July 2017 – Family Income Report & Budget Breakdown

Family Income Report

Yay another family income report! I don’t know if I could even start this month’s wrap up without a cuss word hahaha. I’ll explain later in the post.

To avoid any confusion, here’s our income report for previous months:

January to April Income Report & Budget Breakdown
May Income Report & Budget Breakdown
June Income Report & Budget Breakdown


We are a household of 3 (2 for July) grown adult & 1 dog. We run AirBnBs full-time that counteracts the mortgages.

*This budget does not include our mortgages, property taxes, water/sewage/trash fees, utilities like gas and electricity or any homeowner’s insurance. Recurring payments are stable and it’s so annoying trying to calculate it so to simplify we automatically round-up an

d deduct -$6,000 from our monthly AirBnB income to cover our main residence and rental property. When the mortgage and all fees are added up, it’s about $4,500 a month but AirBnB income is taxed so that’s why we round it up to $-6,000, rough. Complicated – I know…and that’s the simplified version!

*Insurance & internet is covered by my husband’s employer.

*We directly deposited $4,799 for July into retirement savings. All retirements are automatically reserved and added every month to tax friendly accounts.

*This income report is 95% correct. We rarely deal with cash but we don’t go down to the penny anymore.


PAYCHECK: +$4,053 (Net)

AIRBNB: +$7,564 (Net)*

MISC INCOME: +$540**


INCOME TOTAL = $16,956


*AirBnB’s income is actually post tax (net) because Hubby’s been withholding extra for taxes. Smart boy! I’ve written gross next to the numbers for months. He told me this once back in January, I just forgot…dumb dumb dumb.

**Side hustlin’ on Rover a few months back, I forgot to transfer the funds over + some eBay sales.




We ate out a bunch this month – well mostly me, Hubby eats his meals at work half the week. $459 is not frugal for just one person but I have no regrets. I ate like a pizza KING (for a while and then my budget ran low hahaha.)

Pizza with Canadian bacon and sausage.
6 cheese calzone 🙂
Google food.

Halfway distracted trying to keep up with new posts on Twitter, growing Pinterest and growing Instgram…I left my groceries on the bus.

Meh, who needs groceries – I started clearing out some expired canned food so my meals at home consisted of sloppy joe sauce and expired Chef Boyardee…

I wish my dad was back in Seattle. Both my mom and dad are flying to Seattle on August 12th. Mom’s only staying for a few weeks before going back to San Francisco. Dad’s probably staying with us for good now.



“I was once full of mango pudding candy.”

One of my oldest friend, Valerie, and I hung out and she gave me a bus card with $10 on it. She moved up from San Francisco to Seattle for school and work. I’m still digging through my leftover teddy bank. I don’t track cash, it’s too messy – my guess is probably $20 this month? Not including Valerie’s $10. The cash is going down fast but the coins are not. I detest having loose coins around so hopefully the bus driver doesn’t mind if I pay $2.50 in pennies and dimes from now on. 😸


I brought it in girl’s size instead of women’s size. Cheapo hack: if you’re a women’s size 5 then you’re a girl’s size 4.


My husband’s belt was falling apart and I felt a bit of a pain in my ice-y heart for him. This is the guy that works from sun up to sun down to bring home the bacon and he has worn the same half broken, poly synthetic leather belt for 4 years!

The fancy belt I got my husband last month didn’t fit his buckle. The belt was too fancy to not use and it’s a hassle to return on eBay so I went out and brought him a new buckle too. I brought some fluffy moccasins ($7 on sale!) for my poor feet. Such lifestyle inflation, so unfathomable :p


Nerdy computer books for hubby, blog (domain privacy, board boosters, and Michelle’s course), dad’s flight back to San Francisco…not sure why hubby put that down as entertainment…LOL.


We scored a sweet deal on privacy door knobs from Lowes. When they found out the item we ordered for pick up was out of stock, the associates upgraded us to a better lock for the same price. It was less than $5 for each door knob when they usually retail for $12 each. #frugalwin


I recall spending money on a Amazon sample box with the theme of “household essentials” and 4 boxes of pens (on sale for $1.05 each). We also purchased a high speed fan (partly covered by a Bing Amazon gift card) to churn the air in the house better.


We didn’t take the sink but now we have 5 fans total. 3 fans from dumpster diving, 1 fan purchased and 1 fan that was a gift (or hint?) from an AirBnB guest. Hubby explained to me that our townhouse is the worst for temperature control because of the surface area and design of the build.


