Our Rental Car Weekend & More Foodporn – Sunday Diaries #6

Here’s our June entry (#6) for our Sunday Funday diary entry. We’re not social, party animals but the weather we’ve been getting is geared for the sociables. Seattle is one of those places that has admirable summer weather. Sometimes it gets up to 90 and everyone on our evening news goes crazy. They announce how close we are to breaking the June record blah blah. Meanwhile, peaking 90s in places like Nevada or Central California is considered a good day.


We both like it better up north but we do miss our family and friends. Home prices in San Francisco ($1.3 million) are almost double of the prices in Seattle ($700,000). We’re still half praying for our family and friends get out of California and move to our evergreen state but they live in between San Jose and Marin County near the Bay Area so I doubt they’re tempted to move.

Rental Car – $40

ReachNow was throwing a limit time summer promotion that lets us have a rental car for a whole day for $60 (reg. $80). I thought the promo was awesome and we decided to book a ReachNow to run errands on the list that would be easier with a car.

Right before we booked a car on ReachNow…I’m not sure what prompted my husband to check his work perks but glad he did…we found out that OoOoooOooogle had a new perk! The best perks for these very yuppie situations! Apparently (and I wish we knew this before) 6 months ago, Ooooogle tied a corporate deal with Enterprise to give rental car discounts to all their employees. So neat, love Ooooogle’s perks! Yes…I’m a wee bit jealous of my husband sometimes.

They also have a bike repair shop at the campus that’s heavily subsidized. My husband was going to take the bike I found on the street last week in for it to be repaired so we can bike to the store or ride it around with our dog.

With the corporate discount, it is exactly $40 for a 24-hour rental with 3x the protection of collision and liability insurance included than the basic insurance package ReachNow provides. That is a big perk! Mr. Hippo and I are not…what you call…experienced drivers so better insurance means better peace of mind.

I was delighted. Gas cost us less than $4 at Costco when we returned the car. I can’t believe we didn’t know about it for 6 months!

It use to cost us $80 a day for the car alone and now the price has just been halved! Not to mention better insurance coverage and we get a car guaranteed in the time frame we need it. There are 2 Enterprise car locations near us, all within a short walking distance.

I told my husband with the new low pricing, we should rent a car at least once a month on the weekends to run heavy errands, day trips, and explore food that use to be a little out of reach. Maybe drive down to Portland with friends and go shopping? (Are you reading this, Val? 😂) This is a great perk for us, a rental means the perks of a car without the cost and maintenance.

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Huge Dog Park – Free

We usually take Grace to another off-leash dog park that’s smaller. It’s still fun. She loves all the secret paths and zig-zagging routes. But dogs and humans need something new once in a while. Whenever we get a car, we swing by Magnuson Dog Park with Grace as a bonus treat.

She’s not a fan of being in the car though. It’s like watching someone with Vertigo.

Magnuson is this huge, beautiful, off-leash dog park in Seattle with a direct entrance to the water. Free roaming for miles on end. It’s like the dog version of Discovery Park for humans on the other side of Seattle which is also amazing.

Grace can smell the happy dog vibes before we get near the entrance and by the time she’s in, she is literally foaming at the mouth with excitement. It’s the cutest (rabiest) looking thing.

At Magnuson’s entrance to a gorgeous Lake Washington: kind of a boring video.

Many Seattle doggies are aquatic fetchers…but not ours..well, she ran in once like the other dogs did (doggy peer pressure is real) but then she realized she didn’t know how to swim when the water came up to her neck. I have that old video somewhere if I come across it one day, I’ll post it. You can hear me and Hippo dying of laughter in the background. She stood in the water waiting for us to get her. She was looking around observing the other dogs because she wasn’t sure how other doggies got back to shore. It’s America’s Funniest Video worthy! Is that show still on?! I could get $10,000 for it!

Groceries & Nail Trim – $90

Anyway, we got the car at 12 noon. We stay 2 hours at the park until she was exhausted. It was almost 2 pm and we were starving. My husband took her to a nearby Petsmart for a nail trim while I shopped for groceries next door.

Apparently, I’m not so savvy shopping under pressure and hungry. It was 2 pm and I haven’t even eaten breakfast. About 30 minutes in, I had collected about $75 worth of groceries. About 3-4 paper bags of groceries. That’s $25 more than the cost of my usual trips.

Don’t shop on an empty tummy kids.

