The Glamorous Sunday Diary + June 2018 Financial Update

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We crossed over the double commas again but this time we’re not including our residence, which I guess makes it more official. I still think real estate should be included in the net worth though. Not that it makes this month any less special. Small wins are always worth celebrating mentally. Has our short, young lifetime of financial responsibility and resourcefulness paid off?

*~*~G L A M O R O U S, yeah G L A M O R O U S~*~

If you ain’t got no money take yo’ broke ass home




Well, I guess I’m going home then. .___.

Look, it’s mold!


Hahaha let this gross photo be a real guide to reality…Saturday spent mixing chemicals in between Airbnb turnovers wearing gloves and being half-naked (because we didn’t want to get bleach on ourselves.)

Yeah, we had some ugly mold on our bathtubs, photographed above. I’m a bit embarrassed we put it off for this long until finally dedicating a Saturday to do due diligence. We share this bathroom with guests so it’s double-y lazy on our part. I’m surprised no one cared.

Super Effective Solution:

Wear gloves for this!

A splash of bleach, mixed with baking soda, turn it into a paste. Spread the paste onto the area until it’s covered. Cover the paste with saran wrap to prevent it from drying out. Turn on the bathroom fan because bleach scent isn’t good for anyone. Wait 2 hours. Afterward, all moldy gunk should be gone and wash off paste.

Ta-dah! Now it’s glamorous and all ready for the next naked person to crawl in.

Welcome to the June financial update!

It’s slightly late but this time I have an excuse…kinda. My birthday. I’ve been…distracted and concerned. You know how some women get when they get insecure about getting older? Not enough face creams with SPF in the world can make me void of wrinkles but I still buy them and researched for hours on end on effectiveness…(because they’re so damn expensive.)

Did anyone notice I developed an interest in losing my vanity pounds, upping my skincare regime, cleaning out my clothes, buying new clothes, and buying hair extensions…right before and slowly seeping into my next 27th birthday?

It’s not very in-character with me and I hope this madness stops. It’s like Lily IS “in here” with all of this logic…but I’m not piloting my own body. I believe my inner psyche is really not OK with turning a year on paper. I already know is STUPID beyond stupid, super narcissistic, very immature, everything! My new mid-year resolution is to start learning to be OK with growing older…*bites fist*…my husband has already got his ears full so I’ll spare you guys.

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Past Reports

You can check out the other reports here if you wanted to…you voyeuristic kitty cat :3

Jan 2018 – Income Report & Budget Breakdown

Feb 2018 – That Time We Lived on $300 a Month

March to April 2018 – Budget & Financial Update Featuring…Our Readers!

May 2018 – Here We Go Again! Financial Update Snooze!


Mr. Hippo$5,556.32*Retirement contributions are already taken out.
Me$4,658.06*Incld $700 from Blogging.

This was a typical month for my husband and a very good month for me. As of right now, I have an average income. Mr. Hippo makes great money. Every single one of my income sources is composed independently in relation to each other.

But I spend more time building for tomorrow than just making a fast dollar today. Otherwise, I definitely would try harder to make a buck than wasting it on the utter time sucks like my secret project has been to build.

I’m driven by what I LIKE to do – ie. my passion projects. (I don’t want to be public about that because it’s about sexuality and that’s awkward to pair with personal finance.)


Airbnb: Summertime short-term rentals always have a 100% occupancy rate thanks to the influx of tourists coming to chill and enjoy the comfortable Pacific Northwest summers.

Blog: I didn’t maintain a heavy posting schedule in June nor did I do much on the affiliate front…um…I basically screwed around a lot and did nothing blogging-wise. BUT I was still able to touch the $700 mark for just Mediavine display ads by just…having a blog.

It’s not groundbreaking by principal but…STILL LIVING DA DREAM MATE.

I think people underestimate the importance of domain and website age. This stuff builds so don’t quit or stop publishing content if you have the blog! It doesn’t have to be perfect either. The older your blog or website has been around, the more advantage in writing content that gets noticed in my opinion.

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Puppy Care: My small time pupper daycare saw 2 new doggies that I wouldn’t sit again. The pooches were great but their owner was very inconsistent on dates and timing. It was an emergency. I’m picky with clients and I like for them to stay with me Monday through Friday like a real daycare. I don’t want the added stress of that one-day, one-weekend thing because meetups are time-consuming and awkward for me. I also like the bond you build with a dog a lot more than just “quick money.”

