September 2017 – Family Income Report (+$70,820 Net Worth Jump)

Family Income Report 2

Another month in the bag and here’s the full report. How bittersweet, this will be our family’s last sizable net worth jump for a while. Waive bye-bye to click-baity family income reports.



If you’re new around this neck of the woods, let me just say you’ve come to the right place for your financial voyeurism needs. We do these reports every month and to sweeten the pot, we also began tracking our net worth gains (and losses) monthly.

To avoid any confusion, here’s our income report for previous months:

Income Report & Budget Breakdown – July 2017

Income Report & Budget Breakdown – August 2017 


We are a household of 3 grown adult & 1 dog. We run AirBnBs full-time that counteracts the mortgages.

*This budget does not include our mortgages, property taxes, water/sewage/trash fees, utilities like gas and electricity or any homeowner’s insurance. Recurring payments are stable and it’s so annoying trying to calculate it so to simplify we automatically round-up and deduct -$6,000 from our monthly AirBnB income to cover our main residence and rental property. When the mortgage and all fees are added up, it’s about $4,500 a month but AirBnB income is taxed so that’s why we round it up to $-6,000, rough. Complicated – I know…and that’s the simplified version!

*Insurance & internet is covered by my husband’s employer.

*We directly deposited $4780 into retirement savings for September. All retirements are automatically reserved and added every month to tax friendly accounts.

*This income report is 95% correct. We rarely deal with cash but we don’t go down to the penny anymore.



PAYCHECK: +$3,672 *

AIRBNB: +$8,545 **

MISC INCOME: +$56,066 ***


TOTAL = $73,063

*We reserved a lot of hubby’s paychecks this month for taxes – I was against it but my husband rather overpay than underpay. It’s really hard to estimate this stuff with Uncle Sam’s kooky rules.
**AirBnB’s income is superficially inflated because we had one 3 week long reservation that flooded over so the payout looks much higher than a normal September.
***Who knew clearing out leftover clutter on eBay could be so effective! Just kidding, I’m only responsible for $438 of that. Jared’s RSUs (company stock) came in.



We spent $355 last month which is about the same as this month. There’s nothing new to see here folks. My father does half of the cooking and groceries. I supplement a break about half of the week because I can’t handle food repetition. You know some people encourage freezer meals and set meals for every day of the week? Fishstick Fridays? I can’t do that. Seriously, I could never ever do that. I need variety or I end up just starving myself until something good comes along.

We keep food expenses low as a family by buying bulk and eating less popular, less expensive cuts of meat. Chinese grocers tend to be cheaper if you kept up with just buying fresh food only. Once or twice month, I buy myself some sort of premade dessert treat like a tub of ice cream or an apple pie from my wholesale club. With that, I keep away from any other snack foods because I have no excuses.

We ate out very little this month because I spent the weekend cooking by myself or treasure hunting in thrift stores for fun. My husband and I ate out with a group of friends once. We only spent $35 between the two of us. Mexican food is frugally delicious! We also freeloaded on some dessert, don’t worry, the favor shall be returned.

You can watch the video of the food carnage below. Credit to Jane for helping me figure out how to embed Instagram into WordPress.

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My teddy bear coin jar is running low so we started filling up my transit bus card with the credit card. I was paying with cash on the bus and the woman bus driver asked me how old I was because I was scrambling to pay the adult fare. I replied 26 casually and she was like “REALLY?!” That totally made my day!!!

Plus, $44 on transit is still loads cheaper than owning a car!


No makeup selfie! Hiya!

I believe we returned a pair of shoes from last month and that was worth more than our personal care spending for this month…so we’re up $1. Hahahaha. I’m taking my own advice and going makeup-free, here you can (barely) see my freckles.


Board Boosters auto renewed my subscription for $5 to keep my Pinterest active. Oh and I keep forgetting to mention: we buy a few songs off Amazon every month but those usually don’t cost anything since it’s covered by our no-rush media credits and/or Amazon gift card credit. Thank you Bing Rewards!


