Gratitude Journal? – Day 21,996 to Day 21,992

Hamster cheeks!
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Some really nice comments on my previous post made a strong point in that although 22,000 days might not sound like much, every single day is still a blessing. As Tread Lightly, Retire Early says: “It’s a privilege denied to the few.”

Ms. Frugal Asian told me to count up instead of doing a countdown which is a good idea but I think my sense of humor has always been a few shades darker. My wording on the blog has always seemed so…sardonic I think.

I’m not afraid of death per se and I’m morbid enough to make it as dramatic as possible so a countdown to me is simply a humor thing.

Maybe I’ll make break 90 years old and then I’ll go into negative numbers like what Leo (I Saved 5k) said. An entry would just be like, “Day -2,405: wow, can’t believe I’m still here.” 🤭


This quick daily exercise would be good in preventing:

*Feeling like a lack of progress.

*Feeling like the days blend together too much.

*Dealing with mortality and aging.

*Flushing out what brings you joy/matters to you, fairly quickly.

*Like a personal goal tracker but way less demanding and makes you look at the positive every single day.

Write one sentence line about something defining new I learned, or did, or enjoyed doing for that day. What’s one sentence that defined today and made today worth it?

It’s like a 5-minute gratitude journal of your entire life but even easier because it should be short and sweet.

Supposedly it should be positive, but I’ve changed my mind about my diary because I’m generally in a positive place so nothing wrong with some REALITY. Everyone else can feel free to vary though.

*Music, Maestro*

You take the good,

You take the bad,

You take them both and there you have,

The facts of life, the facts of life.

I can’t believe I just sang that…

Day #21,996 – Capsule Wardrobes

On Monday I finally looked into Project 333. Another term for it is the capsule wardrobe. I’m not sure how many people have heard of it but this would be my second time. It’s an interesting concept where you limit yourself to around 30ish items of clothing every 3 months (aka every season).

With the absolute time waster it is to shop I look forward to having solid numbers I can aspire to. I wouldn’t say it’s something I would adhere to completely because….believe me…I hate clothes shopping. I like shoe shopping, it’s easier to slip in and out of a shoe. Otherwise, clothing is a huge time suck.

I was 110 pounds and now I’m currently about 107.5 pounds. That’s not bad (although slower) progress since I’ve started to control my pigging out habits 6 weeks ago. My goal is 100 pounds because…well I prefer to have my thinner face back. When I put on 10 lbs, it goes to my face and I start to get chubby hamster cheeks big time.

Day #21,995 – Ring Toss

My husband and I were lounging around tonight and we started playing ring toss with my hair rubber band. One of us holds up 1 to 4 fingers and the other one tries to loop the hair band around one of the fingers from further away. Great fun 🙂 it seems like something fun you can play with at the airport to pass time.

I cleared out my closet even more and got rid of 4 more items so I’m definitely under that 33 for summer.

Also, I found out I’ve been wearing an American Eagle shirt backward for the past 9 months. I thought the cut was a little off…🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Day #21,994 – Letters of Rec

Made a ThreadUp purchase on a CK cashmere sweater. It’s the only tan-beige sweater that was not too long in length for me. I wanted a Burberry one which looks to be in better condition and tone but it’s too long for my frame. Which leads me back to how much I hate shopping for myself but enjoy looking good (who doesn’t?!).

(By the way, get $10 off your order with this ThreadUP affiliate link and we’ll both get $10. AND you should use APPITUP on their app for free shipping and 20% off your first order through the app. Love their app, runs seamlessly on my 8-year-old phone.)

Lastly, I finally got up the guts to ask for a letter of recs. I sent in all 3 letters of recommendation requests for my graduate school program today.

Day #21,993 – Love Thyself

I care about recycling now – and the environment – and getting the products I use from reputable, humane places. Before I was more ambivalent about everything, like an “it is what it is” mentality regarding this thinking. I’ve always been crazy about water conservation though, so that remains unchanged.

Slowly – very slowly – I’m wiggling up Maslow’s hierarchy of needs as I get older. I’m starting to love and respect myself a lot more now. That’s probably the biggest accomplishment so far this year.

Day #21,992 – ZooOoooOoooOooo


Hubby and I have been excited about this! OooOOoooogle reserved the entire Zoo for their company picnic. You can see why I love that zoo so much. It’s going to have food, animals, activities, food, and food. 😋 We will even get a free Lyft home. I spent some time yesterday picking apart the scraps of clothes I have trying to piece something together that’s comfortable enough for the zoo. Photos of outfit next time, and then more foodporn.


Yahhh, that’s the week. How was your week? Did anyone start a little thingy diary thing to highlight reel-ify their remaining days of Earth?

