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Heiress To None - Lily


Greetings good creatures! First things first, my name is Lily and I am the owner of this personal finance & lifestyle blog. I am a 25-year-old sushi & kitfo (Ethiopian style raw meat) junkie living with my 29-year-old husband (Jared) and our adopted daughter dog Grace.

Despite the standard boilerplate notion that we are relatively young (“millennials”) my husband and I are extremely shrewd with our finances. My husband works in one of those tall skyscrapers downtown. You can read his story here. I am a full-time AirBnB (super)hostess. On the side, I am also a freelance writer/business owner/entertainer.


I was born in a barren seaside village on the coast of Southern China. At the age of 9, I immigrated to the United States with my mother and father. My parents and I found all of our mattresses on the side of the road in the outer quadrant of San Francisco. We found every television set we have ever owned on that same road side. We jumped from relative to relative who were kind enough to offer us their home until we could stand on our feet in America. Now, you can see where my frugal genes came from.

Me in my studio apartment in san francisco when its a cardboard fort for 2000 a month. This is my frugal living story.
This is an old photo of me when I was living in my San Francisco 1BR/1BA. Just paying like $2000 a month, a total steal right? Too bad when it rained though….:-P @ The Frugal Gene


Currently, my husband and I are within the scope of the 1% given our age & income bracket. So how did we do it? Some luck, yes, but terrific money sense from a lifetime of frugal living as well. I want to slowly introduce general topics of personal finance including investing, budgeting, retirement planning, home ownership, student + debt management, and the economy of sharing.

In addition, this platform will also be a place where I discuss my mistakes, my struggles and my personal growth to become where I am today. Lastly, this website will be tracking me and my husband’s progress towards our money milestone: 1 million by 2019 and 3 million by 2030 🙂

Does that sound exciting? I’m excited too!



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