Jared brought two packs of LED bulbs for both our rental and our primary residence. Technically, we spent a lot more than $6. We used up $200 dollars of our Home Depot gift card on a new ladder. The $6 was just a small spillover the gift cards couldn’t cover.


Jared was ill with the Epstein-Barr virus a few months ago. He went to the emergency clinic for a lab test because we weren’t sure if it was mono or just a strep throat. That visit cost about $170 out-of-pocket.

The other part of the charge was our Amazon Prime membership renewal. The Amazon renewal stuck up on us. We could live without 2-day prime to be honest, but since we don’t have a car…I’ll just be apathetic and leave it be. The subscribe & save deals that I get every month makes it a very close call.

The rest ($348) was blown on thrift stores. Stop looking at me with those judging eyes! You already heard of my minor thrifting addiction! I’m getting over it, it was fun but it’s becoming tedious. Back to focusing more on blogging for a change of scenery! After taking the items I’ve sold vs spent, I made a $80 profit in the last month so to be fair…it sort of ended up as a frugal win!

PETS – $14

Cutest pup around!

Grace gets a monthly nail trim. We could save that money and do it ourselves but she’s a jerk and I don’t want her to associate us with fear. Her doggy insurance is taken out automatically from Hubby’s paycheck.


We caught a great deal on a flight on Virgin so we booked it. This is just an one-way flight for two adults from Seattle to San Francisco. It’s still a good deal because the flight is on Christmas Day. We spent $250+ one way for two adults last year because we held off after October for tickets.

I can’t believe Christmas is just around the corner. I’m very happy. Being Asian, my family never did anything Christmas-y growing up. But after being married to Jared (and being included in his wonderful family) I’m starting to understand why it’s known as the best time of the year! I look forward to Christmas all year (a little too much.)


There are some crazy people who literally pile carts of merchandise and it blows my mind. How can you have all of that in your house, it’s junk. I would never, ever do that. One lady had 30 pairs of shoes in her shopping cart.

If it’s something for me, I’m average picky. If I’m flipping then I’m extremely picky. It’s not worth the time to me otherwise (but that’s also the lazy part of me talking.) I don’t want my house turned into full-on storage – we have Airbnb guests who will question this madness haha.

Erdem silk blouse that goes for $70-$80 but I found it for $6. It’s too big on me so onto eBay/Posh it goes.


Corey Lynn Calter pink angora sweater new for $8 (in my size) and I’m sooooo keeping it. MSRP $60.


Jason Wu blouse thrifted for $6, last sold online for $500ish. MSRP $1,000+. It’s one size too big on me so I have to say bye-bye which breaks my heart.


Easel crochet poncho for $1, I can’t find comparables online but I don’t care, it’s sooo mine. It’s one of the prettiest pieces I’ve thrifted.


Net Worth

August – $879,417.52

September – $950,238.27 (+8.05%)

Alright-y, a 8% jump doesn’t sound like a lot but $70K is no joke. My Robinhood brokerage account is finally in the positive again after an entire month of limbo – happy about that! We’re very blessed to have gotten a sizable grant this year – good job to my hubby! I like the company stock grants more than getting new property estimates like we did the last month.

Speaking of property estimates, we received the new value estimates for our rental this month but we also noted the square footage on file is incorrect. Because of that, we are not using the new property estimates for 2016. We’re not sure when the city will respond to our despute or if they would even accept the evidence we provided. It would certainly push us over to the two comma club but the information is wrong. I’ve overridden my husband’s opinion and going with disregarding the new valuations until we resolve the square footage issue.

How anti-climatic! Sorry! But here’s the better teaser, depending on the market’s performance, we could reach the first million by the end of December this year even if the city office doesn’t get back to us in time.

It would be a close call though! Any ideas on a celebration or is that dumb? It’s just a number, right? Do we pie ourselves in the face if we’re a few hundred dollars away?

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30 thoughts on “September 2017 – Family Income Report (+$70,820 Net Worth Jump)”

  • Almost millionaires!!! That is so awesome! Somehow I’ve missed your other reports, but this was great! You better throw a party or at least indulge your foodie side and go celebrate that milestone big-time!!

