Fledgling Pledging For The Million Dollar Club

The Frugal Gene family is pretty late to the party but thankfully this party is on a non stop roller coaster and we’re totally psyched! This fledgling’s pledging for The Million Dollar Club founded by J.Money. Rock on!

Hey, who doesn’t want to be a millionaire?

This is a response to J$’s Million Dollar club via BudgetsAreSexy. There are now 189 club members and it’s alllll because of the shiny looking badge you get from that mohawked man with the shiny coin collection. Neat huh!

The Million Dollar Club-min, Fledgling Pledging For The Million Dollar Club

I am a firm believer that anyone can become a millionaire. In fact, I have a pretty good feeling that most people can become multi-millionaires if they tried. This is a mindset problem, not a money problem, you know what I mean?

People say, “when I get a million dollars, then I’ll be happy because I’ll have security,” but that’s not necessarily so. Most people who acquire a million dollars want another and then another. Or they could be like a good friend of mine who made and lost every dime of a million dollars. It didn’t bother him a bit. He wasn’t excited about it, but he explained to me, “Zig, I still know everything necessary to make another million dollars, and I’ve learned what to do not to lose it. I’ll simply go back to work and earn it again.” – Zig Ziglar

million $ pledge club

You need a learned skill set to build wealth and have enough dexterity in your character to keep the wealth. The timeline and method doesn’t matter. The stock market doesn’t matter. They can help. What’s important is the promise you make to keep hustling and saving. Everything else is just a matter of time. There is security in nothing else. None. You know the phrase castles in the air? It means at one point or another our dreams are far more rooted in fantasy then execution. We’re all ‘castles in the air’ before we learn there’s nothing & no one else to bet on but ourselves.

In order for us to become millionaires, we pledge to the following for as long as our brains and bones are whole:

Fully Fund:

  • Employees sponsored 401K
  • IRAs x3 (Dad’s last IRA year)
  • Solo 401K x2
  • HSA

No better hobby like maximizing your contributions. Everything above should total out to be about $60K a year that we have to throw in. Bye bye money, see you later hopefully.

Sell Stuff

Everyone has purchases they regret right? Yeah, buddy me too. I have an entire closet of regrets. I have a $800 electric unicycle (trial and error of living car-free)…a cotton candy machine (are you really surprise I have one? Do you know me at all?!)…and I would say about 25 dresses that I do not wear (because I have nowhere nice to go.) Craig’s List has been my savior so far because I can sell things without a merchant fee or shipping fees. I need to make time to start selling that stuff!

Work Smarter:

There is Jared’s work bonus (an annual grant of $20K if the hubby is good). I’m keeping an eye on AirBnB and making sure that this winter I will have a higher occupancy rate than last winter. It was only 95% last year because I adjusted my calendar’s way too slowly. Plus last winter was particularly snowy in the Pacific Northwest. Hoping for better luck this year!

I also need to step up in the passive income department thanks to Passive Income MD who has opened my eyes on the real challenge at hand. 7 streams!

Never Pay Retail

The last time I paid the full retail price for something was 7 years ago. There’s no cable bill or anything frivolous like that.

Pay the Mortgage

My husband snuck an extra mortgage payment in last year because he’s on team ‘paying it off early.’ We have a pretty good 4.5% 4% interest rate so I’m not set on paying it early yet. We don’t have a mortgage thanks to Airbnb. I can understand his thought process though. Jared is risk-averse and I am more bratty with my cents. If I can get a higher return on a dollar, I will. Thankfully now that we have enough equity that even if the market tanks 30% like it did in the last miserable bubble – we’d still be in neutral. Hmm, I’m definitely not set on paying it off, I believe our local market in Seattle is driven by visual signs of the fundamentals.

More Credit Cards

Nope, not a typo! We churn so the extra pledge here is to churn responsibly. Never shall we leave a balance unpaid at the end of the month. Never shall we leave the fine print of a credit card…unread. (Seriously, read the fine print on all those offers and screenshot it for proof later if something doesn’t match up! They can be sneaky.)

More Investments

This is the section we’re just not very excited about. I am fully behind the mindset of what Rocco’s motto, “just set it and forget it.” That’s because I don’t know what else to do with it but #TeamBogle. The exception is I take about $20K a year that is my play money and I throw it into fun stuff I don’t care about like BPT and TZOO. I tend to think of wealth beyond what we sack away in retirement as something that will forever be ambiguous.