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Lots of flowers at Home Depot…but what’s the point if I can’t eat it…

By then my husband was snoozing, waiting for me in the car. I decided to skip my bubble tea trip since I felt a bit ashamed of my listless grocery shopping. We took a sleepy and manicured Grace home, dropped off our groceries with my Dad, and we grabbed my return items back to Home Depot. (I ordered the wrong size air filters for our air purifier.) After checking out Home Depot’s nursery looking for a baby lime plant, we swung my Costco in the same plaza but we didn’t buy anything except breakfast muffins for our Airbnbs.

The Land of Sushi – $55

Now it’s almost 4 pm, he has not eaten lunch yet and I’ve eaten nothing all day. We headed to a sushi conveyor belt chain in another city that we use to love going that closed down in Seattle.  It’s not frilly but we know what and how to order at what time.

Salmon nigiri

Seared eel/unagi 🙂

Hamachi, yellowtail fish.

Mr. Hippo came for their mackerel specifically, and when we were dating we came often so he was eating with his heart.

I only came for this haha. Ikura (salmon egg) nigiri for $5!

Takoyaki <3 (We forgot to photograph the calamari plate too oops)


Spicy tuna rolls.

Agedashi tofu with bonito flakes and hamachi nigiri.

My favorite asparagus tempura roll.

all the sushi porn

Half a dragon roll.

Total damage for 2. We ordered everything off the menu instead of taking it from the conveyor belt since they tend to sit a little too long at room temperature. I know it defeats the point of conveyor belt but tempura shrimp taste the best when freshly fried.

BUS YOUR OWN TABLE IF YOU CAN! It doesn’t mean you tip any less, it’s just a nice thing to do if you see the restaurant staff running around trying their best. That usually means management cut cost with staffing so they’re paid crappily and overworked.

Sushi was our original lunch plan but we ate at 4 and spent 2 hours stuffing our face. By 6 pm…well, so much for our “let’s explore West African cuisine” dinner plans. Maybe next time. So much food, so little stomach and time!

I also wanted to try a few Taiwanese desserts at Blackball but we were both falling into a food coma. It was almost 8 hours of chores, errands, and food that flew by remarkably quick. I am not sure the car shaved off that much time but it felt productive.

New Bag – Free

I feel like a gravitational field for stuff sometimes. We have trouble throwing away things.

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My husband was in on a work email where this lady was giving away a bunch of cool things and he showed me an adorable Minnie Mouse tote bag and asked if I wanted it. Well…I don’t need it but if it’s free and this cute….yes I need it haha.

Yes, I want it, HOW CUTEEE!! I am such a sucker for yellow things and things with big bows.

New Puppayyy – Priceless

Our friend/neighbors got a golden retriever puppy from a local breeder and we gave them some of Grace’s old toys she never liked or play with anymore. I take any chance to declutter if given the chance, take it all, take all! Half these things just ended up in our possession for free or next to nothing but we don’t need many things period.

“Herro, I am Rex. I am the definition of a puppy.”


This 8-week old baby fella is so beyond cute. He has mountains of puppy fat and 2 seconds of attention span (I’m being generous). When he was tuckered out from playing, he fell asleep in the middle of the living room floor with all 4 legs sticking out. We missed this phrase of puppyhood with Grace because she was so sickly and abandoned. When we got Grace, she was almost a teenager and definitely more distrusting of humans. Rex has no sense of fear yet.

Free chance for us to declutter and have it go to use in a good home = makes me happier than it logically should, oddly 🙂

(Psst, I offer free puppy sitting for friends ;D)

More Food – $53

This is us…..fattening ourselves at our favorite taqueria of all time. I mean it. If this place closes down, there goes 60% of my reason for staying in our neighborhood. I would just move because they’re also a family owned chain and they do better business in a different city. The more expensive Seattle becomes, the more my favorite greasy spoon dives close. I’ve said too many goodbyes to…yes kind of ghetto being right next to a pot dispensary etc…but totally authentic and delicious Peruvian food, Ethiopian food, and Filipino food too-too often.

Caldo de res! Yummy!

Tacos for days!

Chipotle shrimp and veggies.

Clean your plates and make it easy for the waitstaff to tidy up. Even if service might not be stellar, you don’t know what could be going on in that person’s day or life. The total for the food was only about $53 dollars and we were stuffed.

DIY Handrolls – $20

We make sushi almost every weekend now. If you’re going to DIY sushi at home, forget the rolls. Forget everything about rolling. You don’t need it. Learn how to do handrolls and eat it the moment you make it. The fresh and crispiness of the seaweed MAKES ALL THE DIFFERENCE. Oh and naturally…buy the highest quality grade seaweed (affiliate!) you can.

(Oh whaaaat, Yaki seaweed is actually cheaper on Amazon than my local Asian grocery store!! This is why Amazon is going to rule the world -_-)


My spicy salmon handroll.