    I’m with you though. I can’t do weekly meals. I have enough meals to swap out at least two weeks of ideas without repeating. We also really love to eat out, so we budget that in. It’s worth it for us (especially since I don’t enjoy cooking really).

    I am a bit jealous that you get to go thrift store diving and still manage to make a profit! I love buying consignment and thrift. It’s always fun, especially when I get to go kid free 🙂

    PS. You calling your dog a jerk…. hilarious! My bigger dog decided to eat my salad off the counter yesterday when I stepped away for a minute and my little floof is still new and is learning how potty train. But at least once a day gets too distracted to go outside and does it as soon as we’re inside. So yeah, dogs are definitely jerks!! 🙂

    • Hehe thanks Ember, you are just the absolute sweetest! I didn’t know dogs ate salad…I gave Grace some when I made Ethiopian and she wouldn’t touch it. Lol!

    • I’ll leave a lengthier reply lol… I was feeding my baby at 4:30 AM and typing with one hand on my phone. You’re so pretty without make up, no wonder you don’t wear make up (sorry to sound creepy) I would have bags under my eyes haha. Anyway, yes congratulations on the millionaire status- so close, actually next months update sounds about right, you guys should celebrate!
      GYM recently posted…My Reason for FIRE: The Sandwich Generation

  • Wow, I saw this post title and thought “damn, another great month of property values increasing!” But $56k in RSUs is awesome! Maybe I should have more seriously considered my Amazon job offer…. oh well. I wouldn’t be with Zero Day Fiancee right now if I made that decision.

    What are you gonna do when you join the 2 comma club? I’m several years away, if I’m lucky. So I’ve got plenty of time to plan 🙂

    • Jared left Amazon a year ago David 🙂 although Amazon Stock is pretty precious too. Maybe instead of something for us, we should do a giveaway like you!

      Zero Day Financé was better choice 100%.

  • Congrats on the great jump in net worth! Jared’s company stocks are powerful! You guys are SO close to the millionaire milestone. Can you believe we just wrote that pledge to the millionaire club a couple of months ago? 😉

    You food budget looks awesome! I’m publishing mine tomorrow, and I’m already feeling a bit embarrassed about it. I don’t know what we did with our lives, but we had another food budget explosion in September. @[email protected] Cheers to delicious and frugal Mexican food!
    Ms. Frugal Asian Finance recently posted…When Love Doesn’t Make Financial Sense

  • Lily, you guys are killing it!! Congratulations! It’s so fun when those stock benefits roll in, right? I’m also way impressed by your food spending, even with that delicious restaurant dining included. Looks like you’ll be millionaires in 2017!!!! 🙂

  • Oh my god, that company stock is INSANE. Also, I’m jealous of your thrift finds. Here that stuff would cost 10 times as much! Really! It’s so annoying. I’m gonna have to borrow that Instagram embedding tactic. Genius!

    • Really Luxe?! My thrift finds are so lame compare to what other people find. For the Instagram trick…there’s no real trick, you just copy the url and paste it in.

  • I’m fresh from giving Seamus his pedicure, and by “fresh” I mean I smell like nail bits. He was very not thrilled with the whole thing, so he laid on his side with his eyes mostly shut and pulled his paw away from me every couple of seconds gently. He’d tap my knuckles gently so there are no hard feelings. What a world of difference between him and our first dog who would viciously gnaw on my knuckles while I trimmed HIS nails 🙂

    I’ve got to see where you thrift, I’ve never found anything in my size at a thrift shop.

    Has your dad been living with you for a while? I assumed he was your 3rd adult when you mentioned the cooking.
    Revanche @ A Gai Shan Life recently posted…Selling our home in California: Part 4

  • Oh my goodness! I am SO excited that I just found you on Pinterest! I share monthly family budget updates (sharing all the numbers) and have the hardest time finding others who do the same thing! I’m super excited to start following along. I have a lot to learn from you! We are super basic on our budget but have plans to start investing as we go along.

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