More Marriage

I wake up every morning with everything I hold dear near me. My sweet brilliant rising star genius angel boy of a husband is next to me and Grace is curled up on the foot of the bed like a snarly toothed angel. What I can work on that has no ambiguity is my love for my two idiots: the hub and the pup.  My husband and I have no children (yet) or real dependents (yet).

More Dumpster Diving

Heh…heh…we’re a family of scavengers… This past weekend Jared found two solid wood tables and my dad found a beautiful wardrobe in wonderful condition all within 3-4 blocks from our house. We’ve been hoarding the things we find hoping to restore it to either profit or use. That’s how we got our little dining set. Staining furniture is relaxing!

More DIYs

My husband Jared is amazing. He fixed the towel bar that an Airbnb guest pulled off the wall. He fixed all the leak and drains in our plumbing. Not to mention, he fixed a gasket on the roof and the shower three times on three different properties! He installed Nest thermostat after getting it new for just $50 (instead of the usual price of $200.) I’m totaling close to $800-$1000 he has saved us in the past year from DIYs alone. 

He also carried back the free table he found by balancing it on his FREAKIN’ head.
Like those women in Africa.


Oops, I have seriously sidetracked haha.

More Blogging

Blogs very rarely make good money, the majority of blogs do not make even a quarter. It takes a lot of effort and time to do it “professionally” by which I mean building a brand, gaining trust with readers and offering valuable content. However, blogging is a great skill that could be rewarding. I pledge to keep The Frugal Gene trucking on until I’m old and gray. Think about it, we’re the first new generation that has so much access to “document” (thank you Internet!) our lives! I think I can offer value and even The Frugal Gene never gain traction when I’m a millionaire toothless 90 years old, I would be pretty amused to read the ramblings of a once young me!


Our current net worth is $750K, we have two rental properties that we rent on full-time on AirBnB. I optimize our money to work hard for us and am not rushed to pay off our mortgage when the interest rate is a mere 4%. Since the houses pull in a profit + positive cash flow, I only want to focus on building more liquid assets as the more optimal way to generate $ (I will admit I a greedy brat for strong returns.)

NW: Assets @ 750K with ETA to 1,000,000 in LIQUID assets by 2023.

You can become a millionaire with these set of things: correct mindset, handwork, money smarts & leverage….minus dumpster diving. That’s up to you. You can see the Groovies picking up trash and you’ll see me rummaging through trash. Mostly the same 😛

It’s me! Trash panda Lily!^


The skill set required to be a millionaire is just as important as the long journey getting there. If we save the knowledge, hold the intent and the build the character – buddy, buddy everything will be just fine.

Yes? No? What do you think it takes to be a millionaire?



28 thoughts on “Fledgling Pledging For The Million Dollar Club”

  • Awesome pledge! And with a NW or $800K, I have no doubt you’ll hit your goal soon 🙂 I like the dumpster diving and DIY aspects to you goals. Mr. AR and I have found some of our favorite possessions on the side of a road or made them via DIY projects.

    • Thank you Mrs. AR! I saw your pledge and I thought woop, better get started too hahaha. I love dumpster diving and DIY stories if you wanted to share!

  • At least you listed your hub before the pup. I live in constant fear that if my wife of 39 years had to choose between me and her Charlie (100 lbs of teeth and muscle) that I’d sure miss them.

    • Hahahaha it’s never fun being the 3rd wheel. I know how you feel! Our pup’s very close to my husband and much less me. I heard male dogs like female owners and female dogs gravitate towards the male partner. So far so true!

  • Wow this is a fascinating post. Great job, Lily!

    I didn’t know the club existed. I need to look into it to see how Mr. FAF and I can join. It reminds me of The Giving Pledge list where billionaires pledge to give most of their wealth away. Mr. FAF and I have been dreaming about doing that haha (unlikely to be billionaires but likely to give more when we’re more financially established 😉 ).

    We got a ton of furniture from dumpster diving. My in-laws also joined us in this adventure when we bought our house. It was so much fun! You hub sounds like a great handyman. I am the handywoman in the FAF household (with the help of Youtube and Google). 😀
    Ms. Frugal Asian Finance recently posted…Which Blogging Style Are You?

