Our Sunday Diaries IV – Revised! (Is Being Weekend Warriors That Bad?)

Okie, these are back! Pssst, I sort of redesigned them so that it’s more like a money diary + blogroll + frugal win/fail report all in one. It suits us better, keeps everyone updated on our lives, and I give back some love on a little slice of inspiring reads in the personal finance blogosphereIt’s also because I have the memory of a goldfish so when an idea does get me excited, there’s a 50% chance I’ll forget it completely if I don’t scribble it down on a note. (And then another 50% chance that I’ll lose the note.)

Oh just remembered!! Happy Mother’s Day!!

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What is a weekend warrior?

When I Googled that term, a lot of fitness and health websites came up. I don’t really understand why exactly. To me, a weekend warrior is a personal finance term more than anything else.

To me, a weekend warrior is someone who lives for the weekend. My boss from my first job was your typical weekend warrior, maybe that’s why the stereotype stuck out with me. His motto (which he often proclaimed aloud) was “I work hard and I play hard.”

It was said so much I started hating that overdone, overused proclamation. He was not exaggerating though. Every single Monday, he came back with a tan, I recall.

So a weekend warrior is someone who parties hard every weekend doing super epic activities like concerts, clubbing, impromptu Vegas excursions etc. Otherwise, during the work week, they’re in their business attire, head down, and grinding. In order to unwind from the work week, the weekends is what they look forward to (wallet-friendly or otherwise).

The term is typically derogatory. It’s implied that these people blow all their money and save none of it with no awareness of the repercussions.

I’m not defending stupid financial planning but…OK, when are you suppose to unwind after a stressful week then?

My husband gets up at 8 AM every morning and crawls back home to me, 12 hours later, smelling like the public transit bus. He gets 2 to 3 hours max to take care of whatever is newly broken around the house (currently it’s the broken TV monitor), zombie out in front of Netflix, and kiss me goodnight. Then we rinse and repeat that for the whopping majority of the year.

I’m not going after the weekend warrior stereotype because I don’t think it’s that bad. 

If you’re a hard working 9-to-5 Johnny, it’s only natural to unwind during the weekend, no? Hey, at least you’re gainfully employed, right?

If you’re betting your life savings on black in Vegas then you’re dumber than I am. Otherwise, I think the weekends are to unwind, spend a little, and finding something that is a joy to do.

Wise Weekend Warriors

Frugality includes all the other virtues. –Cicero

I think these diaries will do more good if I show how we live and play during the weekends. I think we’re a littleee tiny bit (like 2%) weekend-warrior-y. Not enough to get carried away. I still have Mr. Money Mustache ringing in my ears occasionally. So I’m going to confidently call us the…wise weekend warriors (name subject to change, I’m horrible with names.)

The rules of we apply for our weekends in general…

*Make it special.

*Delay if there’s a future sale or another chance in the near future.

*Try to keep extracurriculars (food, outings) under $75. That number is based on our budget, your mileage may vary.


Jeaaaaaalous? 😛

I got my ThredUp Goody Box (review coming!)  I was really excited because it’s a more economical and eco-friendly version of StitchFix that I didn’t know about. At first, I was like, oh another styling box thing, pass, but then I found out they only hustle secondhand clothes. Yup OK I’m in, you had me at second hand.

I always thought ThredUp was like a denim online store but no they’re full service. I pulled the trigger and sat by my mailbox until it came on Friday. Wheeeeeee!

I also requested a clean out kit (they’re free) from them today. I got 2 clean out kits, one for me and one for my Hippo. I’ll share everything with pics in the next post. But yeah. It’s like I killed 2 birds with 1 stone xD

We got a $60 sushi platter for the weekend!!! It was either go out separate times to eat somewhere or just grabbing a jumbo platter of sushi. I was craving raw fish. I used up the remainder of my store gift card so the platter was $45 instead.

I purchased two things (floss and dog food) online. I dropped the ball on the dog food and missed a regular sale to restock. I gloat about keeping Grace’s dog food under $1/lb but there are cheaper brands (Alpo, Pedigree, Purina) that have food for around 50 cents/lb.

I know buying slightly more expensive stuff may not be “super frugal” but we do it anyways.

I ended up buying her the Purina’s grain-free line for now to try. As far as grain free goes, is an excellent deal and it’s a 3.5 star on dog food advisor compare to the other Purina line at just 1 star. We paid 90 cents per lb after discount and 5% off.

The higher end of dog food is about $2.50+ per lb which means Grace would be eating better than I am ;\

And I also dropped the ball on the floss. I knew we were running low – but I didn’t buy when it went on sale for some dumb reason. (I’m the shopper for the house, if I don’t buy it, it’s not getting bought.)


Grace, our pupper, had her 3rd birthday earlier in the week and we gave her a birthday steak (a whole steak!) Don’t worry, steaks around here only cost $5.69/lb.

Dog park! When you live up north in Seattle, it’s like living in a forest.

For most of the day, Hubby took Grace to the dog park and I just zombied out in front of the laptop working…and cramming my face full of Pocky and sushi. (I had a great time.)

Hippo misplaced our new passport photos (our passports have officially expired blah) so we spent almost 2 hours cleaning our room and trying to find it.

We didn’t find it, gave in, and ordered new copies which we put on our Well’s Fargo card because it’s so cheap. FYI, if the card balance is too low, some banks just waive it so it’s like getting free $1/$2 for life. El Cheapo strikes again!

