January 2018 Income & Expense Report

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It’s interesting how January wrapped up. We had a great month from the epic hurls stocks made in January. It made my lofty 2018 net worth goals looked possible. When we calculated our new net worth on the 1st of February we had a nearly $100k jump in net worth.

Ooh yes, we did.

Good times don’t last!

We expected the annual company bonus given to my husband because it happens in January. That almost made up 30% of the $100k gains. We used it to front-load his 401k for the year. The rest was just…I don’t know…it surprised us both especially because Airbnb was so bad for me in January. My husband came through like a champ and covered my sorry butt.

After we front-loaded his retirement, after February 2nd, the market started slipping. Now we have what seems to be another scare/correction similar to in 2016. Dow Jones went down 1,000 points and SPX 500 dropped down 4% in just one day. It was looking stable but went down again after 12 noon because brokerages made their margin calls. They needed to get money at the end of the day so they called in borrowed money which was force sold and that started more panic that drove down the prices even more.

Does anyone read Reddit’s Wall Street Bets? It’s pretty freakin’ entertaining especially at times like this.

Past Reports

Since November, I started using the TablePress plugin on WordPress. It makes things easier to input and easier to read as well. To avoid any confusion, here’s the rest of our income report from previous months (some in their old format):

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Tentative Net Worth

The unfortunate thing for us is knowing the February 1st net worth calculations might not be so accurate. We’re likely down like -$35,000 so it makes the “nearly $100k” jump pretty tentative now.

Just wanted to get that disclaimer out of the way before anyone congratulates us. 😉 Even if we “only” jumped $60,000ish as of right now.

It might appear that I am enjoying this financial sting…yeah, it’s weird, let’s not get into that. Some people just want to watch the world burn.

Current Month$1,189,0009% increase (tentative!)
Brokerage Accounts$465,000
Retirement Accounts$271,000
Real Estate$427,000
Last Month$1,090,000

^Numbers as of Feb 1st. Not Feb 5th.

Jan 2018 Income

Premise We are a household of 3 grown adult & 1 dog.
B&B$2,712Horrible month, just no demand in winter I guess. I had a lowly 71% booking rate.
Side Hustle$544My precious and lazy Charlie (pictured above) who I dog sit every weekday 🙂
Work Bonus$1,841Hubby's work bonus (remainder after front loading).

Retirement accounts are looking dapper. We front-loaded hubby’s 401K to the tune of $27,000 after employer match using his work bonus. Of course, had we known the market would take a dip so soon after we might have been better off putting it in month by month. It’s no biggies. We have my solo 401k and our IRAs to fill so it’s good to cross one off the mental list.

Jan 2018 Expenses

CategoryBudgeted ForActual SpentNotesRollover (2018 YTD)
Dining Out$150$86Below.$0
Transportation$100$0Goose egg! We didn't go anywhere or do anything. The nerds invented video games for a reason so there's no reason for me to go anywhere or do anything.$0
Personal Care$100$45Hubby bought a pair of new sneakers. He gets one pair of ASICS sneakers every year for his foot pronation. If he didn’t have pronation I would buy him more shoes but with his orthotics, most shoes on the market are going to be a hard sell. It’s a sensitive issue for him so I just let him do this own thing.$0
Entertainment$25$0I spent the entire month playing old video games so no out right entertainment expenses. It's good to be a nerdy dork bomb.$0
Home Maintenance$300$31Below.$0
Misc. Expenses$100$99Below.$0
Pets$50$22I caved and bought a rain coat for Grace haha. I don't even have one for myself haha. We got her a nail trim at the vet / salon as well.$0
Mobile (AT&T)$35$68This is for just my phone. I get unlimited talk and text with 1 GB of data. Hubby's sponsored by work.$0
Vacation + Travel$50$0We just did that in December. Leave me alone vacations.$0
Internet$60$60It's employer sponsored but we still pay it before they reimburse us.$0
Electricity, Gas, Water, Sewage, Trash.$350$204Ugh, utilities in winter are bad. But it's only charged every 2 months for both properties. That's why we budget around $350/month for it. The Airbnbs covers this usually.$0
Mortgage, taxes, etc.$4,500$4,800Property taxes jumped up due to higher valuations.
Spending Total$945Not including mortgage.
Grand Total$5,745


Sam’s Club closed their doors and I went to stock up during their 25% off and 50% off sales. I still have 15 pounds of hamburger patties in the freezer and enough food in the house to last us an entire month so I think $311 for groceries was a very good deal.

