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millennial super saver

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Technically the frugal gene came from my parents! Thanks guys!  🙂


Hi, I’m Jared and I live in Seattle. I am a software developer by trade.

My parents are the shining example of the proud American middle class family. I grew up in a quiet suburb around San Francisco along with my 3 siblings. I graduated from University of California, Berkeley in 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Engineering. Looking back, I was extremely fortunate to have generous parents who were able to fully support me and my sibling’s education.

Want to know how I built my wealth so young? It was all just dumb luck…

Blundering Bachelorhood

7 years ago, I was just another young and inexperienced college grad. Totally oblivious to the detrimental impact the housing bubble had on the global economy, I was another fresh out of school 22 year old. My hairline was 22! Thinking back on it now, I had zero clue how fortunate I was being gainfully employed as a new grad during one of the worst historical economic downturns in U.S. history! Thankfully, my math prowess landed me a $100K/year starting salary with a rapidly growing tech giant. During the years of my “bachelorhood,” this “super saving millennial to-be” was pretty dumb on the subject of money.  I made a few big, basic blunders:

1. not contributing to a 401K - that was dumb.

2. refusing to any money into the "scary" stock market.

3. rent & beer wasn't 100% free...

Settling Down

I met my wife in 2012 and soon the notion of something more became clearer to me. That is how we became the thrifty budget-loving dynamic duo behind The Frugal Gene. So now we are striving to consistently save in the ball park of $100K-150K a year. Yes, it is doable, although not without extreme discipline and some creative hustling.

In the evenings I like to run, read, and try to do some home maintenance projects for the rental properties that we own. On the weekends I like to spend time catching up on sleep and having date nights with the wife.

I enjoy reading sci-fic fantasy novels and wrestling with the dog.

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