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I like it when it’s just Charles and Grace anyway so I turn down a lot of last minute requests. Those two troublemakers are real blessings in my life. Charlie’s family is so generous and they always give us gift cards or desserts or wine or dog treats for Grace. I wake up sandwiched in bed with Charles and Grace on each side (and my husband too.) It’s a happy feeling but I do really, really wish we got a King bed or something because this queen size bed is at max capacity. I wake up with Charlie sleeping on my bladder sometimes 😛

Kabobs for Charlie!


CategoryBudgeted ($3,000/m)May 2018
Dining Out$250$190.44
Personal Care$100$209.50
Home Maintenance$150$203.69
Misc. Expenses$100$225.82
Vacation + Travel$50$0
Mobile (AT&T)$35$52.97
Mortgage, Insurance, Taxes$1,365$1,364.34
Side Business-$94
Spending Total$1,589.16
Grand Total + Mortgage$2,953.50

Woo. Just under budget even though this month we went over on our food budget, our personal care budget, our phone budget, our home maintenance budget, pets…….dang how. 🤔🤔

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Food – $362.92

Aw, we went over budget and I didn’t notice. Looking through the list of transactions, we did 3 things out of the ordinary that lurched up the grocery bill.

First offense, we had a $70 dollar transaction at an Albertsons that was going out of business. They had inventory from 40% to 70% off during store closing. I loaded up on discounted dog food and toys, Indian curry mixes, and heavy household staple items because we took a rental car with us that day. I over purchased, ended up with 3.5 bag of groceries, which is a lesson chalked up to never shopping when you’re hungry. For some reason I bought 2 pies and 5 bags of meat balls that I haven’t used at all. So stupid…

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Second offense, I purchased some expensive American Waygu tri-tip steaks from Snake River Farms at Costco for $35. They were good but they weren’t totally worth the price so I wouldn’t do it again; maybe I fudged up on the cooking. Maybe I should have marinated them instead of just salt and pepper. I need to go to Japan and see how they do it.

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Third offense….since I’m constantly in search of delicious delicacies…so I was mad enough to buy vegetables off eBay. It’s called garlic scapes which are basically garlic stems let to grow from hard neck garlic. Usually, the stems are cut so the plant has the energy to grow the bulb, which is a shame because the stems taste so much better. They’re only available between May, June and July and they’re probably my favorite vegetable besides tong-ho (Chrysanthemum leaves you eat with hot pot).


I probably should have just dropped by the Saturday farmers market first to inspect them myself. Or stalked Thread Lightly, Retire Early to know that she has a yard of homegrown garlic scapes. Ugh! I could have just robbed her since she’s a blogger east of Seattle. What am I doing robbing myself for? 🤔

Two pounds of garlic scapes was $30 before my 20% off anything eBay coupon and 80% of that was the cost to get it shipped here. When is that drone thing coming? It was $20 for shipping so the seller barely made a profit. Also, it was only after I opened the box did I realize that these garlic scapes were too mature now to be used. Their stems are too tough to be fermented or stir-fried so I have to get creative.


I vacuum sealed and froze them for use the rest of the year. My main goal was to ferment them and bring them home for Christmas because my husband’s family has Christmas potlucks and we never been able to bring anything due to TSA’s regulation. I think I can sneak by with a small jar of fermented scapes so that was my plan 🙂 It’s incredibly delicious; hopefully I can salvage them by just boiling them a little longer since they were harvested a hair too late.

All in all, this month was a food experimentation fail. I tried new things and none of them really worked out.

Oh and I forgot, we made sushi again. We also made some stuffed tofu (inari) pockets.

I tried my hand at making heel and avocado rolls. Not bad for just using up leftover ingredients. (I forgot to do it this style until we were almost out of everything.)

Various rolls from salmon to eel to avocado to veggie.

Dining Out – $190.44

I love family, I love friends,  I love FOOD, I love this BITCHIN’ life. WoooOoOoOoooo!

Diet whaaa? What’s thaaaat? >_<

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Out with Valerie for delicious Costco chicken bakes and frozen yogurt (she paid for my lunch before I noticed, she tricked me!)