His spicy salmon handroll. We both had problems closing the cone ends completely. Still delicious, no “regerts” about that. This will be a regular in our household. Thank you, Mr. Tako, for the inspo.

Posts That My Brain Liked

*Gen Y Money is celebrating her first blogging year with a giveaway! I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for the longest time now but it will probably be for money, and I’m not going to make it as nice and effortless as entering hers.

*The always very funny Mr. AE broke down the first year costs of having a baby. I don’t have a baby but it’s only just now, 1 week later, did I stop laughing from all of his baby poop graphs.

*Our boring weekends can’t beat Luxe’s weekend but I can just live vicariously through her. If my taxi was $180 dollars from the airport to the hotel, I would have just gone back home.

*Your stuff isn’t worth as much as you think! Any anti-stuff rant is my kind of rant and Penny’s got ya covered on that front. Her adventures trying to sell a purdy pair of Coach shoes shows how hard it is to flip fashion. Coach is one of those brands that is simply stumbling in their “luxury counter” department. If you’re Asian then chances are your mother, your sister, and your aunt has at least one generic Coach bag in between them. That or a Louis Vuitton Speedy. These days it’s now Michael Kors or Tory Burch…like my pink dome satchel gifted from a Chinese auntie.


I do like it though. It’s a perfect powder pink color, fits my Chromebook, and it’s from the woman who was my mom’s friend throughout her cancer treatment.

You know what I really want?

Peace on Earth.

No, no, no, ahaha something easier. I have eyes. I really like classic bags from Saint Laurent and Céline, but there’s no way I can “afford” them. Plus I don’t have anything I need to carry around and they’re both super heavy. Those bags are like leather tanks. Everything I need fits inside a free PVC Ipsy makeup bag and my possessions are mostly junk. Trash panda Lily!!!

That concludes some of our Sunday going ons for our first weeks of June.  I wanted to write separate posts and updates on my annual clothing budget adventures so this one was simply like…yup another foodporn dump post.

How was your weekend? What did you guys do? Anyone else rent instead of own a car?

33 thoughts on “Our Rental Car Weekend & More Foodporn – Sunday Diaries #6”

  • You are killing me with that food porn! Sushi is my favorite of all time. I can only imagine the type of seafood you get up in Seattle. I live in a bit of landlocked state so I know the sushi I get had to travel a bit (still love it though).

    I do want to visit Seattle one day just to see the famous fish market and indulge in some fresh seafood.

    Great scores on the freebies and great deal on the rental.

  • Love the minnie mouse tote. omg it’s so you! And u got this free with the tag still on?! What a lucky score ♥♥♥

    Shoes are hard to flip but I managed to sell 1 camera bag and 1 nine west purse a few years ago. Depends in what city tho is my experience.

  • OMG! My wife and I buy the same seaweed. ONE Organic Sushi Nori Premium Roasted Organic Seaweed. We are seaweed snobs, so we have to buy organic. It’s probably better for us health-wise anyway. The funny thing is, we made sushi bowls and make shift sushi hand rolls for three of our dinners this week. It’s just so simple and easy to do. And not that expensive to boot!

    Puppy Rex is so cute!!!

    Oh, and it was really cool to hear your voice in the video. Nice play-by-play of Grace’s aquatic adventures at the dog park.

    “yup another foodporn dump post.” That closing line made me laugh. Who else would have put the words “food” “porn” and “dump” all in the same line! HA!

    • Yes seaweed snob salute!! 🙂

      Haha yup, you can hear my snort and everything xD

      I didn’t mean it like that!! Get your head outta the gutter!! :p

  • Sometimes i feel like a gravitational field for free stuff as well, a couple weeks ago, i won a $100 gift card at a pool party in my apartment complex…. which was pretty sweet… you minie mouse bag was pretty nice too 😉

    Good job on the hand roll LOL, you guys are definitely foodies, so many options. I personally need to get out of my comfort zone with food, i tend to stick to the things i know i like … send help 🙁
    Half Life Theory recently posted…A Leech is not a Pet, Stop Keeping One in Your Wallet

  • You are obviously not using SEO algorithms to title your posts since you repeatedly use the word “porn” in them. Maybe that helps your search results 🙂
    And you should 100% get that bike fixed up and start using it for errands, it’s the best!

  • Sounds like such a fun and eventful weekend! I love the tote bag too and would definitely take if if someone offered hehe. When I see something cute and pretty, the word “clutter” doesn’t really bother me as much anymore lol.

    Oogle has so many sweet deals. I love the 50% off of rental car!

