October 2017 – Family Income Report (+$45,807 Net Worth Jump) – No, NOT Yet.

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Another month in the bag and here’s the full report. How bittersweet, this will be our family’s last sizable net worth jump for a while. Waive bye-bye to click-baity family income reports.

Remember last month I had mentioned September would be the last sizable jump in net worth – aha – my face is red. Is this still click-baity? Well, I’ll add this: we’re not there yet. Our income this month was lackluster. We still managed to keep control of our retirement contributions and that gave us a healthy net worth bump. The other thing? Take a guess 🙂



October has been a decent month. Our expenses were slightly higher in September but September was still better for a lot of reasons, including financially, with vesting of company stock. We do these reports every month and these are relatively popular posts surprisingly. I write these for myself mainly but I’m glad it serves popular enough for readers to enjoy. These reports feeds my extreme hunger to increase my passive income streams so bad (minus Airbnb, which is not passive in any sense of the word).

To avoid any confusion, here’s our income report for previous months:

Income Report & Budget Breakdown – August 2017

Income Report & Budget Breakdown – September 2017


We are a household of 3 grown adult & 1 dog. We run AirBnBs full-time that counteracts the mortgages.

*This budget does not include our mortgages, property taxes, water/sewage/trash fees, utilities like gas and electricity or any homeowner’s insurance. Recurring payments are stable and it’s so annoying trying to calculate it so to simplify we automatically round-up and deduct -$6,000 from our monthly Airbnb income to cover our main residence and rental property. When the mortgage and all fees are added up, it’s about $4,500 a month but Airbnb income is taxed so that’s why we round it up to $-6,000, rough. Complicated – I know…and that’s the simplified version!

*Insurance & internet is covered by my husband’s employer.

*We directly deposited into retirement savings every month. All retirements are automatically reserved and added every month to tax friendly accounts. They are counted towards net worth.

*This income report is 95% correct. We rarely deal with cash but we don’t go down to the penny anymore.


PAYCHECK: +$4,720 *

AIRBNB: +$4,028 **

MISC INCOME: +$742 ***


TOTAL = $14,270

*Post retirement, post tax.
**It’s not raining in Seattle anymore, it’s snowing. This winter is going to be horrible thanks to the after effects of La Niña so I’m expecting dismal Airbnb returns. From here on, it’s the down season. Thankfully I’ve hit my total goal for the year and beyond by maximizing returns and risks.
***I love my misc. income. Hubby received a small performance bonus at work. I sold $300 on eBay. We also cashed out on some lovely credit card bonuses. I also doggy sat on Rover but I haven’t transferred over funds so it’s not officially counted.



As announced previously, we started separating our dining out from groceries. Groceries were higher this month because we renewed our wholesale membership for the year, I purchased $60 worth of white rice in 3 giant bulk bags online (sale!) and I tried my hand at DIY hot pot night ($50).





DINE OUTS – $120

This was higher in October as well. We had some outings with friends and like I mentioned on my Twitter, since I’m not going to FinCon with fellow bloggers, I’m spending it swallowing delicious food in my favorite Korean restaurants. Hubby and I went for southern Indian food with friends. It was interesting. I have no idea what I ate but I liked it. Especially the orange jelly thingy.

Dosa – South Indian Crepe for breakfast
Braised mackerel
Raddish kimchi
Korean sides


Our only transportation expense is public transportation for me. Hubby has his public transportation card covered by work, it’s standard practice for tech companies in Seattle.


I purchased eye contact solution (absolutely necessary) for $10.55 from Amazon’s subscribe & save. We brought generic brand carbon filters for our air purifier. Carbon filters are inexpensive if it’s generic brand. Just search for “cut to fit” carbon filters and save a bunch of money. My husband also got a fantastic hair cut at Corporate Cuts with the talented Laurie at Corporate Cuts Mobile Hair Salon for $35 (including tip).



haircut-for-men-thin-hair-curly, haircut for balding men, thinning hair men

Before/After 2

haircut-for-men-thin-hair-curly, haircut for balding men, thinning hair men

HAHAHAHA. Am I going to the FIRE-y brimstones?