Hubby informed me that ooOOooOogle serves poke bowls on some Friday now so I ran over there with a big empty belly. Honestly, it’s probably one of the freshest bowls I’ve ever had and it’s not a restaurant!!!

They had HOMEMADE PASSIONFRUIT & PEACH MOCHI but…I didn’t read the sign. I thought it was a mini bundt cake and I didn’t bother getting one…😭😭😭 How can I call myself a foooooodie 😭😭😭

Pictured is a cup of miso, brown rice, all the toppings, marinated scallops, steelhead “salmon” (it’s a trout and it tastes better than salmon), and the best octopus I’ve ever eaten. Not chewy at all, just crispy and fresh. I think they do this every Friday in summer..or I hope they do. Most of the Ooogle food is very good but this is particularly good.

Brah brah brah!!!

My friend, Valerie‘s boyfriend was recently hired too so we can go on a double lunch date, get dessert, go kayaking in the Washington ship canal, and maybe go window shoe shopping afterward if we’re not too tired. That’s a good life if I ever lived one!

Jury Duty

We went out a total of 8 times in June which is very standard for our family. My husband was roped into jury duty and it took him away from work for 2 whole days. UTTER waste of an engineers time and money to just sit and wait for their name to be called but it’s every civilian’s duty (for those who can’t get out of it.) The view was amazing and it paired well with the delicious Korean bossam pork and kimichi leftovers from our Sunday dinner!

The view of Seattle from the municipal court building. Beautiful, beautiful 🙂

Transportation – $45.43

I don’t think we had any transportation expenses besides renting a car that one day in June. $39 for a car rental and $6 for Costco gas…not that my husband needs more gas. Hehehe. For more adventures in food, check out our rental car Sunday diary.

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Personal Care – $203.69

I spent $60 on pants from Aliexpress and now my lower bottoms are set for the year. I got a ThredUp goody box order…and hairpins…skincare now that I’m not young anymore…and not to mention $120 on a pair of Prada d’Orsay pumps too.

My husband is never much in this category but I did spend $30 getting nail stuff for him. Uhhhhh, let’s see, how do I explain this…

My husband’s coworkers got her nails done and he got jealous and came home wanting his nails done too.

He lovesssss glittery nails and he’s kind of always wanted them. He’s a very cute thing, let me tell you.

I don’t usually wear nail polish and whatever random bottle I did have was somewhat expired. But, a good wife comes through. I spent maybe close to 5 hours researching nails design. I watched countless nail videos on YouTube about shaping nails, UV nails, nail health etc.

That was a very deep rabbit hole…we’re not doing UV nails. I’m not sitting my husband down on what is essentially a tanning bed for fingers. He’s already pale like a Seattle vampire person. I bought some Color Club holographic nail polish. They are kind of duo chromes in room light and it’s super pretty in daylight. This is as good as it gets for non-gel nails and we’re good with that.

(It’s been two weeks and that polish barely chipped so I recommend them. This is without a base coat and top coat!)

I think I did a pretty fabulous job painting him considering I’m a total nail novice. His coworkers thought they were lovely.

nail polish

*~*~G L A M O R O U S ~*~

Entertainment – $21.91

There was none. By the way, our Netflix is our friends Netflix account. The $21.91 was the cost of my hubby’s new adjustable computer arm. This was the alternative besides getting a new table.

I’m only 5 ft tall and my husband is 6 ft tall so sitting at the same desk and chair in front of the computer can only be semi-comfortable for both of us. It wasn’t a big deal to me at all, I’m used to cranking up my neck but he was determined to do something about it for posture sake.

It was an easy 15-minute install and works very well for $22; saves us getting a new desk and chair.

The food IS the entertainment.


Watermelon juice and an ultra jumbo pudding milk tea that’s big and colored like my bare face…oh crap…am I milk tea color??? >_<

Pure happiness is a mini cage full of popcorn chicken and a paper plate of takoyaki. Look at my happy place face bawahahaha.

Home Maintenance – $203.69

Mr. Woodpecker came to live in our house for free, we were going to DIY but realized we’re both afraid of heights….so we shelled out $203.69 for a professional to climb a ladder and fix the holes and put up a birdhouse. They also sprayed grapeseed oil to deter birds. This was done last month but the charges went through the beginning of June instead.

