RedFin VS. Traditional Agent: A Tale of Caution @ Mustard Seed Money

RedFin vs Traditional Frugal Gene

WOO! Happy days!

As most should know by now, I am featured on the so very delightful Mr. Mustard Seed Money’s personal finance blog.

I break down my experience as a two-time home buyer. First with a traditional agent and a second time with the e-realtor RedFin. Hopefully my experience can shed some light on the difference between the two for home shoppers out there.


Here’s a snippet 🙂

I love binge watching HGTV home shopping. But when it comes to a home purchase of my very own – it only concurs up bad memories of walking on hot pavement, rushing from property to property, and waiting on the gut wrenching offer review period. If you are in a competitive seller’s market like we are in Seattle, consider yourself lucky if you get only a month of sleeping on pins and needles.


The partial checklist for the mental anguish goes:

“will they respond to us or let our offer expire?”

“what if the appraisal goes for much lower?”

“what if the inspection fails to find something?”

What are you doing reading this for? GO OVER THERE! 😀

8 Replies to “RedFin VS. Traditional Agent: A Tale of Caution @ Mustard Seed Money

    1. I knowwww! I really, really wanted to like RedFin too! Their idea is great, just not so much the case with my experience. I wish I had close friends who were agents and I know they would go to bat for me, ha! The 2% off the sticker price off a house is *a lot* of dough to lose. If I went in as a first time home buyer with my RedFin agent, I would have lost more money than saved with RedFin.

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