I no longer use Board Boosters and switched over to Tailwind for the annual membership thanks to Ms. FAF. More on that in my upcoming blog report soon.


Yay goose egg! We had two sink issues in October but the best part about learning how to DIY is for reoccurring, normative problems like clogs and leaks – it’s pretty much cost next to nothing to take care the second time it happens. Props to my lovely, brilliant, adorable husband 🙂

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We spend $22 on batteries this month. AA, E90 and 9 Volts…all for the home. Yikes batteries are expensive!

I brought the audio book version of a very, very old and very weird French novel called Les Chants de Maldoror by Lautremont. It was free or a “name your price” donation – I gave $30 as that’s the max I would pay for any non-fiction book. I haven’t finished it but it’s good so far. The actual book is free online too because it’s so old, no one cares about it. But I splurged for audio translations since I don’t have the time to read but I can listen. It’s a very sick poem about horrible things that I feel is…for shock value? Or lunacy.

It’s interesting if you like weird stuff, if you do, you might recognize this famous quote from it:

“As beautiful as the chance meeting on a dissecting table of a sewing machine and an umbrella.”

PHONE (AT&T) – $34

Jared’s phone and plan is covered by his employer so that leaves just me. I still think $34 is a bit expensive but not expensive enough to warrant getting a completely new phone. Plus…I hate transferring all that stuff over and login into a new device again. Such a time waste. I could be blogging…

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PETS – $84


This was all for Grace’s pet license renewal – a bit pricey for 2 years but she’s cute.

She figured out if she barked angrily, we would come to her and tell her to stop barking. This then got her barking angrily whenever my husband visits the toilet because she doesn’t like Jared separated. She doesn’t trust him alone in that little room with the tall white bowl of water and I find it hilarious!


Who scored a great deal on return flights back to Seattle from San Francisco for 2 adults?! We DID! It would have been completely free, this $11 wasn’t eligible for points. It’s one of Alaska’s random fees.

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I haven’t been thrifting very much, I only went once this month. The inventory I cleared was mostly from my crazy spending last month. I did find this silk, embossed, peplum-ish cherry blossom dress for $6 that I’ll be wearing for Christmas. They look nice with the Pradas I thrifted, yeah?



Let’s get to the last thing…

Net Worth

September – $950,238.27

October – $996,045.87 (+4.82%)

HAHA. Too close. What a tease. Does anyone have any WP plugins to suggest that makes PRETTY embedded charts (and is easy to use?) I wanted to make a better looking thing than just screen shots from a Google Sheet for the official cross over.

Related: Practical but kinda ugly net worth calculator sheet (free download with email.)

All of our NW gains this month has been raw saving, what we hit off the mortgage principles and…OK…it was probably more Bezos.

The husband sold 40 shares of AMZN at almost $1,090 per share? I was half asleep when the markets opened and he was clicking away. We still have some more.

This was the “trimmings.”

We’re treating Amazon like a green tree bush that has overgrown. The principle itself (like a lovely sidewalk plantery) is good and we want to keep it, but we need to prune it once in a while as to not trip. He was with Amazon for 6 years and he is keen on the future of AWS so I’m like OK, whatever. Bezos is just constantly reinvesting what little to no profit Amazon has to acquire and grow. We’ll see what happens and I hope it’s a fun story because then I can blog about it haha.

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OH. Almost forgot, hubby purchased $5,000 worth of I Bonds via Treasure Direct since they pace with inflation. Catch is you just can’t touch it for a year. We’ll slowly buy and accumulate some I Bonds to act as our emergency fund. We are currently with Discover for 1.1% and wanted something higher. You just need a social security number to open an account and wait a year to touch it (if you have to) – and yes it is taxed just like Discover is taxed. BUT it’s not taxed until you cash out the bond, whereas for Discover you need a 1099 INT. But if you cash out the I bonds within 5 years, they’ll take away 6 months of interest. I bonds are a really good long term emergency plan to me – why aren’t we all doing this?!

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