It was pricey in my opinion but my family of 3 all hate heights so we just took the hit.

Misc. – $225.82

We purchased a portable A/C for our Airbnb room. It is for the room facing the sun and gets very, very warm around 5 pm to 7 pm when the sunlight beats directly in. The rest of the house is fine but that room is like entering an oven. Since it’s a guest room, we naturally want our guests comfortable. We caught this A/C on sale from $350 and jumped on it. I’m slightly behind my spending for my Capital One Venture card ($3,000 spent in the first 3 months) so we made the jump.

Pets – $64.36

Grace had her nails trimmed and the rest of the $50 was various dog toys, treats, food from Chewy, Albertsons, and Petsmart. She is now good for a 3-5 months in terms of dog food supply because…I won the doggy food jackpot.

Petsmart’s epic clearance!!! Do they always do this? Holy moly. They’re all about 1-2 months before the best by date, not that it matters, especially if it’s still sealed.

*The grain-free Purina (Grace use to eat this as a pup) was originally almost $40….now it’s $4.

*Pedigree wet food topping (18 count variety pack) was $9.99 down to $1.

*Bil & Jac’s hippie-dippie holistic super expensive dog food was on clearance for $22 per 5-pound bag has been marked down to….just $2.

That’s 90% off doggy food. I’m surprised we didn’t walk out with everything in sight but we left some bags to the next customers who will stumble upon it. The frugal gods totally loves me, gotta give back!!

Vacation + Travel – $0

Goose egg! We’re saving up our vacation money for July and October and December’s mini vacations.

Mobile (Switching) – $52.97

My phone plan only covers me since hubby’s is covered by work and my dad is on my mom’s plan.

Switching my plan was a bit of an ordeal. I ended my overpriced contract with AT&T at $35 a month for 1GB of data and unlimited talk and text. We finally decided to switch to lower my phone and switched to Mint Mobile for $15 a month. Mint is on the T-mobile network aaaaand it was awful for me. I had NO connection inside my house and it was majorly spotty outside.

Uh…we live in a very big and populated city. How can there be no connection? Thankfully, Mint gives a 7-day trial and refund but that left us only 3 days to get on a new plan before I lost my number (because we already canceled AT&T.) We ordered a Red Pocket SIM card from Amazon and bought the cheapest fixed price plan. I’m trying to keep it at $10 a month. $10!! That’s less than 1/3 of the price I was paying before for the same coverage and speed.

Internet – $60

We’re back to paying for Internet (on paper.) It’s reimbursed later via hubby’s employer.

Utilities – $58.12

JP Patches (TV clown) statue in Seattle. Glad it’s not modern art.

Since some Seattle utilities are only charged every two months, this was only our electricity bill for June. Not bad!

Electricity is very cheap in King County for some reason whereas water here is very expensive. We (are told) we get water from environmentally ethical and cleaner resources than a lot of other cities in the U.S. and they’re proud of it. I buy into that 🙂 but only from a taste perspective – I think our tap water tastes way better.

Mortgage – $1,364.34

Property taxes and insurance went up, boo. Well, that might be a good thing…it means our house is worth more and it’s still expensive to build in Seattle. We’re still using our county taxes from last year so none of that growth is reflected in the net worth. But I still don’t fully regret selling our rental. It distracted me too much from building anything else longterm with better upsides.

Business Expenses $94

Part of this was a developer license because my husband’s trying to mess with an app. I have my Mangools SEO tools shared with an A+ quality squad of other bloggers. If you’re a blogger, you should probably just get it. It’s very very useful than just blindly shooting in the dark with SEO.

Net Worth

Big news! Well not really….just kiss these net worth updates goodbye for a bit. These updates are repetitive especially after crossing the liquid $1 million and it’s a loooooooooooooong way away from the second one 🙂 It’s just a symptom of  time.

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I will make these quarterly and monthly for email subscribers or until something interesting happens…like a milestone. Since most of it is dictated by the market anyway, it’s not particularly useful to anyone.

For June, I think the market has done absolutely nothing for us this month…pretty sure it ended a little negative actually. Whatever gained this month was basically how much we tried to save this month and a small bit of hubby’s company stock that he is granted every month.

