Free Film for the Weekend – Rich House, Poor House (UK)

rich house poor house

This is my second “free film for the weekend” where I share with you guys on Friday an interesting documentary or show I encountered so you can watch too.

For those without any social lives (yay), you can binge watch it this weekend.

Also, you can watch the first free film for the weekend here, it’s about the dying middle class of America over a 30 year period. (Depressing!)

Rich House, Poor House

Rich House, Poor House is currently in its 4th season and it’s pretty popular of a show with a solid UK following. The personalities and stories of families featured greatly dictate each individual episode quality.

Basically, you take a “top 10%” family in the UK and swap lives for a week with a “bottom 10%” UK family. They switch places, homes, cars, schools, budgets and talk into a bathroom camera of theirs experiences.

Both families must live by the rules, schedules, and budgets of each other and “walk in each other’s shoes” so to speak. Then there’s some reflection after the swap is over of what they learned. 

The synopsis is really that simple and formulaic. But what’s interesting to most people who are fans of the show is just getting to know each family.

The most interesting thing for me is learning where the top 10% family made their money, or why the bottom 10% family ended up where they are.

Here is a list of my favorite episodes to get you addicted. Since they’re separate families, it doesn’t matter which order you watch them in really.


This one is going to make you ball your eyes out. I know we did. Watch it watch it watch it 😭😭😭

Why isn’t there more kindness in the worlddddddddddd.


Rich dad is dorky and hilarious. The poor dad in this one is so adorable and clearly loves his family.

“I got 1,000 pounds in me wallet right now….I…I probably have friends who would mug me.” <-LOL.


This one, the rich family is sooo cute, and I love their successful immigrant story.


Finally, the reunion episode because it’s obligatory!! The Leamon’s little girl is such an angel!

What I Like

It’s heartwarming and sweet and English people are adorable all around.

As with UK’s Supernanny, Kitchen Nightmares, The Office, and Wifeswap, I’m hoping this UK based series will make it to America someday too but…a little softer.

I would be a little scared to admit how horribly gargantuan the wealth gap is in the United States. If you take the top 10% household and pit them against the bottom 10% here, it’s just going to make everyone depressed.

So far, it’s been all heartwarming episodes of mutual respect and understanding between two families.

There is (thankfully) no personal drama in these shows, like drug use or fighting with spouse etc.

The poor families are only stressed about money but they’re really happy with each other and love each other, which I think is the most important thing.

What I Don’t Like

It’s not going to win any intellectual Oscars with it’s 1 dimensional script, dialogue, and reporting. But it’s good for zombie brain days and some feel goodness.

It’s odd that the 2 families that swap never get to meet face to face after the week is over. On Wifeswap, both families have to sit in front of a big awkward table and talk about how much they hated each other.

Not Rich House, Poor House! Drama and hate free!

Some of the families should have definitely met each other, but I guess that’s what the reunion episode is for 🙂

Some people complain about “poverty tourism” (stole that phrase from Chief Mom Officer) which…yeah OK I can see that in this show. No one is going to say “wow, I want to be like the poor family forever!” Just for a week.

Half the show is just being shocked how a family of 5 can live on $150 pounds a week etc.

The other half is how a rich family can have $2,000 pounds in disposable income a week.

You always feel bad when the poor family has to go back home because they see how sweet life is without worrying about $$ etc.

There’s a lot of potentials here but the editing makes it so cookie cutter in plot. If the families themselves aren’t characteristic enough it gets snore-y.


Still worth a watch because the families are so real and it does make anyone watching feel motivated to work harder for a better life. Also, it disproves a lot of stereotypes. A lot of the rich families are self-made millionaires even though the stereotype is that rich people inherit it. The poor families do work hard but sometimes life happens, you don’t always get to get up in time for a full recovery.

And yeah 🙂 that’s it, happy weekend!


Not related…didn’t know what picture to put…just a random, recent photo of us that everyone says is cute. It is totally cute 🙂 🙂 look at our fancy toilet paper holder XD

Life Update: I haven’t posted much or done any work on TFG because I’m working hard on my other income blog. TFG is still doing well surprisingly on its own. Life is normal as always. My Airbnbs are doing good but winter season has been slower as it usually is. We are flying back to California for X-mas with our family in a week. Doggy daycare is still pulling in extra money every month. I started hiring a littttle help to take the stress off everything as I ramp up more projects. We spent less than $3,000 last month (as usual) on all of our living expenses and our net worth is back again/skirting around $1.5 million (for now) — basically boring and nothing new. If anything usual happens financially, I’ll report it =)

7 thoughts on “Free Film for the Weekend – Rich House, Poor House (UK)”

  • I accidentally clicked on an old episode of the show a while back on YouTube and thought it was cool. I’d love to swap houses with the rich lol A swap with Ivanka or Jeff Bezos would be nice. I want to know what it’s like to be loaded in America. =))

    I wonder if those families do a deep cleaning of their house after the swap. I mean, they have strangers use their beds and showers and stuff.

  • I guess I see things differently. As a nanny, I work for the wealthy all the time. Money does not buy you joy, peace, etc. It just buys you really nice stuff.
    I’ve had wealthy moms get jealous of me!
    I’ve always wanted to own several businesses so I know one day I’ll be financially independent. Until then, no jealousy here of wealthy people. I’ve seen too much of what goes behind closed doors.

    • I can totally see that, as I was watching I thought, “huh, there isn’t much personal drama at all” but I really doubt the “wealthy family” are always as happy as they seem. just because of $$. The workload/stress must have been minimalized in editing. I think the American version will show more what you’ve (and I) have seen Angie! I really want an American version xD

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