The Super Savers: Q&A w/ Lance @ My Strategic Dollar

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A few weeks back I did a quick Q&A with Lance over at My Strategic Dollar. Lance blogs about personal finance, battling debt and wealth building for the long-term.

Here’s a snippet 🤓

San Francisco’s often been associated as the playground for the wealthy. When I was in college people asked me where I was from and when I said “I’m from San Francisco” they immediately assumed my parents owned a million dollar house. My family actually rented the inside an old single car garage in the outskirts of the city.

My personal experience growing up in San Francisco has always been more about the hidden struggles between the rich and poor. No one hears the ignoble details because everything is swept under the rug. San Francisco has this interesting detachment where one city block can be filled with high end French boutiques and the next block, there would be an overwhelming presence of poverty, homelessness and gang violence. The city has absurdly clear yet invisible dividing lines between the rich and poor. It makes the entire scene comical from a sane outsider’s perspective.

I was a fond follower of Financial Samurai. I think he was really my final stepping stone to becoming financially fit. My husband and I always had a good amount of money (in 2015 our net worth was 400K and now it’s almost $800K) but we were not utilizing it as we should have. Most of it just sat in the credit union and less than half of the $400K was actually invested in anything! Nothing! Thank goodness for the personal finance community…now we believe we’re on the right track!

Don’t ever let poverty be your excuse! Do not ever let your income (at whatever number) hold you down. Don’t ever play the victim because you are not! You’re a hero who is in the middle of your story that hasn’t finished yet.



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13 thoughts on “The Super Savers: Q&A w/ Lance @ My Strategic Dollar”

  • Girl, I read this and sometimes I feel like you and I are the same person. When Mr. NA and I moved in together/got engaged/got married, I had SO MANY friends who couldn’t understand why I was getting my MBA and working since he earns a pretty healthy salary. “Why are you doing this to yourself? Mr. NA can support you” was some very helpful feedback I kept getting. And now of course, people don’t understand why I’m not a housewife with a kid or two.

    Why can’t people understand we’re trying to build empires here? It probably doesn’t help that I am incapable of not doing something. Relaxing is not one of my strong suits, haha

    • Yes!!!!!! That’s what I want to…not that it’s going to happen, I’m sort of useless in most things. OK, you build the empire, you can hire me later. I have more faith in you, realistically.

  • It was such a touching story, Lily. Thank you so much for sharing it with us! I really admire the strength you’ve gathered since you were still a teenager to find your own path. I’m so glad you have found yourself in a much more financially stable situation than before. Things will only get better from here. I’m feeling SO lucky I know you! 🙂
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  • Thanks for sharing your story Lily. I really liked that you had the determination to create your own financial path in high school. I didn’t even think about finances when I was in high school.
    Being from SF, I know what neighborhoods your talking about when one block has fancy homes with upper class people and the next block has low income people in poverty and doing some street dealings(Tenderloin\Pac Heights, Fillmore).

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