ShopAtHome Review – Is It Legit?


Online shopping is great for many reasons– namely that you can shop while never having to put on a bra. And with the rise of online shopping popularity, merchant kick backs, it only makes sense that websites would try to profit off of it. The good news for you? You can profit off of it too!

Everyone Loves Cashback!

So I was living in a figuritive cave, I didn’t know cashback websites existed until 2016 when I signed up for BeFrugal and Ebates. I was like ‘woaaah, darn it.’ Think of the money I could have gotten back…d’oh! 🙂

There are numerous sites/apps that you can shop through to get cash-back, but today we’re focusing on ShopAtHome.

It’s very similar to Ebates, which I’m sure everyone is familiar with by now unless you’re like me!

What is ShopAtHome?

The idea is that you make an account and then get to your destination site through their portal. This sends you on your way to earning cash-back when the site shares their merchant kickbacks with you.

I tried Shopathome because I thought the logo is sooo cute and the interface is cuter than BeFrugal’s ugly website.

ShopAtHomeis also has grocery coupons and local deals, which makes it unique. It is partnered with a plethora of local Groupon deals and you can find a percentage of the money back you spend on those outings.

To start, make an account at ShopatHome. After you register, it’s time to shop. Like Ebates, you are credited $10 when you sign up if you make a qualifying purchase of over $25 within 60 days.

If you are expecting a purchase or anticipating holiday giftings, go through it since..uh, who doesn’t like free $10.

ShopAtHome’s database offers cash-back for over 3,000 stores, so there are plenty of places to choose from.

If you already know where you want to shop, you can simply search the store rather than scrolling through the list. You choose the store, and the link takes you to the store’s website through their portal.

If you make a purchase, your cash-back will show up in your ShopAtHome account within seven days. Once you earn a minimum of $20 in cash-back, you can request your money via check, through PayPal, or in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Until recently, you could only get paid through a check, so the PayPal and Amazon options are a huge plus.

Differences between ShopAtHome and other cash-back programs

Honestly – it’s not as good unless you sign up just to get the $10 bonus (which is just free money).

There really isn’t a ton of differences otherwise.

It’s typically lower payout compare to consistently strong hitters like Ebates, TopCashback, and Mr. Rebates.

You can check Cashback Monitor or Cashbackholic for the highest because the pay out rates changes constantly. There are fewer stores connected to Shopathome, I believe BeFrugal has 20,000+ stores listed.

Is it legit? Yes! Is it as good as the big boys? Ehhhh nope.

Minor Things to Watch on For –

With ShopAtHome, you must make a minimum of $20 to request funds, and then you are relying on the site to make sure your payment is made. The website says it can take up to 30 days for payments to go through.

Another complaint about the site is that sometimes your cashback doesn’t show up. However, this is true for all cash-back sites. When you land on the profile, underneath there are quantifying categories and only those in the categories will apply.

I’ve had it happen to me even with the most reputable ones, like Ebates. Sometimes the connection gets screwed up, you exit out of the tab you used to open the cash-back site, or cookies are disabled.

Whatever the reason, occasionally the cash-back doesn’t go through. The good news is, however, that if you contact them with your proof of purchase, they may reimburse you.

Lastly, consumer panels – well, ShopAtHome is partnered with Peanut Labs which is associated with survey giant Swagbucks. 

They offer cash-back for taking surveys but Peanut Labs is not usually worth doing. These are the only few surveys are worth doing.

Better Websites & Apps similar to ShopAtHome:

1.GoCashBack: Exactly like Shopathome. Get a $10 welcome bonus and browse stores and brands with up to 30% cashback.

2.Mr. Rebates: Get a $7.50 sign-up bonus, then shop in the database of almost 2,000 big-name retailers. It also has weekly deals where it features stores with an increased cash-back amount.

3. EBates: Probably the most well-known cash-back site, Ebates will credit new users $10. Ebates has a Google Chrome extension that alerts you when shopping on a site with possible cash-back. ShopAtHome has this too! Ebates takes it a step further though and will even apply available coupons for you. Isn’t that nice?

4. TopCashBack: Currently offering a $15 sign-up bonus, it takes the cake for the most money back for newbies. It’s a company out of the UK, but I can’t find if they accept users that live elsewhere.

5. BeFrugal: Earn $10 when you sign up for an account, AND earn an additional $10 everytime someone you refer signs up! BeFrugal guarantees that their cash-back rates are the highest–plus they are home to over 5,000 stores.

6. Ibotta: This is an app only, but it is very user-friendly. Simply view the items to see if there are any already on your shopping list, and then when you purchase you must scan your receipt, and Ibotta will deposit your cash-back into your account. Most of the items are grocery-related, but they also have categories of health and beauty, pets, babies, and more. You can also use Ibotta like the others, and use it as a starting place to then receive cash-back when mobile shopping.

7. Checkout51: Much like Ibotta but no sign-up bonus.

8. ShopKick: Similar to ShopAtHome and Ebates, Shopkick is free to sign up, and then you must use its portal to shop through. You will receive your cash-back in the form of gift cards.

9. Dosh: The biggest difference with this one is that it’s meant more for physical shopping or dining out. Oh, and the best part? You just link your credit card with the app, and it does everything else for you.

10. The only other cash-back shopping service that also offers money for surveys is InboxDollars, there are tons of way you can earn with them including watching commercials and movie previews.

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