanted to be my own boss, to simply put it. I was slaving away at so many jobs that made me dread waking up every day. It’s not a life I want to live!

    • Ah I love it Alexis! That is a very real issue. A lot of my social circle consider it a goal just to make it to the weekend. Not good, there has to be more to life.

  • Wow. It’s interesting to see your stats after just one month. I need to work on my content and need to push some more to make my blog grow. BTW, I found you from rockstar finance’s weekly round up. Happy first month of blogging!

    • Hi hi! Thanks for checking out my little internet corner Mrs. MFB!

      I need to work on my content too. It’s an art form to create something under 71 characters that can capture a readers attention. It’s not easy! Networking with other bloggers has really helped me out and I think that’s almost as important as content!

    • Oh good! I mean not good-good…I wouldn’t wish MailChimp hell on anyone but it’s nice to not feel alone :)! Thank you for the kind words, I’ll keep pushing.

      I just figured out why my mobile theme was not working. Jetpack has an option for “theme enhancement” and I was like “oooh enhancement sounds good!” …..Turns out it “enhances” by turning off everything except the bare bone WordPress layout. Who named this feature!!!

  • Thanks for the shout out!!!

    I started blogging because I felt like I really needed to improve my writing. I didn’t feel like I could move up in my position if I didn’t become a better writer and I have to say while I still have a long way to go, I have made some tremendous progress.

    Congrats on hitting your one month anniversary and keep up the awesome work!!!
    Mustard Seed Money recently posted…The Upside of Moving

    • You know MSM was one of the first blogs I stumbled upon when I was getting started on WP. I saw your posts when I was lurking in financial samurai’s blog. I read “Democrat vs. Republican: Stock Market Edition” and I was like hey this guy’s writes good! (holy…look at my English). So I’ve just been checking back since.

      They say everyone has a style & personality to their writing and I definitely believe that. You’re much more levelheaded than me in fact.

  • Fabulous job, Lily! I’d keep working Twitter – that is where I get a majority of my page views. Traffic from Twitter will help grow your email subscriber list too 😀

    I started blogging because I became so interested in personal finance that I wanted to share what I was researching with others. I’m still working to find my blogger stride and target audience. But for now, it is still super fun so I don’t try to complicate it.

    • Thank you! (and thank you for the twitter follow :D)

      Twitter has been surprisingly effective for traffic! It moves so fast I didn’t know anyone would take notice.

  • Awesome first month! 1k views for any blog is fantastic – looking forward to reading more about your past and present experiences!

    I started blogging to connect with people. I’m almost 5 months in and I’m loving it. I’m sure you will continue to succeed and learn from your mistakes. Feel free to reach out with any questions.
    Erik @ The Mastermind Within recently posted…Starting a Subscription Box Business – HOWLinfuse Kombucha

    • Thank you Erik!!! You, Jake and Henry run a tight ship. After I get more content I might shoot you a message since I like how your website is organized. For now, I’m just hoping I installed Google Analytics right. Tiny steps 🙂

  • Congrats on your blogoversary! Exciting times! Ahhh, I remember those days first starting out. SO MUCH FUN!

    Do your best to stick with it, and things will get better. You’ll meet more people, learn more stuff, and have more opportunities.

    All the best!


    • Omgomgomgomg!!! OMG. *Momentary fangirl-ing*

      Thank you SO MUCH Sam! For dropping by and for the encouragement. Yes sir, you bet I will! I told my husband if something happened to me, he has to carry on or I’d haunt him 😛

      It has been a joy ride so far. I’m learning new things everyday and discovering new milestones! Today, I got a drop in from The Samurai!!! +1 milestone!!!

  • Lily,

    Wow you are absolutely killing it! Miles ahead of my blog at one month. Thanks for giving me some great tips in this post!

    I started blogging because of my past career in personal finance. Instead of boring my wife about these topics every night I wanted a way to journal about it and hopefully help others in the process. Educating about personal finance is way more fun for me than grinding out a living selling financial products.

    Looking forward to seeing this new blog grow! Congrats!
    Save Splurge Deny Debt – Cameron recently posted…We Are Going to Try Minimalism-ish! PART II

    • Thank you Cameron! We started blogging for similar reasons! I thought my hubby would have kicked the bucket if I kept talking finance hahaha 🙊

      “Educating about personal finance is way more fun for me than grinding out a living selling financial products.”
      Oh gosh that’s *perfect* way to put it! The irony!

      We’ll both grow!!! I just subbed hehe (:

  • Awesome job!!

    I started blogging because I have a lot of friends (and some family) who are/we’re constantly making really poor financial decisions. It made me realize that there’s a lot of people out there without guidance and who are not very savvy when it comes to finance and I wanted to share what I can with all those out there! It’s also been a learning process for me. There’s so many bloggers out there with such great ideas 🙂

    • Thank you Courtney 🙂 thanks for stopping by!

      You sound it sounds funny but that’s me too. I just realized one day that it’s actually odd to be financially secure – which blew my mind. When I was in 7th grade I thought everyone had to be a millionaire because what else are they doing with the money! So naiive…:)

  • Hey Lily,

    You’re doing great! Blew my first month #s right out of the water. I have no doubt you’ll make your June page views.

    I started blogging because my friends and coworkers were always asking me for advice on money, like, “when are you starting your blog???” And also because I thought it would be helpful for people to see how you can still be frugal in an expensive city. There’s this myth that people can’t “afford” to live here, and that’s such a negative attitude.

    Thanks for the forums tip! I never knew that existed, but I’m gonna mosey over there now.

    • Thank you Luxe!! You should see Ms.FAF’s first month, she had 5k in views lol!

      Oh I hate that myth too. It’s bad because it gives people an excuse NOT to save. I always want to say “if I grew up in SF on minimum wage without bankrupting, you can do it too” but it’s too harsh to say in real life so I say it on the Internet LMAO!

      Yes yes join us! I just invited you with the email at Luxe teehee.

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