  • i like those slip leads like grace has. mine is worn out so it’s almost time for a new one. i had a hand roll like that stuffed with foie gras in montreal once. i sold a coach briefcase on ebay for about a hundred bucks. glad you didn’t run over anybody with that rental car. thanks for driving safely.
    freddy smidlap recently posted…Tax Savings and Weekend Activities

  • Wow, that’s a lot of food porn. I love sushi too and I can never get enough.

    Recently, I rediscovered my mom’s restaurant again. We don’t go out to eat anymore as my kids loves grandma’s chicken noodle soup and we have been getting free home cooked meals from my mom every weekend. It makes the 45 minute drive all worth it. Free food and not spending any money during your weekend is definitely a win win.
    Leo T. Ly recently posted…40 Financial Milestones To Achieve By Your 40th Birthday

  • I’m a neighbor in nearby Shoreline…would love to know of the name of your favorite Peruvian joint! Please share! And if you love free stuff, please join your local FB Buy Nothing Group–the one in my Shoreline neighborhood isn’t nearly as amazing as our prior Magnolia (tony) neighborhood BN group–it was Fantastic, and Fun to boot! But still fun to share and get free stuff! Are you on the Next Door neighborhood group online?? That’s nice too–keeps you up to date and free stuff and goings-on too. And I miss the Seattle Sushiland, too. 🙁

    • AHHHH Hi neighbor!!! I tried to join Shorelines and they declined me because we’re not technically in Shoreline. I’m in Bitterlake’s Buy Nothing and it’s rather empty compared to what my friend living in Shoreline is scoring. I bet Shoreline has great stuff T____T I wish I could get in there!

      Peruvian is now closed 🙁 it was called Los Pollos Hermanos (like in Breaking Bad hahaha). They were yummy but probably not enough business tucked in a little shopping plaza. It’s going to be a BBQ joint soon though 🙂

      Queen Anne’s Sushiland was the bomb! Every other conveyor belt in Seattle is almost double the price, which is fine! Buuut, it’s the same – if not worst quality. Not sure how Sushiland does it!

      • Poor Los Pollos Hermanos–being taken over by the Korean joints in that mini mall! El Sabor nearby on Aurora has yummy eats, but pretty crowded–Pho Saigon next door is very good, but kinda pricey. Yum Yum Thai near me is good, also try Yang’s Noodles on 145th for homey-Chinese eats, Wonton Noodle House is as good as Mike’s Noodle House in Chinatown–and El Antojo up North near Lynnwood on Aurora–Free Chips, salsa, pickled veg, coleslaw, & excellent service. Yeah, I don’t know how Sushiland does it…and we do the fresh ordering thing too–esp on the fried stuff!

  • Oooo u have got to try blackball!! It’s amazing 🙂 I love the look of my Céline but yeah it’s kinda heavy… perhaps u can consider the Céline nano with a strap

    • Blackball is still very much high on the list 😀 – anything you recommend Ally?

      Oh the nano is SO cute. I’m only 5 ft tall. The smallest is a logical choice for my lifestyle. I made mistakes with oversized bags worth 3/4s of my torso before 🙂 thankfully not very expensive as a $3k bag. So tempting!

  • Thanks for the mention!!!

    That golden retriever puppy is soooo cute!!!

    Your salmon handroll looks really good too! Today I had a sushi bowl, it’s even lazier!!!

    It is a bowl of rice with a can of salmon + mayonnaise + soy sauce mixed together, with some Nori seaweed cut up on top haha.

    It’s great for when I have a craving for sushi but don’t want to spend on takeout.
    GYM recently posted…8 Great Products To Buy at the Dollarama Dollar Store

  • Jam packed food dump! I want all the sushi–can you ship it to NYC? I don’t know why, but I like the idea of rolling sushi, but handling raw fish is unappealing. Meanwhile, I’ll happily eat it up if someone else prepares it. Hmm…

    Also, that corporate discount is a huge money saver! I swear, I’ve looked to see if I can get car rental discounts from work, and they never give me half off. Sigh. I’ve got to get myself a job at the Ooogle.

    And you can totally afford a Celine bag, girl!
    The Luxe Strategist recently posted…My Weekend Money Diary #9: A Frugal-Luxe Anniversary Trip to Miami

  • Correction, average homes in SF just went up to $1.35 million..lol!! Can’t get motivated with these home prices around here and try to buy a home. It looks like we will just wait it out and hopefully a drop off will happen.
    Great discount from Ooogle for their car rental. can’t beat that price and that’s with insurance as well. Yes I agree, you guys should take advantage and rent a car at least once a month to get errands in and maybe take weekend trip.
    Kris recently posted…Ting Mobile Review – Rates That Make Sense

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