Superbowl spread!
hamachi seattle
My splurge on 2 lbs of sashimi grade hamachi, yellowtail tuna.
nacho says hi
My nacho dip does greetings.

I thought my 6 lb can of corn, 3 lb of chips, 22 oz of salsa etc. purchases were going to bite me in the butt when I get sick of eating them but we were invited to this year’s Superbowl party (my first ever Superbowl!!) and I made a giant plate of dip with Sam’s Club discounted ingredients.

My mom shipped us (2-day priority mail) packages of pre-cooked pork belly. We’ve gotten cooked green beans, chicken, salmon, and lobsters mailed to us from San Francisco to Seattle in the past and my parents think that’s normal. It takes 2 to 3 days to get here and $15 to ship.  Tastes pretty good!

That’s just an Asian thing to do, right? They do this stuff all the time. It’s like they’re from a third world country and completely in a “famine” frame of mind.

Eating Out

I went out with Valerie (bestie from high school) for a weekend date. We spent the day walking around a mini strip mall eating and drinking. I also went out with hubby for a quick date night. We planned it badly and he ate dinner right before so I just got myself a bowl of noodle and milk tea while he snacked from my bowl.

Our dining out budget has been very frugal since 2017. It used to be we ate out for the simple joy of food almost everytime. Pre-2017, our dining out budget was 3x this. But now we only go out as a means to socialize.

dim sum seattle 2
Yummy dim sum!
dim sum seattle
I got 3 sets of meat buns 🙂
Boba and Taiwanese beef noodle soup.


Home Maintenance

I’m still sore about this. An Airbnb guest knocked out our upstairs handrail. All 3 of us had the timeframe down and he was the only guest upstairs. My dad also heard him slam into it. When we filed for damages, he denied it. My quote was $100 and he only gave us $25 saying we made it worst by hammering on it purposely. (What??? How can someone lie like that??? That doesn’t even make sense.)

Then the case closed and Airbnb did nothing.

To be honest, I’m getting sick of Airbnb. My last conversation with them was what other hosts would refer to as “being talked to and treated like a toddler.” Your house is the hoe, Airbnb is the pimp. ‘Your house, your problem’ was the message. It just increases my thirst to drop our rental come summer.

Misc. Expenses

We bought a gift for Jared’s sister and this year’s Turbo Tax Home & Business edition. Plus, if you recall our first estate sale where we purchased a bunch of Monet reprints and frames for a great price!

Blog Update

Perhaps some bloggers noted I stopped publishing my monthly blog reports – well blame Ms. FAF because she’s right. They are boring and tedious, our strategies haven’t evolved very much and every report ends up sounding the same after a while. I think I’ll move onto quarterly blog reports as well. Month to month seems like overkill when you’re 8 month in and not this “adorable baby blog” everybody’s ooh-ing and ahh-ing.

My pageviews in January was 37,350 according to WP’s Jetpack. I’ve just begun revamping some of my Pinterest pins but Pinterest is still giving me very little hits this month. It’s a work in progress, although I swear I’m losing my patience with that platform. But-but-but, oh heavenly angels, my Rockstar Feature started the month with a big bang 🙂


The new year is always exciting but January to me was a very mellow, average month. Financially and blog-wise it’s been a great month – I’m proud of Jared and I both for sticking to our regularly scheduled frugal programming. We should be happier and thankful for so much in life. Sometimes I want to burst from happiness but there are also times…I’m not sure how to explain this feeling…uhhh. 

Blog sister takes a stab at explaining it: Why I Love & Don’t Care About Money At The Same Time

Here’s my version: Find Meaning Before You Find Wealth

It’s just a gnawing feeling of emptiness when life should feel full instead (because look around, it’s pretty awesome). So that gnawing feeling makes no sense, yet it’s constant, and it drives me nuts because it’s so ungrateful to feel this way.

On a brighter note, my favorite posts this month was everything in the Soaps series because it was done for a true, blue misguided friend. All the financial resources are out there for her if she wants to evolve and take control of her financial life. In the end, I know it’s up to the individual (Soaps) to make that change but it doesn’t mean I should sit idly by so that’s why Soap’s finance posts are my favorites.

Want to keep track of your finances effortlessly?

Sign up with Personal Capital and use their Net Worth Calculator for free. My husband and I began using Personal Capital towards the last quarter of 2017. They are a free financial service platform that helps you analyze your financial health all on one simple & secure account. This was a huge step up from the tedious dance we did before where we had to manually log in to our financial accounts (all 19 of them) individually.

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