We ordered a big birdhouse from Spring Hill nursery 2.5 weeks ago and it’s still not here yet. I’m not recommending them, they’re beyond slow. The one thing that came today was a french flower bucket we purchased just to push us over to free shipping…….the bucket looks like crap in real life.

There’s one end of the trim was unglued and the insides of the bucket have the entire rim of glue showing. We were thinking of using it as an ice bucket for entertaining but it’s looking like it should just be filled with dirt and used as a planter pot (FOR MY WASABI xD).

At least it was only $5 :\

The birdy mating season is basically going to be gone by the time we get the birdhouse. I’m sooooooo disappointed. I basically made that woodpecker homeless 🙁 We even purchased bird food but we can’t put it out until we get the birdhouse or else they’re DEFINITELY going to stay and peck at our house some more.

Update: They nicely refunded me for the glue filled flower bucket and double check why my order hasn’t shipped out. At least support was very good and super fast. In the era of Amazon, 2 weeks to wait for something to be shipped…nuts. I’m too young to recall but was this what online shopping’s like before Amazon Prime?


We sold our rental and now there’s…$173,000 in our brokerage…with no date for the dance. Help? Lump sum or cost average in these times? Play it safe?

Sunday is chores day! I’m playing model and Hippo will take photographs of my new clothes. Then I need to seal and send back the ThredUp box on Monday, go grocery shopping for the week, and continue working (because the work doesn’t stop…)

My productivity board…I’ve been lazy.

Hubby needs to figure out why our TV monitor is not turning on and unclog the bathroom shower drains. Our TV has been broken for 2 weeks now and so far, no one has cared or notice. My dad has his 34 inch TV and Airbnb guests don’t really come out of their rooms to watch TV. But if we want to resell it, we have to fix it first to get a better price for it.

Frugal Win

*I remembered to use Amazon Smile every single time I shopped at Amazon. You guys should too!!!! It adds up, we’ve “gave” the ASPCA about $40 to date just shopping.

*We put up new blackout curtains in our Airbnb guest room. The sun use to hit that room directly and it was stew up to 100 degrees in there. I went to Marshall’s ($16-$25) and I spent some time price comparing online…Amazon was still the cheapest by far so we ordered 2 green panels for $14 total. The sellers were quick and we got in within 2 days, the quality is great for just $7 a piece. It definitely cools down the room. Very happy with that purchase.

Frugal Fail

*I started using cashback sites again after Frugal Girl and Luxe both wrote about it. Boy, it’s hard to get into the rotation of new things…I ordered dog food ($30) and 6 packs of overpriced floss from Amazon ($5.68 with my Amazon beauty box discount that I wanted to use up) but forgot to go through the cashback sites both times. Fail!

I bowled a 30……where’s my trophy?

*Last weekend we had outings and spent $150 between the both of us in 2 days! Who knew bowling could be so pricey…and the cafeteria food…so awful? So much for trying to keep it under $75. This weekend we’re taking it easy on the wallet.

Posts That My Brain Liked…

*I’m on the FIRE drill podcast today! YEAH ME, interview! Yeah yeah! Goooooooooo listen. (The audio quality is OK, I sound like a little mouse. I thought speakerphone would be better…nope. Still worth a listen even if I’m a bit awkward :D)

*If you wanted to measure up your financial stats, there’a 19 Personal Financial Ratios You Need to Know. I love this entire list because…holy moly, money gets pretty complicated when you have all this to measure up to. But I love it. They’re all really useful for a financial health check-up.

*Did you know that rapper 50 Cent Changed His Name To 68 Cent To Adjust For Inflation?

*My husband thinks bonds are more or less useless (especially for our age) so he really liked this post The Danger of Bonds.

Word of the Week

They’re just normal words that I really like the sound of especially when it comes to topics relating to money. None of these words are new, I think I heard the original term ‘pivot’ on Think Save Retire first and thought…”oooh, it rolls off the floppy pink squishy meat animal living inside my mouth”

(Because when you think about it…that’s exactly what a tongue is…and it freaks me out every time I think about it. THERE’S AN ALIEN IN MY MOUTH. Just think about it! I’m not high.)

Anyway, we’ve been through the word ‘pivot‘ and ‘astute‘ and current word of the week is ‘appropriate.’

*Pivot is basically “oh shit, my life sucks SO hard, I better use the nuclear option to get myself in a better position because this is 1. a dead end zone and 2. my mom’s basement” (I lived in mom’s basement after college, it was depressing so I feel ya.)

*Astute is…someone who is financially intelligent, financially confident, self-assured, smart yet stealthy with their demeanor. I’ve always wanted to have to that coolness… there are some bloggers who are just the raw definition of astute…like Olivia, LuxeFin. Samurai, 4Pillar, or Mr. Tako. I can’t do astute, I got the dork genes, but I find it admirable anyways.

*Appropriate is…well I HAD a definition for this but Mrs. Laurie Three-Year said I don’t know what that word means:

Ok, one thing: “Appropriate.” (Adopts Inigo Montoya accent from The Princess Bride): “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

Lol! Is $700 a month not appropriate for a family of 3?! I use the word (financially) appropriate to fit the situation. Like if a best friend was in town, staying under budget may not be totally possible because…they’re in town and it’s been 10 years!! So you should allow for some reasonable flexibility. Or if the thing is not important to you…then it’s OK to go super cheap on something like $40 for a year supply of unfancy toilet paper in order to save monies. That’s appropriate! Really easy!

How was your weekend? Who wants to contribute a word of the week?

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