    • Lol I missed this comment. Omg yes you are. YOU’RE FREAKING INCREDIBLE. I have so much respect for handy women because I’m not one at all.

  • Oh, Lily. You made a simple country trash-picker upper in North Carolina very happy. Thank you so much for the shout out. And I totally concur with the message of this post. Anyone, providing he or she is disciplined and is of sound mind and body, can become a millionaire. One of my co-workers from my public service days became a millionaire by the time he was forty. He wasn’t brilliant. He only had a high school degree. And he didn’t have a monster salary. I think he was making around $45K at his government job when he crossed the millionaire threshold. So what was his secret? He worked his butt off at his side-hustle and he was a voracious saver. He had a landscaping business that netted him an additional $20-$25K annually. And just about every dime he made from landscaping went into his brokerage account mutual fund. Yes, it’s amazing what hustle, discipline, and time can do for one’s net worth. Great freakin’ post, Lily. You and Jared are an inspiration.
    Mr Groovy recently posted…Paul McCartney Wrote Some Crappy Music: More Trash-Talking from Mr. Groovy

    • Oh my gosh Mr. G, you are just the *sweetest* (and Mrs. G too!) But you’re not a trash picker upper silly!!! It’s called cleaning up the planet!!

  • Awesome post Lily!
    Just by having this mindset and the hustle you have, you will be there for sure one day. It is awesome you have found a great support system to help as well. My wife surely has helped me on the path to FI.

    The trash panda line had me rolling! I have considered doing this a few times but just never done it. I read about the guy that would dumpster dive businesses and make six figures and thought it would be a fun adventure to try out.

    Can’t wait to see the progress! Your site and posted budget definitely push me to get better and I may consider getting my budget put out there for all to see! Thanks for the post!

  • Lily great post!
    It looks like with your amount of hustle you will be at your goal in no time! It is awesome to have a great support system as well. My wife has helped me so much in our journey to FI.

    The trash panda line had me rolling! I have considered doing this a few times but never actually gotten to it. I read about a guy that scavenges business dumpsters and makes 6 figures. Crazy!

    Your budget and goals are definitely pushing me to add my budget to the internet to make myself even more accountable. I can’t wait to see the progress you make on this goal! Thanks for sharing!
    Cameron – Save Splurge Deny Debt recently posted…The 6 Biggest Mistakes I saw Beginner Investors Make

    • Thank you SSDD 🙂 did we read the same article? I read that too! This guy brought old fridges and washing machines etc. fixed it up and sold it! Makes huge profits!

      You don’t have to but it’s not that scary. I was hesitant about adding our budget and worth too but after doing it once and it’s like “heyyy, not so bad.” I like to peek at other blogger’s budgets too so it’s only fair hehe.

  • I think the biggest skill set for me to become a millionaire is living with less so that I can live with more later on 🙂 I think too often people are looking for the hot stock tip to help them become a millionaire when in reality adjusting your spending will get you there a lot quicker 🙂 But that’s boring and doesn’t sell newspapers!!!
    Mustard Seed Money recently posted…One Way To Save 5% Each Month

  • Wow you guys are doing awesome. So true that it is often a mindset problem…not a money problem. I’m interested in hearing more about the rental property and AirBnb. Do you use the rental property as an AirBnb or do you rent out a portion of your primary residence?

    • Thank you Andrew! We do both! Our primary and rental are both AirBnBs, we love it that much! I’m writing a 3 part series about AirBnB, it’s taking lots of time but it’s coming up 🙂

  • Wow, you’re so close to being a millionaire. I’m not overly frugal but to me it’s all about saving as much money as I can each month while still having the freedom to enjoy life. As long as I’m maxing out the 401k, the ROTH and putting any extra cash into stocks or other investments, I’m happy.

    I’ve also gotten the fiancee on board and she’s maxed her Roth for the past three years and is contributing more to her 401k(although her 401k is pretty crappy) so that’s exciting on that front!

    • That sounds like the right idea TITM 🌸
      I have trouble with my own…frugality sometimes and I believe in balance. As long as you’re saving money and having fun, I don’t think the extra dollar amount is worth it. That’s why I’m refusing to cut anymore off our food budget. My belly loves food!!

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