Now we have 7 fans in total instead of 5. +1 gifted from another AirBnB guest recently and +1 for the high speed fan. I wish I had this many fans for my blog…😂

Fan + lawn chair


PETS – $82

Grace got her shots for the year and a nail clipping too. Needless to say, she was not happy. During her vet trip she tackled my husband and it busted his lip open (I was not present so I’m baffled on how). She was overly excited to see him after their separation, I was told, and the vet tech laughed her head off before directing Hubby to the bathroom to wipe off the blood 😑


Fun fact: Grace memorized the route to the VET 😂. When we cross near that street, she won’t go further. We couldn’t even drag her. The plan now is to do the loop around, until she memorizes that route too, then we’ll have to carry her like a big baby for 3 blocks.


Well…we tried the new loop around route but we underestimated Grace. She stopped mid-way, became suspicious and she started stopping to look sad every 2 steps forward. I didn’t know dogs could even get suspicious!


Hubby: “Honey I meant to put your dad’s flight under vacation.”
Me: “It’s under entertainment you dizzy witch!”

PHONE (AT&T) – $87

Hubby and I need to work on our communication. I told him to call AT&T 3 weeks ago and he said he will. I told him to call AT&T 2 weeks ago and he said he will. I told him to call AT&T 1 week ago and he said he will. I told Hubby just now to call AT&T and he finally did.

15 minutes later

Poor baby. It’s his account or else I would have done it. Dealing with AT&T is like battling a toddler that lies and speaks bad English. It took them 15 minutes to transfer us back and forth and then tell us we have to visit the AT&T store in person. It’s written on their website that a transfer could be done via phone. You miserable conglomerate…I hate you AT&T!

Energy & gas lumped into mortgage

Not sure why I didn’t think to do this before…


Hubby found a drill saw and a Christmas reindeer mug on his way home. I think that’s all that was found this month. Not so much lack of luck but time and energy. There was a garage sale that we missed because we were too tired to go in the summer heat. Sorry >_< not so exciting.

Jigsaw drill

JULY SAVINGS= $10,048 (incl. retirement)


General Life Update

I been experiencing a lot of foot pain for the past few months, all of which I’ve managed to ignore until it started building up more and more in the last two weeks. I ordered a pair of running shoes on Amazon as recommended by Mrs. AR’s How I Save Money on Running Shoes. Hopefully that takes care of the constant pain in my Achilles’ tendon/heel and calf. I’m really hoping that’s the problem or else it’s a trip to the podiatrist for me.

As I stated in my last blog update, my dad is in back in San Francisco for the month to fix up some paperwork. I knew things would be busier but I was getting into the swing of things. Then my husband came home with the stomach flu and it was just an entire night and day of vomiting and exhaustion for him. He had to stay home and I played babysitter. I had a week long row of all AirBnB turnovers as well (two bookings that were fudged because both guests thought they booked another night when they clearly didn’t and misread the calendar.) That was very awkward having to kick them out basically.

Saturday was my day off and we had dinner reservation with some friends planned. Then I started vomiting on Friday night. I got hubby’s stomach flu. I spent the entire night crying and vomiting next to the toilet. I really regretted eating expired Chef Boyardee as it came back up. Ugh! This was then followed by a fever and I couldn’t lift my head or move any part of my body (besides my vocal chords). I was so out of it I apparently asked my husband what year it was. I either crawled to the toilet on my own or had my husband (now almost recovered) lift me to the bathroom to vomit.

Lovely imagery I know.

I’m feeling better now (I can move my body again!) and my fever has reduced (thank you drugs!) The only new thing…I’m not sure how this happened…but I woke up with bits of dry blood on the corner of my lips and chin. My only theory was I somehow bitten myself, hard, in my sleep?
I cleaned it up, looks worst in real life.


It’s just a busted lip but I had a Video Skype podcast scheduled tomorrow with His and Her Money and it’s a great opportunity for more exposure but now after being sick for so many days and having the look of a stitched lip (or herpes 😭), I decided to not be immortalized on video and posted onto their YouTube like this. Plus they’re funny, I’ll laugh, and I learned that laughing with a busted lip is painful. Thank heavens, Talaat & Tai let me reschedule it.

How do you stop it from bleeding when you’re using your lips constantly and there’s no such thing as lip band-aids..?