So…all natural gains by us being frugal 🙂 I love it.

It’s missing 1 account for maximum security and we can’t sync our government bonds to PC.

We are using Personal Capital to keep track of our net worth and finances for free. They also manage accounts for you, show your allocation and warn you when you’re heavily weighted in a specific sector (cough, tech, us cough.) PC makes it easier than logging in and out of 19 accounts everytime we want to check something, that’s for sure a big plus.

 MayJuneNotes% Change
Real Estate$342,539$342,847*Asset subtract mortgage.
*We're understating using county tax reports from last year instead of current market value.
Brokerage$995,666$1,015,190*Includes $30k in emergency fund.+1.9%

Even if I do get into my Master’s program, I’m still hoping to maintain all side hustles + my secret project and just take a little longer to finish school. I don’t have a career game plan at this time for it. I just enjoy the personal finance planning subject. By the time I get my CFP credentials (yup, still want to do that), my husband will be officially retired which….makes him my helper and partner and I can pay him in kisses. <3

I think it’s only a passion of learning thing – I don’t think I’ll even use my Masters degree. If I do, it’s going to be most likely outsourced as a bigger business idea. There’s also a chance we have to move back to the Bay Area so I may as well take advantage of the geography. I’m willing to give up my wasabi farm dream so we can be near family back in the Bay Area if it comes to it. Whatever it may be, that’s the remarkable thing about money, there’s freedom in it to explore whatever you like.

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Most students go back to school as an investment in their earning and career potential. But if I woke up hating it one day, I can just stop and no one will care. This is indeed a very, very, very blessed life and the real factor why wealth is amazing.

Without freedom, you have nothing.

(Happy belated 4th of July, I didn’t get this post out in time, but still a kick ass nation any day, every day.)


36 thoughts on “The Glamorous Sunday Diary + June 2018 Financial Update”

  • Woot woot what I’ve been waiting for all month has finally come out. And I’m the fist to comment today! Woohoo!

    We had a lower month of expenses last month. My MIL stocked up so much food in the freezer that we spent almost the whole month in June doing the freezer and fridge challenge. We still have the pantry to sort out >_< Also, we're done buying gifts and stuff for Mr. FAF's mom to bring back to China, so other expense categories also went down significantly 😀

    I have a confession to make: We have mold in our master bed too. It's been there since we bought the house, so I thought it was just part of the deal. Will need to try out your method. Looks great!

    Mr. FAF LOVES those garlic stems too. But they're $4.49/lb at Good Fortune and $4.99 at Great Wall. Yikes! I literally just cut them for cooking yesterday #chinese recipes 😉

  • I am impressed with your DIY bathroom job! What program are you applying for? I also did a master just for the sake of escaping my corporate life, I never intended for it to get me anywhere and now I am prolonging my studies for another 5 years (doing a PhD). My mom calls me everyday saying that I’m wasting my youth. I wish I could tell her that I’m making money on the side like you do, but I am very very far from it!! Thanks for the inspirational post as always 😀
    Janet recently posted…5 SEO Tips for Bloggers: How to Get Your Post to Rank on Google

    • I was thinking of doing a PhD too but I don’t think I have the patience. Why can’t you tell her you’re making money on the side? Or do you mean blog?

  • Always coming through with the food porn temptation Lily! I had my first poke ball a couple months back…. I don’t know if i will ever be able to get over the raw fish aspect of it lol. I don’t know, it tasted pretty good, it was just different for me.

    What was also weird and surprising is how filling it actually is… I’ll never get used to that part haha.
    Half Life Theory recently posted…Half FI Theory – Stop Sacrificing Your Happiness Now In the Pursuit of FI

  • Okay, you seriously need to come harvest garlic scapes from my garden next year – they’ll be absolutely fresh too because you can cut them day of 🙂 And I agree, our tap water tastes better than anywhere else I’ve ever been. It’s so confusing why people in this area by bottled water.

  • Happy belated birthday Lily 🙂

    Interesting that you have cheap electricity and expensive water. I’m lucky in that my electricity is cheap ($.09/kwh) and my water happens to be free (and amazing tasting as well). I was on jury duty (member of the grand jury actually) but luckily it only took 1 day out of my time.