23 thoughts on “Gratitude Journal? – Day 21,996 to Day 21,992”

  • Reading your gratitude journal is so calming and fun! It’s the little things in life that makes us happy and grateful.

    I’ve heard of the wardrobe capsule before. But I don’t have alot of clothes to begin with, so I’ve been a bit too lazy to purge what I haven’t worn for years. 😀

    • It’s surprisingly satisfying, like peeling off a blackhead mask or something to get rid of that stuff O_O! I was surprised! I’ve been super lazy about it before too :p

  • Thanks Lily. No I have the Facts of Life theme song stuck in my head at work. lol

    I think we need positive reminders (aka daily affirmations from old Saturday Night Live (you may be too young for this, but you tube it) so that we just aren’t constantly bombarded with negativity.

    I read some posts that stress that you need to celebrate the mini milestones on your path to FIRE and not just focus on the goal line in the distance. By celebrating small steps you give yourself a pat on the back which is always needed.

    • T’was my evil plan!! 😂 I think I read that same post! I don’t think I’ve ever seen Saturday night live….besides clips on YouTube from friends hahaha. #millennial

    • Yeah it’s like a cold going around or something…xD I don’t think I’m too hardcore but just more aware definitely, which is a step in that direction.

      I think you should! I mean, it’s silly now but in 30 years it’s going to be kind of cool just to have for yourself.

  • Is it just me or does this daily countdown journal seem kind of depressing?

    If I counted down the days like that, I’d be totally freaked out that I was wasting my days on trivial things. Not that my life isn’t trivial, but I think I’d feel like I needed to do something *important* instead.
    Mr. Tako recently posted…Staying Cool By Getting Flat

    • KINDA! But if I’m going up I think of it like “I’ve been alive THIS long and I haven’t done X!” (Granted most of that time was diapering and schools.)

      I’ll freak out when I have like 10,000 days left, that’s gonna be interesting!

  • Hey a daily gratitude journal!? That’s a great idea and especially with you writing it, that would be a fun read.
    Enjoy the company picnic at the zoo. Sounds like a lot fun, can’t wait to see pictures of it!
    Kris recently posted…Having Haircuts at Home

  • It’s funny–my dad had a 22,000 Days of Abe party when he turned 60. He’s got kind of a morbid sense of humor too. And it’s a song or something? I’ve done 333 a couple of times and loved it. But right now my wardrobe is kind of old and falling apart. I just saw these shoes which are expensive and beautiful and I think I want them. So maybe I’ll *finally* be on purpose about my clothing and only get ten beautiful, well made pieces a year or something. Post pics of your capsule wardrobe! I wanna see, I wanna see!!

    PS I feel like I’m finally pushing my head above water, gasping for air because I’ve been under so long with the moooooove. Glad to be visiting your lovely site again!
    [email protected] recently posted…Can Optimism and Hope Increase Your Wealth?

    • LOL omg Days of Abe!!! I’m dyingggg hahaha <3 adorable.

      I will totally share my 333 wardrobe! Those Avarca shoes aren't that expensive! Did you check Poshmark or eBay for authentic used at lower costs? I wanted Sophia Webster butterfly shoes *_* but they're out of stock everywhere.

      I wanna see your closet LOL. I'm so happy about your feature! I saw it before I realized it was yours!!

  • I so enjoy reading your posts. Your joie de vivre comes through loud and clear. I got some ‘takeaway’ from this particular post, especially the ‘days left to live’ idea. I too get a bit blah with the way my days seem to run together so I am going to copy your idea of writing a positive sentence a day to sum up life as it happens. I think that’s a great idea! Also the capsule wardrobe, I like the concept of 30 items of clothing per season. I think that is the answer I’ve been looking for in order to organize my clothing once and for all. Thanks Lily and have a great week!

    • I had to google joie de vivre hahaha. WHY THANK YOU, MISS 😀 I’ll update a post eventually with what 30 items I chose for summer. I’m so blah with my days too! I think this exercise works, try it and let me know!

  • I find the countdown funny 😅 dark humour +1.

    I’m quite a goal oriented person and tend to get lost trying to tick them off, so I don’t really think about it. Hopefully I’ll die doing something cool, I’m going out like the Northface founder, Douglas Tompkins.

    Not much for my bucket list really. For example travel is:
    1. Climb Manchu Pichu
    2. Do even more snowboarding, and catch some snow in Japan like Niseko or something
    3. Explore more of Northern or Central China

    Seems like there’s only 7 for me now. Make sure you get everything checked off. YOLO responsibly, but don’t forget to enjoy those quiet “mundane” moments. 😉

    • Finally, someone thinks its funny!!! Lol hi Will.

      I just read up on Douglas Tompkins, pretty cool Alpha way to go yup!

      There’s only 7 on your list? What’s so interesting about Northern and Central China? You said your grandparents were originally from HK?

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