I also have a podcast (just voice thank goodness) scheduled with Ms. FAF and Pete later from Do You Even Blog, this triplet dream team was set up by the entrepreneurial Mrs. Adventure Rich. It will totally be legend once Ms. FAF is famous and giving her own talk at FinCon. Believeeeeeeee it lady!!!


Hubby and I don’t communicate very well sometimes. We missed an entire block party last week because Hubby considers putting a piece of flyer on the coffee table as successfully telling me there’s a block party and we ought to go! This lack of communication also caused issues with the budget sheet and net worth sheet. We both edit it separately without telling each other about it which caused some math confusion. We closed a deal that he will be doing the numbers and I will come in after to look over and report it.

He may or may not know I’ve posted this online 😉

Pro tip: just have one spouse do the numbers or make sure to both do it at the same time. You’d think we would remember to tell each other but no, life happens and things are forgotten.

Zero Day Challenge

I’m doing the zero day challenge that was created by David over @ Zero Day Finance. I’ve got less than 2 weeks left on the calendar and I think we’re doing pretty good. I’ve been sick for a couple of days without any groceries (bus…) and hubby had to scavenge out for food.

You know what I learned?


I’m not saying this to be funny.

I really, really, really wish I had my mommy around (or dad to take directions from mom). When I was sick and delirious I dreamt of her mystery sweet bean and goji berry soup. I missed the medicinal grass jelly drink too. I missed when I was sick as a kid she knew exactly what to do and what to make. My husband tried but he has none of the experience of a 60 something year old Chinese mother.

I got a craving for fries during my fever (for some reason…) and I started watching YouTube videos about how to make fries on auto-play. I begged my husband the whole day for fries and bless his heart, he always wants to make me happy.

Any way…this happened…

mcdonalds-happy-meal-and-burger, Family Income Report
Less than $14 for medium fries, two happy meals and 2 quarter pounders – thank you coupons.


I felt a dizzy after I ate and it didn’t help my lip. I took more drugs.

Was I happy? Yeah I was happy…happy meals are yummy. We haven’t had McDonald’s in a few months. They overnuked the burgers but the fries were awesome.

I mean, with my dad gone, looking over the zero day challenge…pizza, McDonald’s, Jack in the Box, burritos, H-mart sushi…what…am I a teenager again??? That’s my exact diet at age 17 minus the dangerous amount of bubble tea. 😔😔😔


I’ll update with my links to the podcasts and zero day challenge after my completion!

How’s your month of July? Anyone else want their mommy when they’re sick?


Podcast @ DYEB with Ms. FAF :3

My 32 Day Adventure on the Zero Day Challenge 

34 thoughts on “July 2017 – Family Income Report & Budget Breakdown”

  • Another great (and hilarious) report Lily! Couple of thoughts-watch out for that ankle. If you’ve been logging serious miles or not stretching (or sometimes just living your awesome frugal life), tendonosis can creep up on you. Often misdiagnosed as tendinitis, tendonosis is a chronic condition that actually causes the breakdown of your Achilles and can sideline you permanently. Lots of strengthening and stretching recommended along with friction massage. Also-you have sparked me and bizehubs to get it together and get our second bedroom in shape for AirBnB. Thank you!

    • AHHH Heather this was what I was hoping for – some expert words I could Google to help me narrow down the issue hehehe. Thank you darling! I have definitely not been stretching enough. Update me on AirBnB when it’s open!

  • Awesome job, Lily, and thank you for the shout out! Haha- I most definitely have wanted my mom when I’ve been sick! When AR Jr. was 4 months old, all three of us (Mr. AR, AR Jr. and I) got the flu the same night. I would have given ANYTHING to have my mom there to take AR Jr. so I could miserably throw up in peace without having to worry about keeping our tiny baby alive too! It was an awful night, but somehow we survived.
    Mrs. Adventure Rich recently posted…A Recipe for Spontaneity

  • Awe I’m sorry you were sick! That sounds like it was rough! You husband did a great job taking care of you, especially with the fry run!
    Also, if you hate AT&T, check out Republic Wireless. It’s so much cheaper, and it should do well over in Seattle. I can’t imagine it not doing well.
    PS. What shoes did you get for running? I’m in the midst of returning my current ones and getting another pair, so I’m all ears for what brand you like!

    • Yes! We were going to do Republic Wireless or Google Fi – we finally got the issue at AT&T resolved so now we’re just waiting for the contract to run out. Then we’re free!!!