    Keep up the great net worth, the first million is the hardest and then the time to the next one is much much quicker

  • I should call back the oOOOoogle recruiter who keeps contacting me for my last few years of work. Free food + a much better atmosphere! Please keep posting your food pics lol.

    It has to do with WHAT, Lily?! Now I’m DYING to know.

    Also, I contemplated a robotics phd, mostly because I wanted to tinker with hardware and try to build a giant rube goldberg machine that solves a giant problem, like why does it take so many human people to make an actual burger? Or a VR system that allows me to shop from my house. Or windows that act as TVs so that I can have any view I want. See, mostly tech I want myself lol. Maybe someone will have a cool lab I can work in, but no one will hire me without a degree I bet lol.
    Olivia recently posted…Birthday Freebies: 300 Companies That Give You Free Stuff

    • That’s why I have to do a masters I think, no one will be seriously considered without a suitable degree sadly! Or that’s what I think.

    • Hahahahahahhaah smut? No I’m saving that for when I’m 68 and retired. How does EVERYONE have scapes and can get them but I can’t!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!

  • Those deals on dog food. Damn! We’re paying like $55-60 a bag. Womp womp.

    And your net worth is doing amazing!

    Poke is our weakness and I should really try making it at home, since there really isn’t much fish or scallops in it at all. Seems like getting a good sauce is the only tricky bit.
    Done by Forty recently posted…Back Too Soon

    • Definitely a very DIY thing! You don’t even need to cook it. A good sauce is either spicy mayo OR ponzu OR yuzu OR soy sauce with sugar, sesame oil, and a light splash black vinegar.

  • That is one cute dog lol!

    My girlfriend continually tells me to buy new face moisturizer with SPF, and man I have yet to do it. My frugal self won’t buy a new one until the first one runs out, but as a less than average moisturizer – it takes a bit of time to do so lol!

  • Damn, you guys are killing it. The combo of high income and low expense can’t be beat. Nice job.
    I’ll have to try the baking soda+bleach next time. I was just about to regrout the tub. Our tub is a lot worse than your picture…
    Oh man, you got ripped off with those garlic scrapes. Better to go to the farmer market. You probably can bargain it down if you’re getting a lot.
    Joe recently posted…Declare Your Financial Independence Day

    • Baking soda and bleach works! (We used crystal bleach but it’s pretty much the same thing as actual a jug of bleach.)

      Apparently, everyone has those scapes!! I couldn’t find them and I am weak when it comes to food ;(

  • I’ve seen those tri-tips at Costco and they are huge, if you buy them again try to marinate them a day before you eat it and leave in the fridge overnight. You can get more of the flavor.
    I have a trick of trying to get out of jury duty. Whenever I get summoned, I immediately postpone it to the week of Thanksgiving or Christmas because many lawyers take that week off since it’s the holidays and most of the time you are excused from jury duty. I’ve done this twice now and been excused both times.
    Kris recently posted…Expense Chronicles – June 2018

  • Thank you for the domestic tip at the beginning. I was cleaning my bath tub this weekend too with vinegar and baking soda and wasn’t sure if it was water stain or mold in the gawk.

    Ahhh livin the dream my friend! Livin the dream!

  • We must be cleaning twins because I got rid of the mould on my grout recently too! It was bugging me. I just sprayed bleach on there and it disappeared!

    The doggy that you babysit is adorable!!! Cute little shih-tzu!

    1.3 mill and 700 bucks from Mediavine, that’s great!! I think that’s pretty amazing how you have turned your blog into passive income! 🙂
    GYM recently posted…GYM July 2018 Net Worth Update: +0.3%

    • I knowww. Everybody goes crazy for Charlie. He’s so pampered.

      Your blog will be flipping money too someday. It’s harder for Canadian bloggers right? Because financial institution and information isn’t as known in the US and population in Canada is smaller?

  • This site is great! I want to be like you, but I am confused about something. How do you put $5000 per month of your husband’s paycheck into retirement accounts automatically? The max per year is $18,500 for a 401k, $5,500 for an IRA, and $6,900 for an HSA. That is $30,900 per year or $2,575 per month. Does that $5,000 include money that you two are automatically putting into just a regular brokerage account?

    • Good math, $5k is our retirement only because he has employer match too and my business solo 401k and my own IRA adds like $30k more 🙂

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