      Oh Ember I am the worst person for shoe advice hahaha. I like uggs and moccasins but they’re not for running (and they’re usually expensive!) – my husband only wears ACIS (all from Amazon). It’s usually under $60 and it last at least a good year. ACIS is the brand Mrs. AR recommended as well. My husband also said look out for shoe width and padding (get gel or memory foam) to fit your feet and lifestyle. Hope this was somewhat helpful, I’m totally shooting in the dark.

    • We had a guest pirating Games of Thrones hahaha. Comcast found out and called us. I was like “Sir are you pirating? I know we’ve all done it before but can you not do it on my Wi-Fi?” LOL so awkwardddd.

  • Woohoo! I love reading these reports, Lily. I love how successful you are with your Airbnb! It’s truly incredible to see the amount you bring in each month. Additionally, I’m impressed that you keep your non-mortgage related expenses so low! Keep it up and you’ll be at $1M in no time!

  • Congrats on another great month of income, Lily! I’m always amazed at your AirBnB income, and it’s NET!!!! I know you work super hard for it, superwoman!

    I had a serious case of food poisoning too as you already know. Aug was such a food poisoning kind of month. @_@ I’m super excited about the podcast and have been telling Mr. FAF to take over everything at that time (including Baby FAF) so that I can focus on the podcast haha. Giving a speech at Fincon? Uhm I’m still dreaming :p

    Feel better! <3
    Ms. Frugal Asian Finance recently posted…Food Expense Report – July 2017 – $511.93

    • Huehuehue. I told you it’s actually $1000 higher right? Muahahaha…now that summer’s over, it’s all downhill from here ;( or I would gloat more.

      You WILL give that speech at FinCon, it WILL happen!!!!

    • I hope you’re right Cory!!! I’m still choosing a StudioPress layout (it’s sooooo hard) but it needs to happen before any monetization.

    • Oh geez Jason, I’m so sorry to hear that! And I have zero doubt that you do – that’s very sweet! Lucky dog! Gotta go hold my dog too now..😞

  • Okay, when you get sick… you get sick. And nothing compares to mom’s help when sick. It’s when I used to get this yummy chicken & rice soup with zucchini, corn and lots of garlic. Miss those days.

    and Grace… pets are so smart. My cats used to pull the same stuff. They have a sense about going to the Vet.

    So the fans… clearly you are suffocating your guests with the temperature issues. Do you keep a fan in there 24/7? Although you have 5… so my guess is no. Any permanent solutions to make your guests more comfy?

    • Haha straight as an arrow, I love it!

      I don’t think it’s temperature thing we just have lots of rooms. We give each guest one but they rarely use it. The last fan was because our guest ran out of truck space back to Idaho!

    • Oh no-no, Hubby’s income is a lot higher than my AirBnB income. He’s just reserving his pay for our taxes and retirement so his take home appears lower.

    • Oh no did you get sick too Derek? Our AirBnB income was technically $1,000 higher but their payment processed on August 1st instead of July 31st hehehe.

  • That AirBnB income is impressive! Nice work! So sorry you were down for the count. The food poisoning and biting your lip sounds like a lovely combo…so sorry you had to go through that! Looking forward to hearing the podcast recording from a trio of incredible bloggers!! 🙂
    Laurie@ThreeYear recently posted…Tools of the Frugal Trade

  • Jeez Louiz Lily, you guys have close to a 60% savings rate. Woah! Good job! And $17K income, that is tremendous! You guys are killing it! Good to hear you’re also feeling better. When I saw the pic you posted, I automatically thought it was herpes too XD (but hey, herpes simplex 1 is super common).

  • Wow! You made me laugh. Love how you break everything down into categories. And I can’t imagine leaving my groceries on the bus. That would be a really bad day for us. Looking at all those food pics make me hungry. I don’t have anything intelligent to say in the area of finances because it is not my thing but I really enjoyed your post.

  • Lily,

    Could you see yourself managing another Air BnB property? It looks like what you’re doing is near P/T work. I have a friend who’s wife managed their VRBO 5 hrs away. After 3 yrs of profits, repairs, headaches, etc… they sold it for a 150K profit. I’ve thought about this but it isn’t always easy to find a nice property in a decent location for Air BnB or VRBO. If I did, I think I’d actually try this as a full-time hustle at least for a few yrs.

    I love reading about this type of real estate investing. I know Paula Pant did this for at least a little while but am not sure if she still does. Too many other blogs and podcasts to follow.
    Darren recently posted…The Ultimate Guide to Improve Your Credit Score

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